Farrah Abraham Defends Parenting: I Swear I'm Not a Junkie OR a Porn Star!

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Farrah Abraham has been getting away with a lot for a very long time.

For years, Teen Mom fans have looked on in amazement as Farrah mistreated the people in her life, engaged in seriously questionable behavior in order to make a buck, and demonstrated the sort of erratic behavior that makes Jenelle Evans look somewhat sane.

But now, it looks as though Farrah has finally been taken to task in a public forum.

And as you may have guessed, she wasn't exactly thrilled with how it all played out.

Jump into the gallery below to see Farrah get her comeuppance:

1. Farrah Being Farrah

Farrah Being Farrah
Farrah, of course, is no stranger to criticism. Earlier this year, she was fired from Teen Mom OG, but she still manages to piss people off with her erratic behavior on a daily basis.

2. Staying Active

Staying Active
Despite no longer appearing on the show that made her famous, Farrah is still making headlines these days.

3. Cam Star

Cam Star
For one thing, Farrah still appears in live online sex shows for the Cam Soda website. It's a living!

4. The Boxer

The Boxer
And soon, Farrah will be stepping into the ring for a celebrity boxing match against Flavor of Love star Hoopz. Kind of stretching the definition of "celebrity" there, but that's a conversation for another time.

5. The Fighter

The Fighter
Of course, Farrah's best-publicized altercation was her recent fight with a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel, for which she was arrested and spent the night in jail.

6. On a Roll

On a Roll
With all these recent developments in her life, it's not hard to see why Farrah is still a subject of interest to the media. And her recent appearance on the new syndicated talk show Face the Truth might be the most disastrous media event of her career ...

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[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.