Jenelle Evans: Back with Nathan? Struggling to Rebuild Reputation Amid Divorce Crisis? [UPDATED]

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It's been a very, very busy time for Jenelle Evans these past few weeks.

You know, what with filing for divorce from David Eason and all.

She's left all her belongings behind to move herself and the two children she has custody of to a whole new state, she's gathered proof of David's abuse and filed a restraining order against him.

All that sounds like a ton of work, even when you don't consider how taxing it all must have been emotionally for the Teen Mom 2 firebrand - whatever you think of her personally.

But still, even though Jenelle's been doing all of that, she still found some time to spend with Nathan Griffith, the father of her middle child, Kaiser, and sworn enemy of David.

Why are they reconciling? What is her endgame? And can she possibly rekindle that romance and salvage whatever is left of her reputation after all she's said and done?

Let's break it down below.

1. Jenelle and Nathan

Jenelle and Nathan
Okay, so yeah, this isn't a current picture of Jenelle and Nathan ... because there aren't many. They haven't had the opportunity to take a photo together for the past few years because their breakup was pretty messy, and because David is the worst.

2. Gross

Jenelle and David first started dating like a month after she and Nathan broke off their engagement and relationship, and it seems like David's always been super insecure about that, to the point where Jenelle simply wasn't allowed to speak with him.

3. Ridiculous and Terrifying

Ridiculous and Terrifying
We'll never forget an early appearance of David Eason on Teen Mom 2 where he went with Jenelle to meet with Nathan to discuss custody stuff ... he was so mad that he threatened to "fill this whole street with uppercut." Yes, that happened.

4. So Immature

So Immature
Shortly after that, he decided that Jenelle wasn't allowed to communicate directly with Nathan, even though she shared a small child with him. Instead, he'd be the one to deal with Nathan when it came to Kaiser.

5. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
And speaking of Kaiser, many fans believe that David was allegedly abusive towards him because he does look so much like his dad -- more on all that in just a moment though.

6. Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage
So we've established that David has always hated Nathan, right? Good, let's move on to the next part of this story.

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