Chris Lopez Defends Kailyn Lowry Against Angry, Body-Shaming Twitter Mob

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We don't want to jump to any conclusions or anything, but...

... Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez are totally back together!

We're (mostly) kidding, although we have been given a new reason to think there's hope yet for these two crazy kids.

There's been chatter for weeks that Lowry and Lopez were once again a romantic item and we're now more convinced than ever that it could be true.

How come? What did Lopez do?

Scroll down to find out!

1. This All Started with... Preeclampsia?

This All Started with... Preeclampsia?
Yes. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys.

2. Okay. So?!?

Okay. So?!?
Lowry was open about suffering from this condition back when she was pregnant with Lux.

3. That Sucks for Her.

That Sucks for Her.
Yes it does. And yet she was recently taken to task by social media trolls, one of whom wrote: "Pre Eclampsia is no joke, and definitely not some storyline filler. She should have some respect for those who weren’t as lucky as [I was] to survive [the illness]."

4. Why Do Folks Think Kailyn Was Lying?

Why Do Folks Think Kailyn Was Lying?
We have no idea. Haters are just gonna hate.

5. Chris to the Rescue!

Chris to the Rescue!
Made aware of the insults being hurled his baby mama's way, Lopez rushed to Kailyn's defense.

6. What Did He Write?

What Did He Write?
"Maybe if you stop worrying bout me and mine. [You’d] probably have [an] easier pregnancy. Lol hating on other [people’s] lives so much will do that to you...hope it’s a healthy baby [though]."

7. And Another Thing!

And Another Thing!
Lowry was also body-shamed by these same losers for posting an Instagram picture, writing underneath it: "I don’t think I’ve ever seen more body shaming comments under one pic than I did today on my most recent on [Instagram]."

8. Chris Jumps in Again

Chris Jumps in Again
The father of Lowry's youngest son promptly replied, “Point them out," along with some smiley face emojis. He also added a gif of Dean Winchester from Supernatural cocking a gun.

9. Way To Be, Chris!

Way To Be, Chris!
This is merely the latest example of very good vibes between Lowry and Lopez, who started 2018 at extreme odds but ended it by holding hands on a red carpet.

10. So, Are They Back Together?!?

So, Are They Back Together?!?
Neither side will say. Chris did hang out with Kailyn and their son for Lux's first birthday party back in August and is now an active part of the little guy's life.

11. He Tries to Ignore All the Critics...

He Tries to Ignore All the Critics...
... as you can see by the very recent Tweet above. But he still hears it from them.

12. As for All the Sources Out There?

As for All the Sources Out There?

13. As for Kailyn?

As for Kailyn?
She simply left us with this message to close 2018: "Thankful for the lessons, heartbreak, trials & tribulations, new friendships, love & new beginnings in 2018. So excited to see what 2019 brings for us."

14. What Do We Predict?

What Do We Predict?
Easy: Lowry and Lopez are a full-fledged, official couple at some point in 2019. And we're already so excited about it!

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