David Eason: Could He FINALLY Be Arrested For Killing Nugget?!

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Way back in April, David Eason shot and killed Jenelle Evans' dog, an 11-pound French bulldog named Nugget.

Now obviously, David is not a criminal mastermind.

In fact, we're impressed when we see him out in public with his shoes on the right feet.

But he was able to avoid prosecution in the Nugget case, largely because he and Jenelle made it difficult for police to figure out what the hell actually happened.

Then David went and confessed to the killing in an interview with People magazine, because -- like we said -- he's not the brightest bulb.

So might he finally be punished for his nauseating crimes?

Here's what we know so far:

1. The Easons Take Manhattan

The Easons Take Manhattan
Jenelle and David are in New York in order to promote her newly-released eyebrow kit. The launch coincided with the city's fashion week.

2. Tricky Business

Tricky Business
The launch party itself was a sparsely-attended bust that took place on some random Astro-turfed balcony. And the rest of the promotions haven't turned out much better.

3. The Challenge

The Challenge
The task presented to Jenelle and David was a difficult one -- run damage control and rescue what's left of your reputation, even though you stand accused of beating and murdering a puppy, then hiding the crime from police.

4. Absolute Disaster

Because Evans' manager, Johnny Donovan, knows nothing about his clients, he scored them an interview with People magazine. He was apparently under the impression that they're a couple of smooth-talkers who would sort this whole thing out with ease.

5. Even Worse Than We Expected

Even Worse Than We Expected
We don't need to tell you wrong Donovan was. Despite a series of pre-approved softball questions, Jenelle and David sputtered and stammered their way through the interview and dug themselves a MUCH deeper hole.

6. A Vicious Beast ... and Nugget

A Vicious Beast ... and Nugget
“This was something that nobody wants to ever have to do. The dog was aggressive," Eason BS'ed when asked about the incident.

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