Farrah Abraham: Flat Broke and Facing Multiple Lawsuits?!

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Last year, fans rejoiced at the news that Farrah Abraham had entered the world of celebrity boxing.

Finally, some lucky soul would get to do what millions of Teen Mom OG fans wanted to do for years.

We're talking, of course, about punching Farrah's lights out.

Predictably, however, when the time came to step into the ring and put her money where her mouth is, Farrah backed out.

Now, the people who lost a whole lot of money on the fight are coming to Farrah to recoup their losses.

Take a look:


1. The Boxer

The Boxer
Farrah seemed serious about squaring off against fellow reality star Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander of Flavor of Love fame.

2. Ready to Rumble

Ready to Rumble
She posted seemingly non-stop training photos and gave the impression that this was no mere publicity stunt.

3. Unusual Attire

Unusual Attire
Of course, looking back, it's evident that many of her training pics and videos were more about Farrah flaunting her assets than preparing for an actual boxing match.

4. Backing Out

Backing Out
In any event, when the time came to step into the ring, Farrah backed out, citing a million bogus reasons that mostly had to do with the promoter failing to meet her many diva demands.

5. Always Unreliable

Farrah was a no-show in Atlantic City on November 10. She was replaced at the last minute by one of the stars of VH1's Mob Wives, but the event wasn't nearly as profitable as it was supposed to be.

6. Paying the Piper

Paying the Piper
Now, Farrah is being sued by promoter Damon Feldman in the amount of $12,000.

7. No Backing Out This Time

No Backing Out This Time
Farrah is scheduled to appear in court alongside Feldman on January 30.

8. Disappearing Act

Disappearing Act
Unfortunately for Feldman (and fans of bizarre courtroom drama everywhere), Farrah's subpoena has been marked as "undeliverable," as no one can track the former Teen Mom OG star down.,

9. Not in the Know

Not in the Know
Hilariously, it seems Farrah may not even be aware of the lawsuit.

10. "False" News

"He did not sue me," Farrah responded when asked about Feldman's legal action. "This is false news."

11. It's All Relative

It's All Relative
There was a time, of course, when 12 grand would have been chump change to Farrah. That's no longer the case.

12. Lack of Representation

Lack of Representation
In fact, Farrah doesn't even have a lawyer on retainer these days (as most celebs do), because she never paid the guy.

13. Winning Streak

Winning Streak
Just one week after she bailed on the boxing match, Farrah's attorney sued her for the amount of $2,577, alleging that she had failed to pay her most recent bill.

14. Beverly Hills Brawl

Beverly Hills Brawl
That fee stemmed from Farrah's alleged assault against an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel, for which she very nearly went to prison.

15. Drama Everywhere

Drama Everywhere
And that's not the only legal drama in Farrah's life lately.

16. Simon Says

Simon Says
The lawyer also helped Farrah to obtain a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Simon Saran.

17. Queen of the Courtroom

Queen of the Courtroom
The attorney will reportedly attempt to recoup those lost fees in a separate lawsuit which has yet to be filed.

18. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
As usual, Farrah is refusing to talk about the uglier side of her business dealings.

19. It's Going Down

But whether she likes it or not, this is all soon to play out in front of a judge.

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