Dog Bucket List Photos: Saying Goodbye

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An owner creator a bucket list for her dog prior to his passing.

Check out some adorable photos from it here.

1. Time for a Paw-Dicure

Time for a Paw-Dicure
Romeo the Boxer enjoys a paw-dicure in this adorable photo. His owner put it on the dog's bucket list.

2. One Special Meal

One Special Meal
A cheeseburger? At the dinner table? This should be included on the bucket list for all dogs.

3. The Canine Unit

The Canine Unit
Romeo's owner came up with a bucket list for him upon the dog being diagnosed with cancer. Included on the list? Getting behind the wheel of a police cruiser.

4. Firehouse Dog

Firehouse Dog
It doesn't get much cuter than a dog in a fire helmet. This owner included this photo on her canine's bucket list.

5. Drinks with a Dog

Drinks with a Dog
Cheers to Romeo! Before this dog passed away, his owner creator a bucket list that included drinks at a bar.

6. What a Piece of Cake

What a Piece of Cake
Romeo was treated to some ice cream cake prior to his passing. His owner included it on his bucket list.

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