Farrah Abraham Fails Hard at Parenting, Embarrasses Herself, is the Actual Worst

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Sometimes, there are truly no words for how utterly ridiculous Farrah Abraham is.

It's just too much.

But even in times like these, we have to soldier on -- we have to try to wrap our heads around just how remarkably dumb she is.


Because it's entertaining, it's funny in its own twisted way, and everybody knows you can't look away from a train wreck.

And if Farrah Abraham isn't a train wreck, then who even knows what is?

1. Poor Sophia

Poor Sophia
Believe it or not, Farrah has been solely responsible for her daughter, Sophia, for over nine years now. And somehow, she's managed to keep the kid alive.

2. Well ...

Well ...
She has had several missteps, and there have been things that could have gone very, very wrong for poor Sophia.

3. Parenting!

Remember when Sophia was a baby and Farrah left her on her very tall bed to go do something in another room, and little Soph tumbled to the ground?

4. Also ...

Also ...
Or what about the time that she left baby Sophia in the sink during a bath, and Sophia turned on the hot water and burned herself?

5. Don't Forget!

Don't Forget!
Then there was that other time that she left her at the top of the stairs, and it's a miracle nothing happened then.

6. Farrah, Farrah, Farrah ...

Farrah, Farrah, Farrah ...
Of course, although those were times when Sophia really could have been injured, there are many, many more examples of Farrah putting her emotional wellbeing in danger.

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