Farrah Abraham is Charging $10,000 for Therapy Sessions. Yes, Really.

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Farrah Abraham always does wild and wacky things that don't really make too much sense for those of us with multiple brain cells.

That's just her, you know?

But sometimes, every once in a while, she crosses a line.

And that's when she goes from being dumb and pitiful but still entertaining to just flat out nuts.

Lucky for you, friends, this is one of those times.

1. The Facts

The Facts
Farrah has never been that emotionally stable, right?

2. Another Fact

Another Fact
But that's not necessarily her fault.

3. Too Wild

Too Wild
As we've seen on MTV over the years, Farrah's family is pretty out there -- and some of them are also abusive, considering the fact that her mother, Debra Danielsen, hit her twice in the early seasons of Teen Mom.

4. Bizarre

We've seen how weird those relationships are, and we've seen Farrah cry several times over some serious abuse in her childhood that to this day, she's never talked about.

5. Don't Forget Sophia!

Don't Forget Sophia!
Farrah also got pregnant at 16 and raised the kid alone since the father, her sometimes-boyfriend Derek Underwood, died in a car accident before she gave birth.

6. Yep

What we're saying is that this girl has been through a lot, and none of it has really set her up for success.

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