Farrah Abraham: I'm Awesome and So Is Teen Pregnancy!

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Farrah Abraham's nonsensical, word-salad social media posts are already the stuff of legend.

But believe it or not, she may have just outdone herself. 

You're probably familiar with the #10YearChallenge that encourages Facebook users to post photos of themselves ten years ago next to photos of themselves now.

Like so much of social media, the whole thing appeals to the narcissist within all of us, so it should come as no surprise that Farrah took the whole thing to the next level.

But this time, Farrah didn't just blather on about how great she is -- she also expressed some very controversial opinions about teen pregnancy.

Take a look:

1. Queen of Controversy

Queen of Controversy
Farrah is no stranger to stirring up controversy. In fact, pissing people off seems to be the reason she gets out of bed in the morning.

2. Semi-Employed

Farrah was fired from Teen Mom: OG last year, but she's remained a reality TV fixture thanks to her role on MTV's Ex on the Beach.

3. Cause For Dismissal

Cause For Dismissal
Farrah will tell you that she was fired due to her refusal to end her career as an adult entertainer, but really, it seems everyone she worked with was just sick of dealing with her antics.

4. Branching Out

Branching Out
Of course, Farrah has launched numerous business ventures in the decade since she was first introduced to the world on 16 and Pregnant.

5. Diverse Portfolio

Diverse Portfolio
Farrah has been a porn star, a Christan novelist, an erotic novelist, a sex toy orifice model, and a frozen yogurt mogul

6. Major Delusions

Major Delusions
Obviously, she owes her fame and resulting success to her time on Teen Mom -- but don't tell Farrah that.

7. Farrah's #10YearChallenge

Farrah's #10YearChallenge
This week, Farrah participated in the popular #10YearChallenge, in which social media users compare their most recent photos with ones they took a decade ago.

8. Farrah Speak

Farrah Speak
As is generally the case, Farrah's caption for the photos was long, rambling -- and only occasionally made sense.

9. So You ARE the Challenge?

So You ARE the Challenge?
"As Mom I'm truly the luckiest #10yearchallenge," Farrah began.

10. Something Nice For a Change

Something Nice For a Change
"I have Known this amazing, wonderful , smart , talented, beautiful & God loving child for 10 years," Farrah gushed about daughter Sophia.

11. Yes, Sophia Has Her Own instagram Page

Yes, Sophia Has Her Own instagram Page
"@sophialabraham has helped me be the best me," Abraham continued.

12. It Begins

It Begins
Pretty nice so far, right? One might even say uncharacteristically so. But it wouldn't be a Farrah post without some absolutely bonkers controversy.

13. Should've Quit While She Was Ahead

Should've Quit While She Was Ahead
"Over the years from the beginning til now I've seen such a change in society of 'teen mom's,'" Farrah wrote.

14. Editor's Note

Editor's Note
(At this point, we'd like to pause and apologize for the many, many grammatical errors in these quotes. If we were to edit them out, you wouldn't get the full experience of a Farrah rant.)

15. Is She Serious Right Now?

Is She Serious Right Now?
"Because of my successes it joys me to see I never became all the negative things people wished , lied, and said about me and teen parenting is really a beautiful thing rather then a constant struggle," Farrah continued.

16. Yeah, We're Sure Many Teen Moms Can Relate

Yeah, We're Sure Many Teen Moms Can Relate
"I made it loving, fun, glamourous, beautiful , worldly, and so much more then hate and stereotypes, accept when society only told me the opposite," Abraham added.

17. Also, It Helps to Be a Millionaire

Also, It Helps to Be a Millionaire
"news flash 2019! All mother's deserve this journey to be just that no matter what age you become a mother you deserve it to be your best and you will have it be your best," Farrah blathered on.

18. Is She Really Advocating For Teen Pregnancy?

Is She Really Advocating For Teen Pregnancy?
"As I said on my 16&pregnant casting tape and lived boldly and honestly to this it's sad to see how society age descriminates against woman and motherhood at certain ages to hold us back make it horrible to be a young mom when really it's been the best," Abraham actually wrote.

19. Does She Know It's Not the Start of a New Decade?

Does She Know It's Not the Start of a New Decade?
"Kids allow you to show unconditional love and being loved it's a luxury and blessing a new decade that is beginning for a both of us - So blessed - look forward to another 10," Farrah (finally) concluded.

20. We Can't Even ...

We Can't Even ...
As the Ashley's Reality Round Up notes, many commenters pointed out that Farrah's experience was VERY different from that of most teen moms, and it's appallingly irresponsible for her to encourage her young fans to follow in her footsteps.

21. Incredible Irony

Incredible Irony
“You do realize @farrah__abraham that being on Teen Mom, the show you hate so much, is the reason you didn’t have to struggle as a teen mom right?!?” one person wrote. “It’s because of that paycheck and all the doors it has opened for you that you are where you are…”

22. Exactly What the Show Was NOT Supposed to Do

Exactly What the Show Was NOT Supposed to Do
“Teen parenting is a beautiful thing? Are you kidding? You made it glamorous? That’s not something to be proud of… glamorizing teen pregnancy is something you should not be doing….you should be an advocate for telling girls to wait!” another commenter observed.

23. Food Is Good

Food Is Good
"You know what else is a blessing? Food. And a roof over your head. Which most teen moms in America can’t afford without some kind of help,” wrote one brilliant follower.

24. Speaking Truth

Speaking Truth
“It’s great that you were able to support your kid but many teen mothers out there can’t. The whole point of the show that made you famous was to dissuade young girls from getting pregnant too early by showing them how hard parenting it," the IG user continued.

25. Someone Had to Say It

Someone Had to Say It
It's nice to see someone presenting facts to Farrah -- because obviously no one in her inner circle is.

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