David Eason Slams Kailyn Lowry in Vile Tirade: Your Man is Ugly & You're a Lesbian!

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David Eason is the type of individual that we don't see in the public eye very much, although any visibility is frankly too much.

He's an emasculated, unemployed bigot with nothing better to do but spend his wife's money and stir up fights on social media.

Why he does this is anyone's guess. To make people think he's cool or tough? Distracting himself from his own uselessness?

Honestly, we can't say, but generally, degenerates like David can be found attempting to cadge free drinks at their local dive bars.

That, or cutting eyeholes in bedsheets in preparation for a late night "rally" ... sometimes. If you know what we're getting at.

In this case, though, David married Jenelle Evans, which means he actually has an audience for his loser-y online ramblings.

Sadly for Eason, that audience really just wishes he would stick to flat-ironing his beard hair in his rapidly sinking house.

Case in point? His pathetic, cringe-worthy attempt to troll Jenelle's co-star Kailyn Lowry on Instagram, as seen below. 

1. Dipsh-t Dave

Dipsh-t Dave
It's impossible to overstate how bored Eason is. These days, the 30-year-old spends most of his time on social media spewing bigotry and attempting to stir up fights with people who still have jobs.

2. Any Target Will Do

Any Target Will Do
Whether he's spewing bizarre conspiracies about the "true" causes of the Civil War or simply attacking the appearances of his former co-stars, Dave has proven himself to be the ultimate snowflake.

3. Rage-aholic

He's addicted to his own outrage, and he needs conflict to distract him from the sad state of his own life.

4. Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes
David LOVES stirring the pot with fans by making bizarre claims about how the slaves of the antebellum South were not actually from Africa, but he recognizes that fighting with non-celebs will only earn him so much attention.

5. Enter Kail

Enter Kail
And so, he occasionally focuses his attention on more famous targets, such as his wife's Teen Mom 2 co-star, Kailyn Lowry.

6. Why Kail?

Why Kail?
David might try to justify his recent dislike for Lowry in a number of different ways, and if pressed, he would probably claim that it's all because Lowry has feuded with Jenelle over the years. But is that the real reason?

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