David Eason Defends Himself: I Never Pulled a Gun on That Crazy B-tch!

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If you're like us, you spend a good deal of time wondering how it is that David Eason is still a free man and not locked up for his many violent crimes.

It seems more and more people are asking that question every week, as David and his massive gun collection continue to create problems for the fine folks of Riegelwood, North Carolina.

Whether David is receiving visits from the Secret Service or threatening his neighbors with physical violence, the guy just makes life more difficult for everyone around him.

Last week, Eason allegedly pulled a gun on an elderly woman who he claims trespassed on his property.

Now, it looks like he may wind up facing both criminal charges and a civil suit.

And David is making the situation worse by defending himself as only he can.

Take a look:

1. The Charge

The Charge
David stands accused of pulling a gun on a 57-year-old neighbor named Sandra Britt.

2. The Allegation

The Allegation
The allegation was first made public by Britt's daughter who took to Facebook to call David out.

3. Jenelle Claps Back

Jenelle Claps Back
Naturally, David's wife, Jenelle Evans, handled the situation with grace and discretion. Just kidding, she publicly went off on the woman.

4. Pressing Charges

Pressing Charges
On Tuesday, Britt filed a report against David with the Magistrate Court in Columbus County, North Carolina.

5. Friendly Neighbor

Friendly Neighbor
“I saw the gun,” Britt told Radar Online. “It was a handgun and it was right on his side. He told me, ‘Yes I have a gun and I will shoot you.'”

6. Conflicting Stories

Conflicting Stories
Despite David's claims to the contrary, Britt insisted that she “never pulled in his driveway.”

7. She Speaks the Truth

She Speaks the Truth
“He’s crazy,” she said. “I think he should have to pay. He has upset my little world and I don’t appreciate it. I just take care of the grandchildren and work."

8. Not Known For His Restraint

Not Known For His Restraint
"He won’t stop. He literally will not stop. I’m going to sue him for this character thing. It’s just not right," the alleged victim stated.

9. We Can't With This Guy

We Can't With This Guy
“I’m going to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit for defamation,” Britt added. “He called me a child molester.

10. Self-Incrimination

That last claim seems to be corroborated by one of David's social media posts about the encounter.

11. Running His Mouth

Running His Mouth
Not surprisingly, David quickly took to Instagram to offer his own side of the story.

12. Self-Defense

In a video that's since been deleted (presumably at the behest of his attorney), David claims he has never pulled a gun on anyone, and would never threaten to shoot someone unless they "threatened his life."

13. David Logic

David Logic
Thus, Eason reasons, anyone he pulled a gun on "wouldn't be talking about," either because they'd be guilty of drawing first -- or they'd be dead.

14. Getting Serious

Getting Serious
As we said, David's post has been deleted, and he's now hired an attorney -- a good sign that he's taking this situation more seriously than his (many) previous legal entanglements.

15. Who, Me?

Who, Me?
According to a statement he and his attorney issued to TMZ, David is shocked -- shocked! -- that anyone would accuse him of threatening gun violence.

16. The REAL Victim

The REAL Victim
David admits to confronting Britt, but claims that he had no choice, as she had been stalking his property and tampering with his mailbox.

17. Riiiiiight

Because that's generally how real estate agent/grandmothers spend their time.

18. A Likely Story

A Likely Story
A rep for David tells TMZ that the conversation was brief, and that when Britt told her she was a real estate agent, David simply informed her that there was no property for sale nearby.

19. Pushing His Luck

Pushing His Luck
David insists he did not have a gun on him at the time.

20. Not Buying It

We might be more likely to believe that story, were it not for the fact that David often boasts about the fact that he ALWAYS carries a gun on him.

21. A History of Violence

And, of course, he has a long history of threatening gun violence against strangers, particularly those who live near him.

22. Terrifying Thoughts

Terrifying Thoughts
Predictions like this one abound on social media. While we sincerely hope nothing like this ever transpires, these tragic scenarios become more plausible by the day.

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