Duggar Drama: Check Out What's Ahead For TV's Favorite Fundies!

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Counting On returns in the summer of 2018, and TLC has released a new trailer to tease fans about upcoming storylines.

Jessa speaks out about what fans can look forward to seeing if they watch Counting On online.

"It’s crazy how much has changed in our family over the past year."

And she reminds viewers that, in a family as large as the Duggar clan, there's just no shortage of major life events.

"There’s so much more to come. Babies, relationships, and milestones are always happening."

Duggar fans who keep a close eye on the family may know how a lot of stories end, but TLC's cameras will offer a front-row seat as several new storylines unfold.

Here's what you can expect as Counting On returns:

1. A very short hiatus

A very short hiatus
Lawd, it's a miracle! TLC promises fans and viewers that TV's most controversial clan will return this summer.

2. The first new storyline is a sweet one

The first new storyline is a sweet one
Viewers will see Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar on their honeymoon. The couple tied the knot back in September and they wasted no time in starting a family!

3. A very important announcement

A very important announcement
At one point in the new preview, producers ask if Kendra is pregnant, and she says that she hasn't taken a test yet. But of course, fans know the truth...

4. A baby on the way for Kendra!

A baby on the way for Kendra!
And viewers will even get a glimpse of the nursery. The pregnancy isn't news, but viewers will revel in receiving all the inside details!

5. Ben and Jessa talk about how their relationship works

Ben and Jessa talk about how their relationship works
They have two young children. That can be quite a handful, but it seems Ben and Jessa have figured out how to find balance, and they're happy to share their secrets with fans.

6. Jessa seems to balk at the idea of having more children

Jessa seems to balk at the idea of having more children
Could it be that Jessa is breaking with tradition? In an early preview of the new season, she doesn't seem eager to have more young children any time soon.

7. Fear not, Duggar faithful

Fear not, Duggar faithful
Jessa has revealed that she DOES want to have more kids eventually, and she and Ben say they would both to consider adoption. It seems that at the moment, she's simply overwhelmed by the demands of raising two very young children ... and quite understandably so.

8. Joy-Anna's pregnancy is, of course, a big deal

Joy-Anna's pregnancy is, of course, a big deal
We all know that Joy-Anna has already given birth to Gideon, but this season will focus on that pregnancy, including the warnings that there are risks.

9. There were some real concerns

There were some real concerns
"I’m just having to remind myself not to let the fears and anxiety take over," Joy-Anna reminds herself at one point in the trailer.

10. The controversy continues

The controversy continues
Many fans have expressed curiosity as to whether the show will address rumors that Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding. Don't count on it. Controversies might be serve as a ratings magnet for the Duggars, but they rarely address public outcries directly.

11. Jinger and Jeremy volunteer for some babysitting

Jinger and Jeremy volunteer for some babysitting
Is it out of the goodness of their hearts ... or is it practice?

12. Because Jinger is, of course, pregnant

Because Jinger is, of course, pregnant
Fans who've kept up with Jinger saw her announcement, and they know it was a long time coming. Jinger and Jeremy were married for over a year before they revealed to fans that she's expecting.

13. Jinger and Jeremy are ready to welcome their child

Jinger and Jeremy are ready to welcome their child
Jinger's baby is reportedly due in July of 2018. Needless to say, Duggar obsessives are counting the days.

14. Love is in the air

Love is in the air
Back in Tontitown, Josiah Duggar asks Lauren Swanson if she would like to enter a courtship with him.

15. A courtship cliffhanger!

A courtship cliffhanger!
Promo materials show Lauren responding favorably to Josiah's courtship request ... but it looks like viewers may have to wait a while to see her response.

16. She said yes!

She said yes!
Of course, Duggar fans know -- not only does she accept, but their whirlwind courtship has now developed into an engagement.

17. An unprecedented courtship

An unprecedented courtship
Josiah and Lauren's courtship has captured the imagination of fans, as the couple has officially entered uncharted territory. Josiah is the first Duggar of his generation to find love on his second courtship, not his first.

18. Rooting for Josiah!

Rooting for Josiah!
Fans are hoping that Josiah's courtship will go more smoothly this time around. Fortunately, they can probably breathe easy, as wedding planning is reportedly underway. Whatever happens in the months to come, however, Duggar obsessives can certainly count on one thing...

19. A season of surprises!

A season of surprises!
Since it won't premiere until the summer, there's no telling what new developments will emerge from the Duggar family by the time that the season begins ... or ends. But you can bet the Counting On clan will deliver more of what their fans love most!

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