Farrah Abraham Fails Hard at Parenting, Embarrasses Herself, is the Actual Worst

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Sometimes, there are truly no words for how utterly ridiculous Farrah Abraham is.

It's just too much.

But even in times like these, we have to soldier on -- we have to try to wrap our heads around just how remarkably dumb she is.


Because it's entertaining, it's funny in its own twisted way, and everybody knows you can't look away from a train wreck.

And if Farrah Abraham isn't a train wreck, then who even knows what is?

1. Poor Sophia

Poor Sophia
Believe it or not, Farrah has been solely responsible for her daughter, Sophia, for over nine years now. And somehow, she's managed to keep the kid alive.

2. Well ...

Well ...
She has had several missteps, and there have been things that could have gone very, very wrong for poor Sophia.

3. Parenting!

Remember when Sophia was a baby and Farrah left her on her very tall bed to go do something in another room, and little Soph tumbled to the ground?

4. Also ...

Also ...
Or what about the time that she left baby Sophia in the sink during a bath, and Sophia turned on the hot water and burned herself?

5. Don't Forget!

Don't Forget!
Then there was that other time that she left her at the top of the stairs, and it's a miracle nothing happened then.

6. Farrah, Farrah, Farrah ...

Farrah, Farrah, Farrah ...
Of course, although those were times when Sophia really could have been injured, there are many, many more examples of Farrah putting her emotional wellbeing in danger.

7. Where to Begin?

Where to Begin?
There are seriously dozens upon dozens of examples of this, like when she tried to wax Sophia's eyebrows when she was three years old -- in case you forgot, Sophia wouldn't let her do it, so instead of letting it go altogether, she settled for tweezing them during a nap.

8. Gross

After Farrah released her sex tape, she made several questionable statements about it in regards to Sophia -- she said that they'd watch it together one day, and she even suggested that Sophia would make her own one day, too.

9. Bad Grandma

Bad Grandma
Farrah often left Sophia with her own mother, Debra, which isn't great, considering that Debra was once arrested for domestic violence in an incident involving both Farrah and Sophia.

10. Why Though

Why Though
We've also seen Debra scream and cry about wanting to kill herself in front of Sophia.

11. A Chance?

A Chance?
So Farrah's family is crazy, and Sophia's father passed away before she was born, so she doesn't see that side of her family much. But at least she can experience some normalcy in school, right?

12. Wrong

Nope, Farrah is homeschooling her daughter. Sure, she can barely form a coherent sentence, but it's fine to leave her in charge of a child's entire education, right?

13. So. So. Bad.

So. So. Bad.
Farrah has stated that she and Sophia take nude photos of each other and save them on their phones, she's taken her along with her when she's gotten butt injections, and she's convinced her to tell her friends that her dog died as a "prank."

14. Yikes

Oh, and right after she started getting backlash for the dead dog prank, their dog actually died -- and Sophia pretty much admitted to killing it on a social media site.

15. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Farrah's latest parenting fail?

16. Sigh

According to Instagram, it's this picture, which features Sophia in inappropriate clothing and also a new dog.

17. Bad News

Bad News
"Oh look another dog you can kill," one person commented on the photo.

18. A Plea

A Plea
"Take good care of that dog," another of her followers wrote. "Please!! Its a tiny dog and you have to be very careful with it."

19. The Real Problem?

The Real Problem?
"Is everyone so concerned on the dog but do y’all see that crop top whatever the f-ck she wearing that’s not appropriate in a lil girl," yet another outraged Instagram user posted.

20. Stripper Clothing?

Stripper Clothing?
"No child should be wearing stripper clothing at such a young age!!" someone else wrote. "Farrah doesn’t teach her Daughter to be classy with dignity! Why not keep her innocence for as long as you can! Like wtf why rush her to grow up so fast !!! Is mommy dearest looking to make money off her!!!"

21. So Much Anger

So Much Anger
The comments on the photo were filled with so much hate, and so many people called Farrah out for getting another dog after what happened with the last one, that Sophia felt the need to write an entire post about how wonderful her mother is.

22. Awwww (?)

Awwww (?)
"My mom has truly shown me to stand up for what is right when everyone is against you and in doing so being the upright humanist she is and rising, winning & succeeding to the point where the world is limitless," Sophia wrote.

23. Uh ...

Uh ...
"I’m so thankful for my mom and the impact she has made in the world," she continued.

24. Riiiiight

"I love my mom and have the best mom in the world looking forward to our next travels together."

25. Suspicious

And not one single, solitary person believed that Sophia was the one who wrote that mess.

26. Creepy

"Wow, that's quite the vocabulary for such a young child," one user commented. "Farrah you're so creepy."

27. The Sass!

The Sass!
One particularly sassy follower told Farrah "Why don't you let Sophia write her own posts? i'd love to see how her on line schooling is progressing."

28. An Idea

An Idea
"Please stop acting like an ignorant piece of sh-t, and stop posting for your daughters account. Maybe parent your child, and not let them kill innocent pets," requested a hater.

29. Delusions

But then Farrah hopped back on her own account to reply with "love you best daughter ever! I’m excited for our travels too! Proud of you ! Xo," so that's ... something.

30. Blowin' All The Haters Away

Blowin' All The Haters Away
It's a whole lot of hate for one single mom and her daughter, right?

31. What a Ride

What a Ride
But, as always, Farrah deserves it. And, also as always, poor, poor Sophia ...

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