Jenelle Evans: I'm Probably Never Going to Leave David, TBH

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It's a good day, friends.

Today, we have some brand new quotes from everyone's favorite Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans.

She was kind enough to do a Q&A with her fans on Instagram, and boy, did she have some interesting things to say.

Did you want to know about the current state of her relationship with David?

Were you curious about what she's doing for money these days?

Don't worry, because Jenelle is talking about all of this and more ...

1. What a Gal

What a Gal
It's been a year now since Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 after David killed her dog -- and what a year it's been, right?

2. Making Changes

Making Changes
A few months after she was fired, she was reported to be in talks with MTV, but it was never clear what those talks were about -- some rumors claimed she could possibly return to Teen Mom, others speculated that she could be working out a new deal altogether.

3. Bye David

Bye David
Very shortly after she had a meeting in New York with the network, she left David -- many of us thought that it was an attempt to get her old job back, since David was the primary reason she was fired.

4. Psych

After a few months apart, no new television deals emerged, and no new soulmates appeared, and so Jenelle got back with David. That was at the beginning of the year.

5. Moving On (Again)?

Moving On (Again)?
Last month, Jenelle and David began publicly sharing their issues again -- they got into a big fight about a boat and Jenelle's best friend, and Jenelle made several passive aggressive Facebook posts. You know, the usual.

6. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
She actually ended up leaving him again. She went to stay with some friends, and when they took her back to the swamp to pick up some of her belongings, David pistol-whipped one of her friends and was later arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

7. All Done

All Done
She made a statement about it at the time, saying that she was really sad about it all and that she was leaving him for good.

8. Oh

But a week later, paparazzi somehow managed to snap some photos of them together at a dog park -- we say "somehow," but obviously Jenelle called some photographers because paps usually don't just chill out in random parks in North Carolina.

9. Hooray

It seemed like a pretty clear statement that she's not going to leave him, even though he could possibly be convicted of assaulting her friend, which is ... well, it's really saying something.

10. Here We Go

Here We Go
And she said more things this week when she did a Q&A over on Instagram.

11. This Guy

This Guy
We've been talking about David, so let's start with the questions about him -- one person asked her if he cheated on her "again," but she insisted that "David has never cheated on me, lol."

12. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
That question was asked because David spent some time with the girl in this photo when Jenelle left him last year, and the girl just shared the photo from her time with David very recently, leading many to believe that David has been stepping out on her.

13. So Weird

So Weird
Jenelle was asked directly about the photo and the girl who shared it, and she called her "An obsessed fan that posted an old pic with David when we were separated. She has posted it before but deleted it. Why is she posting it again? Have no idea. Weird…"

14. Classic Jenelle

Classic Jenelle
One of her poor followers hasn't been able to keep up with everything so they asked if she was back with David because they thought she was done with him. Jenelle answered "Yeah I thought I was done with him too. Changed my mind."

15. The Big Question

The Big Question
Someone asked her flat-out why she's still with him after everything he's done. Her answer?

16. Oh Gross

Oh Gross
"I love David and if the issue is something we can workout as a family then I’m going to do so," she said. "There’s two sides to every story. Both parties were in the wrong, in my opinion."

17. Wild

Can you imagine your husband killing your dog, getting your kids taken away from you, making you lose your extremely high-paying job, and then pistol-whippin your friend and then having the nerve to be like "There's two sides to every story"?

18. Anyway ...

Anyway ...
Let's switch gears now, because Jenelle was also asked some questions about some other relationships. She said that she and her mother, Barbara, have been doing "a lot better since being off the show," and that things in her life are "Going smooth for now, I hope it stays that way."

19. Ooooh

And when someone asked how things are going with coparenting with Barbara and Nathan, she said "You mean Doris," Nathan's mother, "and my mom? Great." So it looks like she hates Nathan at the moment.

20. The Dream

The Dream
About her life on The Land, she said "I need more chickens. Our goat is pregnant again, lol. Tried to grow veggies this year but my chickens dig up the seeds and eat them!"

21. Oh Honey

Oh Honey
And someone, perhaps a troll, complimented her on her TikTok dances and asked her if she'd ever taken any dance lessons. To that, she said "Haha, thanks! I use to do a lot of cheerleading growing up and a little hip-hop."

22. So Many Plans

So Many Plans
Finally, she answered several questions about her career -- a lot of people think she's running out of money, but don't worry, 'cause your girl's got plans.

23. So Long

So Long
One person asked if she missed being on Teen Mom, and she replied "Yes, to continue to share my story with everyone. Everything just stopped. But also NO, because of the drama that came along with some of the people I had to work with."

24. Maybe!

But "maybe one day!" she'll have her own spin-off show, but even if she doesn't, she's going to be on TV again soon -- when someone asked her to return, she said "I am soon! Promise!"

25. Sorry, No

Sorry, No
Does she actually expect us to believe that she has a solid deal in the works, so solid that she can "promise" she'll be on TV "soon"? Because we don't believe that for one single solitary second.

26. Seriously, How?

Seriously, How?
But if she doesn't come back to television, then how can she possibly survive? She's got three kids full-time, Jace still comes for visits, and she's got that big house with all that land, plus the pets and the livestock. And the fees for David's lawyer on top, and how can she be getting by right now?

27. Oh Cool

Oh Cool
To ease anyone's worries, Jenelle wrote "Just know I am financially stable. There’s a lot of diff ways to make money online from home these days."

28. Out There Saving Lives

Out There Saving Lives
She repeated herself when someone asked if she'd ever work in the medical field -- remember when she took courses to become a medical assistant and later referred to it as being in med school? Because we'll never forget.

29. Leave Her ALONE

Leave Her ALONE
"Maybe one day in the future," she answered. "Right now I am financially stable being self-employed from home."

30. Shoot for the Moon

Shoot for the Moon
She also said that "maybe one day" she'd get a more traditional job, but her ultimate 10-year goal is to be "Producing, directing, and editing film."

31. One for the Haters!

One for the Haters!
In addition to answering all these questions, she also had a piece of advice about dealing with "haters," also known as the people who have very valid criticisms of the objectively terrible things she does -- she said "You have to ignore them!! #1 rule!"

32. But Wait ...

But Wait ...
She actually answered a whole lot of questions, right? But she still had one more thing to share with us all ...

33. Bless

... And that is that David is now a blonde.

34. The Horror

The Horror
We wouldn't go as far as to call him a blonde, it looks like more of a very unfortunate orange -- it's a very "teenage girl has no idea what she's doing but still wants to become a platinum blonde in one evening at home so she throws a bunch of bleach on her head and hopes for the best" vibe.

35. Ugh

We would say something like "if they're having fun, that's what matters," but what with the current court case and the whole thing where Jenelle publicly stated she was leaving him just a few weeks ago, we highly doubt they're having fun.

36. Scary

But it does seem like something strange is happening at the Eason home ... stranger than usual, anyway.

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