Emmys In Memoriam Segment Snubs Charlie Murphy, Erin Moran and More; Twitter Rages

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So the Emmy Awards happened last night, and lots of people had lots of feelings about it.

And many, if not most, of those feelings were extremely negative.

Lots of people were upset when Sterling K. Brown was played off the stage during his lovely acceptance speech -- so many that the venue was filled with boos after it happened.

There was also the very odd choice to bring out Sean Spicer -- the "joke" didn't land, to say the least.

Then there was the In Memoriam segment, the part of the show where everyone takes time to pay tribute to the people from the industry who are no longer with us.

It sounds nice, right?

But the people in charge over there at the Emmys truly dropped the ball with this one.

Huge stars like Charlie Murphy, Dick Gregory, Frank Vincent, Harry Dean Stanton, and Erin Moran weren't remembered during this special moment during the show.

And you know Twitter wasn't having that ...

1. A Strong Start

A Strong Start
Viola David? Chris Jackson? Boy, this thing had all the ingredients to be a real tear-jerker, huh?

2. But Alas ...

But Alas ...
It just simply did not work out.

3. Common Knows

Common Knows
In a nice way, Common called out the Emmys for ignoring Charlie Murphy and Dick Gregory.

4. A Huge Oversight

A Huge Oversight
... Because really, how are you going to do that to Charlie Murphy and Dick Gregory?

5. Not Erin Moran!

Not Erin Moran!
Seriously, they forgot this lady, too. Such a disappointment.

6. Where's the Lie?

Where's the Lie?
Nothing against legends Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, obviously, but this person has an excellent point.

7. Truth Bomb

Truth Bomb
Oh, did we forget to mention that while the Emmys forgot to mention all these other people, they were all over honoring this douchebag?

8. An Explanation

An Explanation
Oh, is that how this happened?

9. History Made

History Made
Could you be more disappointing, Emmys?

10. We Remember You, Harry

We Remember You, Harry
It hurts, doesn't it?

11. Speaking of Spicer ...

Speaking of Spicer ...
Hey, this is America! We can be outraged about as many things as we please!

12. We're Waiting!

We're Waiting!
For real though, where is it?

13. Hill to Die On

Hill to Die On
... Well, yes. There are definitely worse hills to die on, right?

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