David Eason: Did He Just Threaten to KILL Javi Marroquin?!

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We know, we know ... another day, another story about David Eason being a terrible human being.

But it's just that he's so bad, you know?

Sure, it might be fun to go a few days without talking about this jackass, but he keeps on doing and saying all these awful things.

Are we just supposed to ignore it?!

We could, obviously, but it's healthy to discuss your feelings, and boy, do we have a whole mess of feelings when it comes to David.

So let's just get them all out, OK?

1. Not Good

Not Good
David has a bad temper, an obsession with fame, and just so many guns.

2. Scary

If that's not a recipe for disaster, then what is?

3. The Red Flags Keep Flying

The Red Flags Keep Flying
We don't have time to go through each and everything scary thing this guy has ever done, but trust us, it's a lot.

4. Please, No

Please, No
His ex claimed that he was violent with her and threatened to kill her when she was pregnant with their son, and Jenelle claimed in a heartbreaking 911 call that he'd abused her, too.

5. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
Nathan Griffith and his mother are convinced that he abuses adorable little Kaiser, too.

6. Poor Everyone

Poor Everyone
He's also gone after Jenelle's fellow Teen Mom 2 cast members -- he especially has a thing for Kailyn.

7. Gross

In the past few months, he's body-shamed her, claimed that MTV crew members don't want to work with her because of her bad breath and body odor, and commented on one of her Instagram posts to tell her that Chris Lopez has a patchy beard.

8. So Tough

So Tough
David has also criticized Leah Messer's parenting because sometimes her daughters were makeup for cheerleading competitions.

9. Ooooh

What a badass, right? Also, how hilarious is it that David Eason, husband of Jenelle Evans and former owner of a restraining order against his own kid, feels comfortable talking about anyone else's parenting?

10. Fair

David is such a pain and so aggressive and weird that recent reports have claimed that MTV is having a hard time finding crew members who will agree to head down to the Eason family swamp to film her.

11. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Apparently they don't feel like risking their lives by hanging around David, which is understandable -- we know he carries a gun on him at all times, and that he also has a stockpile of weapons and ammunition and that previously mentioned anger problem.

12. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
So how does Javi Marroquin fit into all this?

13. Spill It, Javi!

Spill It, Javi!
Well, Javi just did a new interview with Radar Online, and he had a whole, whole lot to say about David.

14. Knew It!

Knew It!
First, Javi confirmed the reports that crew members have been refusing to film with Jenelle because of David. He also said that he gets it.

15. REAL Crazy

REAL Crazy
"I have seen his tantrums on Instagram and they're crazy," he said. "That dude's got issues."

16. Good Strategy

Good Strategy
Javi then admitted that "I stay out of it so he doesn't come after me. I don't want him threatening my life. I stay out of it."

17. Feeling Safe

Feeling Safe
But even though David is definitely out there, Javi said that he's not worried about attending the reunion or any specials if he's there.

18. Pull Through, MTV

Pull Through, MTV
"I hope MTV handles all that as far as who is coming and who has access to it," he said. "It sounds like they're on it every time they go film over there. I feel pretty safe as it is."

19. Here's Hoping

Here's Hoping
He added that hopefully the upcoming reunion won't be as bad as the last two -- during the last one, Briana and her sister attacked Kailyn, and during the one before that, they all argued while Jenelle and Nathan screamed at each other in front of all the kids.

20. Agreed

When asked if he thought the crew was safe filming with Jenelle, he said "Honestly, no," and that's definitely fair.

21. Same

"I wouldn't go anywhere around there," Javi continued. "I mean, if Jenelle's around, he knows what she's doing and he knows where to find her."

22. Double Same

Double Same
"I wouldn't go down there at all. I wouldn't even go to the state!"

23. It's Just Business

It's Just Business
But then when Javi was asked if Jenelle should be fired over all of this, he was a little more understanding.

24. Solid Point

Solid Point
"She brings a lot of views," he acknowledged. "Business is business at that point. You just gotta figure out a way to make it happen."

25. Yikes

Right now, David has been banned from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so we're not sure if he's going to be able to respond. But either way ... take cover, Javi.

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