Farrah Abraham SHADES Former Castmates: Those Friggen Psychos Support Amber Portwood and Need HELP!!

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It's been almost two years since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG

But Farrah is still Farrah, and she still knows how to stir up drama.

In a recent, wide-ranging interview with Hollywood Life, Farrah opened up about a range of topics in vintage Farrah fashion.

She discussed the possibility that she'll return to MTV, as well as Amber Portwood's recent arrest on domestic violence.

And much more. As usual, Farrah didn't disappoint, either in terms of nonsensical word salad, or unfiltered trash talk.

There's never a dull moment with this one. Take a look:

1. Speaking Her Mind

Speaking Her Mind
Farrah has never been one to hold back, which is part of what made her such a compelling reality star. Mind you, she was never well-liked by TMOG fans, but she knew how to stir the pot.

2. Still On Her BS

Still On Her BS
Now, almost two years after being kicked to the curb by her MTV bosses, Farrah is still throwing major shade at her ex-co-stars.

3. Lying In Wait

Lying In Wait
Abraham never really stopped talking about her former castmates, but lately she's been going off more than ever.

4. Red Carpet Shade

Red Carpet Shade
For reasons no one fully understands, Farrah attended the Emmys on Sunday night, and she took the opportunity to trash talk the current stars of TMOG.

5. Plenty of Material

Plenty of Material
Not surprisingly, Farrah's favorite topic of conversation these days is the latest scandal surrounding Amber Portwood.

6. Nasty Business

Nasty Business
As you've likely heard, Amber was arrested back in July after allegedly assaulting boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a machete.

7. The Proof

In the months since, numerous pieces of evidence have emerged indicating that Portwood was in the habit of regularly assaulting and verbally abusing Glennon.

8. The Enablers

The Enablers
Shockingly, several of Amber's co-stars have come out in her defense and have continued to support her in spite of newly-released evidence.

9. Farrah Is ... Right For Once?

Farrah Is ... Right For Once?
So as much as it pains us to side with Farrah on any issue, the mother of one definitely has a point this time.

10. Letting Them Know

Letting Them Know
“I really hope that, not only Amber, but I hope Catelynn, I hope Maci… gets some help,” she told Hollywood Life at the Emmys on Sunday.

11. Spiking the Football

Spiking the Football
For good measure, Farrah doubled down on her point, adding, “They seriously need it.”

12. On a Roll

On a Roll
Farrah didn't stop there -- but unfortunately, her good points did. As she blathered on, Abraham's remarks devolved into her usual mix of trash-talk and nonsensical "Farrah speak."

13. Takes One to Know One

Takes One to Know One
“For one, I do not speak to others who are very vulgar and abusive,” Farrah said when asked if she's still in contact with the other Teen Moms.

14. Probably For the Best

Probably For the Best
“I haven’t spoken to [Amber]. I think, the last time we saw me with her was her trying to attack me on stage at the Reunion and Catelynn and Maci supporting her in that," Abraham said, recalling a 2016 fight between the former castmates.

15. A Devastating Kind of Way

A Devastating Kind of Way
"I have to say that was a sad way for me to leave it. I think it’s getting worse and in a devastating kind of way,” she added.

16. Come Again?

Come Again?
From there, Farrah sort of lost the plot, adding, “Some people would be surprised [by their actions]. I’ve never been surprised, because I’m very honest to a fault.”

17. Very Deep

Very Deep
“I’m very deep about actually understanding the person who I’m working with," she went on. "I’ve dealt with a lot of jealously, mental illness, misbehavior and mistreatment from a lot of people for years. I just don’t think anyone should be surprised of that.”

18. Wise Words ... If Only They Made Sense

Wise Words ... If Only They Made Sense
"Amber can seek her own help. If she truly desires it, she will seek it herself,” she said. “I’ve just been very hurt from the past scenarios…”

19. Moving On

Moving On
From there, Farrah addressed rumors -- which she started -- that she might soon return to the show that made her famous.

20. HER Choice?!

HER Choice?!
“I have made my choice to not ever come back to Teen Mom and I’m sorry that I left like that,” she told Hollywood Life.

21. Whatever You Say ...

Whatever You Say ...
Hilariously, Farrah claims she met with execs from MTV parent company Viacom, but she only did so for the sake of her fans.

22. Amazing Meetings

Amazing Meetings
“I took some amazing meetings for some fans, and I was not privileged to the audio before I took that meeting,” Farrah said.

23. More Shade

More Shade
“I think some people are having power trips with having a position on a show for too long," she added.

24. Mystery

Who is she talking about there? Amber? A different cast member? A producer? Does she even know?

25. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
That's the fun of Farrah, folks. Somehow, the more questions she answers, the more she raises!

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