Duggar Kids: Who's the Biggest Rebel Against Jim Bob's Ridiculous Rules?

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When the Duggars rose to fame in the early 2000s, audiences were drawn to their reality shows primarily because Jim Bob and Michelle had already sired a massive brood, and they seemed to have no plans to put the breeding on hold anytime soon.

As time went on, however, viewers realized that their fertility was not the most unusual thing about the Duggars.

Instead, it was the family's bonkers belief system that made for such compelling viewing.

From courtship rules to insanely strict dress codes, the Duggars controlled every aspect of their kids' lives, and it was only a matter of time before said offspring started to rebel.

Take a look:

1. Josiah Can't Be Tamed

Josiah Can't Be Tamed
First, there's Josiah Duggar. Sure, he recently settled down and got married, but we're guessing his days as the main cause of Jim Bob's migraines are far from over.

2. Heartbreaker

Josiah is unique among his siblings in that he was involved in a different courtship BEFORE he met his wife.

3. The Mystery Deepens

The Mystery Deepens
There's still no word on what caused Josiah and Marjorie to call off their courtship -- a move that's almost unprecedented in Duggar Land. Scandalous!

4. Still Rebelling

Still Rebelling
After his relationship with Marjorie ended, Josiah continued to maintain an Instagram account in direct defiance of his parents' rules.

5. What Courtship Rules?

What Courtship Rules?
He and Lauren Swanson also held hands, front-hugged and went on un-chaperoned dates before they were married. Someone arrest this man!

6. Four Can Play at That Game!

Four Can Play at That Game!
But no one tossed the courtship rules right out the window quite like John David Duggar and his fiance Abbie Burnett.

7. Without a Cause

Without a Cause
Not only do these two pile on the PDA every chance they get, they've also been known to skip church together.

8. The Wrath of JB

The Wrath of JB
Pretty much the only thing they could do that would piss Jim Bob off more would be vote Republican.

9. Daring Daughters

Daring Daughters
Of course, for all the boys' acts of defiance, it's the Duggar daughters who have shown themselves to be the true rebels in recent years.

10. Off the Leash

When they're living under Jim Bob's roof, they have no choice but to follow his rules. Once the Duggar girls are married, however, it's their husbands who set the boundaries.

11. It Works For Them ... We Guess

Obviously, it's not the most progressive system, but don't worry -- the Duggar girls have been taking full advantage of what little freedom has been afforded to them.

12. The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows
Just look at Jill Duggar who recently began sporting -- gasp! -- a nose ring! There's no reason why the Duggars should object to facial piercings, but you know they do.

13. A Little Henna Never Hurt

A Little Henna Never Hurt
Jill also sported a henna tattoo for a while. Again, no reason that should anger Jim Bob, but it 100 percent did.

14. Joy-Anna Does Her Own Thing

Joy-Anna Does Her Own Thing
Joy-Anna has also been known to cast off the shackles off her upbringing, admitting to frequent "front-hugs" with husband Austin Forsyth before the couple got married.

15. Taking It a Little Further

Taking It a Little Further
Of course, there have also been rumors that Joy got PREGNANT before her wedding, but that's a conversation for a different time.

16. And Then There Was Jinger ...

And Then There Was Jinger ...
No Duggar is more often associated with the word "rebel" than Jinger Duggar.

17. No F-cks to Give

No F-cks to Give
Not only did Jinger marry a guy her dad doesn't approve of, she then moved out of state with Jeremy Vuolo, and -- with his permission -- started wearing PANTS in violation of the family dress code!

18. Dark Horse Candidate

Dark Horse Candidate
Jinger might seem like the most obvious selection for the number one spot, but at the end of the day, no one has pushed back against Jim Bob and Michelle's belief system quite like Jana Duggar.

19. All the Single Ladies

All the Single Ladies
Despite being taught from a young age that getting married and popping out an army of babies are her primary reasons for being, Jana has remained single, and she seems to be loving every second of it. You that really sticks in Jim Bob's craw.

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