Farrah Abraham Accused of Animal Cruelty, Bestiality After Sharing Troubling Photo

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Look, we all know that Farrah Abraham isn't the most likable person.

And we also all know that that's 100% her fault.

She's rude, aggressive, dumb, and just all sorts of bad things.

But every once in a while, she does something that still manages to shock us, even after all these years.

This is one of those times.

1. What's Up, Girl?

What's Up, Girl?
Farrah Abraham has been done with Teen Mom OG for over a year now ... so what has she been doing to fill her days?

2. IDK

Honestly, we're not really sure.

3. Career Moves

Career Moves
She had that little stint on Ex on the Beach, another MTV reality show, we know that.

4. Uh ...

Uh ...
She also tried charging people an outrageous amount for therapy on a cam girl site, because that makes sense.

5. Hmmm

But other than that, she hasn't really been doing much that we can tell.

6. ALL the Vacations

ALL the Vacations
Well, besides going on vacations at various resorts all over the world with Sophia, who she's supposed to be homeschooling.

7. And Crime

And Crime
And getting arrested for assaulting that security guard at that hotel, she's done that too.

8. Lots of Court

Lots of Court
She been spending lots of time in court, too. She had to go for the assault thing, she's been in trouble for backing out of that celebrity boxing match for charity, and she's also dealing with that time all her businesses closed down and she thought that meant she didn't have to pay for the lease.

9. Busy Busy!

Busy Busy!
And we have to assume she's gotten some sort of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure done somewhat recently.

10. Facts

After all, that butt's not gonna inject itself, you know?

11. All Right, All Right

All Right, All Right
So we guess that even though she's no longer a regular on a reality show, she's still got a lot going on.

12. That's Our Girl!

That's Our Girl!
But you know she still found time to start a scandal!

13. WHY

So Farrah thought it was a good idea to share this photo. Take a good, long look at it. Really let it wash over you.

14. SMH

"In between meetings and movie premieres #sxsw this boss babe does yoga with the goats," she explained in the caption, "and this one wants my yoga pants ! Wearing @prettylittlething #goat p.s this goat wins best dressed! #donthate Guess the yoga pose? & more goat cuteness in IGSTORY!"

15. Classic

And you know people went nuts over this whole thing.

16. New Boyfriend?

New Boyfriend?
"That’s so cute look at her new boyfriend, goat boy!" one of her followers wrote. "Farrah you are disgusting and fake as anything and you have turned your daughter into the same thing nice work. Pathetic."

17. Poor Goat

Poor Goat
"Goats do eat anything," someone else pointed out. "Mostly garbage."

18. NOPE

One person jokingly (maybe) asked "Is this the opening to your new video?"

19. Yikes

One comment read "U open ur legs to anything huh."

20. Yep

So yeah, there were lots of jokes, but there were also some serious comments, like one that read "This makes me feel so uncomfortable."

21. It Does Though

It Does Though
Because it seriously is just a bizarre picture to post.

22. Getting Worse

Getting Worse
"You know it was on purpose," one person speculated. "She's getting worse all the time. Truly concerned for her mental health and Sophia's well-being."

23. So Wrong

So Wrong
"She purposely chose a picture that evokes bestiality," another follower insisted.

24. PETA, Please

PETA, Please
Another person suggested PETA should get involved here because this looks like "a promo for a bestiality movie."

25. Disturbing, Indeed

Disturbing, Indeed
Several poor souls who had the misfortune to see this photo called it "disturbing," and some even called it "animal cruelty."

26. Think of Sophia

Think of Sophia
"Why do all your pics look so desperate for attention?" one follower asked. "I pray that your daughter realizes that you just have 'issues' and decides to learn what not to do from you instead of emulating what you do!"

27. Really, Why?

Really, Why?
Here's another comment: "I too am uncomfortable with the way the goat is positioned & that she's looking down & smiling.... Very uncomfortable... I'm sure it was just bad timing for the pic to get shot, however why not delete it & take a better, more appropriate pic???"

28. Is It This Bad?!

Is It This Bad?!
"Someone call animal protection," one more person urged. "This woman is molesting animals now it's gone way to far Farah."

29. So Much Outrage

So Much Outrage
So it's clear that this photo has got a whole lot of people upset, right?

30. Oh, Farrah ...

Oh, Farrah ...
And we have to imagine that Farrah knew what she was doing by posting this particular photo.

31. Please

So just ... maybe get a hobby or something, Farrah. Or a real job. SOMETHING.

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