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In case you were wondering if there’s any love lost between Teen Mom: OG firebrand Farrah Abraham and her MTV co-stars?

No. There is no love lost.

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Speaking with In Touch Weekly in an explosive Facebook Love interview this week, Farrah was asked about several of her cast members.

She didn’t hold back.

Regarding persistent rumors that Tyler Baltierra cheated on Catelynn Lowell, Abraham added her two cents – and then some.

If you missed it, a Teen Mom blind item that went viral online this winter suggested that Tyler had been unfaithful to his wife.

According to reports, MTV decided not to pursue this because it wasn’t what the producers envisioned for the duo’s storyline.

Dubious as that is, Farrah says she believes the rumors are in fact true – with a gigantic, scandalous twist no one saw coming.

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"Yeah, probably with a gay guy!" Farrah told In Touch shockingly. "Okay, that’s my thought. You need a minute to digest that."

Baltierra responded to the rumor initially by saying "it was dark and he was drunk" and he couldn’t recall if it was a guy or girl.

He was kidding, as was Catelynn, who wrote, "Well since it’s out in the open @TylerBaltierra did cheat on me he’s busted."

All kidding aside, we doubt they’ll be laughing at the fact that Farrah basically called him gay and implied that this happened.

Abraham wasn’t done there, either.

Throwing gasoline on the pungent dumpster fire that is her ongoing feud with Amber Portwood, Farrah said of her wedding dress:

Matt Baier with Amber Portwood

"S–t … I must have fast forwarded right through that because I don’t even know what it looks like," Abraham said of her rival.

"I think her pink hair took away from the whole dress. It looks like a cheap hooker. I mean if you want to get married like that …"

"Your choice then, have fun."

Farrah added that she will not be attending Amber’s fall wedding to Matt Baier (assuming those nuptials aren’t called off again).

Abraham says that contrary to what her co-star might say, she is not invited … not that she has interest in being invited FWIW.

"Why the hell would I go to somebody’s wedding that writes books about me? That’s a freak show," she said. "I don’t speak to criminals."

"She keeps lying," says Farrah, 25, of the forthcoming Mamber wedding. "They keep lying telling everyone saying that we are invited."

We, presumably, refers to Farrah and Simon Saran, her on-off BF? Or the rest of the OG and Teen Mom 2 cast members collectively?

Personally, we can’t see Farrah and Simon getting an invite from AP after the Teen Mom reunion fight that involved their families last year.

Either way, Farrah says good riddance:

"Honestly, her and her criminal convict or whatever she is into … she can have that in her life and I’m fine being totally separate by that."

Vintage Farrah Abraham Word Salad.