Farrah Abraham: Latest Nude Pics Divide Deeply Horny, Concerned, Abusive Fan Base

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Farrah Abraham is not the kind of person we enjoy defending.

She's often ignorant; she's rude to the people in her life, and she exploits her daughter for financial gain.

But there's this weird thing going on where Farrah is being bullied by transphobic morons on social media, and it's simply not okay.

So yet again, we will defend Farrah ... kind of.

She has the right to post racy pics of herself without being maligned by bigots.

But all the other stuff she does? Like, say, once again exploiting the memory of her dead baby daddy?

Yeah, go ahead and roast her ass for that.

Here's a brief rundown of what Farrah's been up to on the 'Gram this week:

1. Farrah Fully Clothed

Farrah Fully Clothed
It's an increasingly rare sight these days, as the reality-star-turned cam girl continues to show a lot of skin on the internet.

2. Topless Again

Topless Again
Farrah has been posting even more racy pics than usual in recent weeks. And some fans have a theory as to why.

3. Cleavage For Cash?

Cleavage For Cash?
It's widely believed that Farrah is in dire financial straits. The nude and semi-nude photos she's been posting lately could be a way of calling attention to her failing business ventures.

4. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate
It's perfectly fine for Ms. Abraham to post revealing photos for whatever reason she chooses. Unfortunately, her most recent posts have attracted the wrong kind of attention.

5. The Good With the Bad

The Good With the Bad
All of Farrah's recent pics have racked up six-figure likes -- but she's also been receiving a LOT of hate lately.

6. Extremely Harsh

Extremely Harsh
“Omg…..I literally thought she was a man! She needs to stop already with all that work on her face!” wrote one commenter.

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Farrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia's father (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car... More »
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[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.