Jenelle Evans: I'll Do ANYTHING to Get Back on Teen Mom 2!

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This really has been a wild year for Jenelle Evans, huh?

Her husband put a bullet inside her dog, she temporarily lost custody of her three children, and now she's getting a divorce.

In the midst of all that, of course, she also lost her job.

It's a lot, guys. It's safe to say that the Teen Mom 2 terror's life has completely fallen apart just in the past couple of months.

But despite how intense things must be for her right now, the word on the street is that she's got a plan to turn it all around.

And honestly, she sounds pretty desperate for a win.

See what her master plan is, according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, and tell us if you think it'll work ...

1. What a Ride

What a Ride
Yeah, so 2019 has been full of change for Jenelle -- but like, SO full.

2. Ugh

We'd heard rumors and reports about David's alleged abuse before, of course, and last fall was when we heard Jenelle's harrowing 911 call, but it's probably safe to say that he really amped things up this year.

3. Disgusting

Back in the spring, he killed Nugget, Jenelle's tiny little dog, for lightly nipping at Ensley when she started playing a little too rough.

4. A Nightmare

A Nightmare
The police found out and opened an investigation, and they also alerted CPS that all was not well in the Eason home, so they removed all the children -- Barbara took Ensley, Nathan took Kaiser, and Maryssa went to stay with her grandmother.

5. Poor Kids

Poor Kids
Jenelle and David had court dates for a few weeks, and in their downtime they took parenting classes -- David also took some anger management classes.

6. Kick Her While She's Down

Kick Her While She's Down
It was also during this time that MTV broke the news that they'd stopped filming with Jenelle.

7. Weird

Everyone thought the custody trial would take a long time, but out of nowhere the judge announced that it was over, and Jenelle and David got the kids back.

8. Hmmm

The police investigation was closed as well, so they got over that hurdle, but the issue remained that Jenelle had lost her job and was no longer going to pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

9. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
She had that makeup thing that she tried to talk up a bunch, and she kept hinting that she was in talks to do other TV stuff, but it's always been clear that Teen Mom was by far the highest paying job she'd ever be able to get.

10. Employed Again?

Employed Again?
Last month she flew out to New York on the same weekend the Teen Mom 2 reunion was being filmed. Reports claimed that she met with MTV executives to discuss the possibility of her coming back to the network in some form or fashion -- so not necessarily a full-time cast member like she was before, but just something, you know?

11. Wow

But nobody had much time to speculate about all of that because right after it happened, the reports that Jenelle had left David had started.

12. It's Over

It's Over
And then on Halloween, Jenelle released a statement confirming the rumors and revealing that she was in the process of filing for divorce.

13. Impressive

She's left David alone at the swamp and she's taken the kids out of state -- she also got a restraining order against David after proving he's been abusive on several occasions.

14. Yikes

Like, just in case you need an example of the kind of thing she's dealing with with David, she showed some texts in which David threatened to kill a guy and feed her his head, and she also claimed that once he locked Kaiser in a car and wouldn't let him out.

15. Neat

Jenelle is trying to get sole custody of Ensley, and she's even told David that he can keep the swamp and the house they built on it if he doesn't fight her for custody.

16. A Real Roller Coaster

A Real Roller Coaster
So right now she's with Kaiser and Ensley in an undisclosed location, unemployed and trying to stay clear of the perpetually unhinged David Eason.

17. Fair

It would probably really, really help if she had her old job back, huh? Money, the security of being surrounded by a big film crew ... it couldn't hurt.

18. Of Course

Of Course
That's why, according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, she's doing her best to convince MTV to let her back on Teen Mom 2.

19. Oh Hey Nathan

Oh Hey Nathan
OK, so you know how Jenelle just took the kids out for a day of family fun and was spotted hanging out with Nathan?

20. Yay for Kaiser

Yay for Kaiser
TMZ had a photo that Jenelle took with a fan, and in the background Nathan could be seen either putting on or taking off a pair of roller skates.

21. So Sweet

So Sweet
A source told The Ashley that Nathan had just dropped in to pick up Kaiser, but that he'd asked his dad to stay and play, so he did -- apparently Jenelle and Nathan are able to get along without David around.

22. No Romance

No Romance
But before you start thinking that perhaps those two former love birds are getting back together, the source explained that “Nathan was there for his son, and his son only. Nathan knows where Jenelle is because she has Kaiser, and now that David is out of the picture, Jenelle has no problem with Nathan seeing Kaiser and spending time with him."

23. Good for Them

Good for Them
As for how Nathan's girlfriend feels about this new development, the source said that "Nathan’s girlfriend Ashley is aware and supportive of the situation. There is nothing happening romantically. Nathan is grateful that Jenelle is being decent to him and finally letting him see and talk to Kaiser when he wants to.”

24. Sure

That's where MTV comes in -- Jenelle getting along with Nathan in 2019 is definitely worthy of being filmed, right?

25. Awesome

“Jenelle has made the ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers very aware that she is now getting along with Nathan and Barb,” another source claimed.

26. If Only

If Only
“She has sent them pics of her and her mom, or her and Nathan with the kids, telling them that this is good stuff and that they should be filming it, and that they are missing out.”

27. The Problem

The Problem
"The producers who are in contact with Jenelle have told her that, while they do want to film her actually getting along with the people in her life, they are reluctant to put out the money and effort to film her, because they know that she could run back to David,” the source continued.

28. Well ...

Well ...
“Plus, it will be very hard to get a crew together that is willing to film Jenelle at this point. Many of the behind-the-scenes people are genuinely scared to have anything to do with her because of David.”

29. So Wild

So Wild
Jenelle has obviously never been an angel, but how crazy is it that David ruined her career so thoroughly to the point where she can move to a whole new state and file a restraining order but people still don't want to be near her because maybe he could show up at some point?

30. Such a Mystery

Such a Mystery
As time goes on, more and more people are becoming convinced that she's really done with him, but we can still see it being a while before MTV feels comfortable putting her on the show again.

31. Fingers Crossed!

Fingers Crossed!
Going forward, we hope she continues to stay safe and away from David, and that she keeps rebuilding relationships with the people that David cut her off from. Maybe after a while of that MTV will feel good about bringing her back, but until then ... girl, just stay safe.

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