Chris Lopez: How Many Women Has He Impregnated?!

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Chris Lopez does not have a lot of fans among Teen Mom 2 viewers.

The reasons for this are simple, of course:

Lopez is a deadbeat dad who might also be an abuser, and the news that Kailyn would be having a second child with Chris was greeted with much ambivalence.

At the time that last night's TM2 premiere was filmed, Kail was getting along with two of her three baby daddies, and she hoped to score a hat trick by mending her relationship with Lopez.

But it wasn't meant to be, thanks to one very persistent rumor.

Take a look:

1. A Double Deadbeat?

A Double Deadbeat?
Did Chris Lopez get another woman pregnant right around the time he knocked up Kailyn Lowry? Sadly, you can't put anything past the man at this point.

2. In Need Of an Intervention

In Need Of an Intervention
At the time that Tuesday night's Teen Mom 2 premiere was filmed, Kail was not yet pregnant with her second child by Chris -- and she seemed hopeful that the two of them would soon reconcile.

3. Attempted Entrapment

Attempted Entrapment
So much time has passed -- and Kail and Chris have experienced so many ups and downs in the months since the episode was filmed -- that some viewers may have been shocked by the revelation that moving closer to Lopez was one of Lowry's motives in buying a new home.

4. The Elusive One

The Elusive One
At that point in 2019, it seemed Kail felt that Chris was the missing puzzle piece in her life.

5. No More Baby Daddy Drama?

No More Baby Daddy Drama?
She was finally getting along with her other baby daddies; her career was firing on all cylinders; she had the massive house in the suburbs ...

6. Stubborn Fella

Stubborn Fella
But that darn Chris just refused to be transformed into the man she wanted him to be.

7. Cracking the Case

"Having 3 boys is a lot of work and it doesn't help that I'm always up and down with their dads," Lowry said in a voice-over in a clip from this week's episode.

8. Incremental Improvement

Incremental Improvement
"Javi and I are getting along fine right now and even though Jo and I had some hard times last year, he apologized to me about a month ago and we've been better lately," she added.

9. No-Fail Kail

No-Fail Kail
Yes, it sounds like everything in Kail's life was on the upswing. Everything, of course, except for her relationship with Chris.

10. Real (Estate) Problems

Real (Estate) Problems
"Since my new house is closer to Chris, I thought he'd be seeing Lux more, but that wasn't the case 'cause things took a turn again and we're not together," she said on the episode.

11. That's One Way to Put It

That's One Way to Put It
"On top of that, there are some rumors popping up about him," Kail continued, dramatically downplaying the situation.

12. The Bombshell

The Bombshell
Kail was referring to the rumor that Chris had gotten one of his side-pieces pregnant. And in a conversation with a TM2 producer, she reveals that she spent a LOT of time thinking about it.

13. The Call From Chris

The Call From Chris
"I got a call from him saying, if I hear a rumor that he got someone else pregnant, it's not true," she told her producer.

14. A Shocking Amount of Effort

A Shocking Amount of Effort
Yes, it seems Chris actually called Kail to try and clear his name, which is somewhat surprising, considering they weren't even together at the time.

15. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
Perhaps he caught a glimpse of her palatial crib in the 'burbs and decided it might be good to remain on Kail's good side.

16. Let It Go

Let It Go
Also putting a surprising amount of thought and effort into this situation is Kail herself, who should probably just wash her hands of Chris and occasionally sue him for child support.

17. Enough, Already

Enough, Already
Instead, she attempted to puzzle out the situation, seemingly so that she could save their relationship.

18. He's Just Not That Into You

He's Just Not That Into You
"My f--ked up way of thinking was, okay, he's doing damage control and maybe he potentially has somebody else pregnant and he doesn't know, so he's telling me it's not true until he actually confirms." she told her producer.

19. Sad But True

Sad But True
Amazingly, at this point, Kail was still very eager to settle down with Chris.

20. She Puts Up With a Lot

She Puts Up With a Lot
"I think that would close the door to any possibilities of us ever being together again," she said of the possibility that he got another chick pregnant.

21. A Million Second Chances

A Million Second Chances
Despite the many times she's declared him untrustworthy, Kail decided to believe Chris' side of the story on this one saying, "I guess I just listen to him, as far as what he tells me, that's all I can go by," she says. "Innocent until proven guilty type deal."

22. The Truth Is Out There

The Truth Is Out There
Of course, as you already know, Kail and Chris briefly got back together ... just long enough for him to get her pregnant again. But the mystery still remains -- does he have another kid out there?

23. Addressing Without Addressing

Addressing Without Addressing
“Some sh-t ain’t worth addressing anymore. I’d rather charge it to the game [and] keep it moving," Lopez posted on Instagram as the episode aired.

24. Shots Fired

Shots Fired
In an apparent shot at Kail, he added, "Some people don’t wanna be fixed because being broken gets them attention.”

25. An Evasive Response

An Evasive Response
So we guess that's a no ... but it's worth noting that Chris didn't come right out and declare that Kail is his only baby mama. Just sayin'!

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