Leah & Victoria Messer: We're Both Banging Costa Rican Randos and The Haters Can Suck It!

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Well, it looks like the Messer sisters have found love in a tropical place.

If you've been watching Teen Mom 2 this season, you know that Victoria Messer got pregnant during a recent vacation to Costa Rica.

Her older sister was by her side (on the trip, not during the conception ... we hope), and it seems Leah also made the acquaintance of a lusty local.

Leah and her dude aren't moving quit as quickly (there's been no pregnancy announcement ... yet), but they're serious enough that he made an appearance on Tuesday's Teen Mom 2 reunion show.

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. The Debut

The Debut
Yes, Leah and Victoria Messer both have new men in their lives. And Leah introduced her latest boo to Teen Mom 2 viewers during this week's reunion special!

2. They're Coming to America

They're Coming to America
The guys' names are Royer and Adan, and it seems that at least one of them will soon be a United States resident.

3. One Shocker After Another

One Shocker After Another
Dr. Drew seemed surprised that Leah had a new man in her life. And he seemed even more surprised that she would be sponsoring Royer in his efforts to migrate to the US.

4. No Suspicions

No Suspicions
Pinksy suggested that Royer might have had ulterior motives in getting Victoria pregnant, but the Messer sisters were quick to shut that speculation down.

5. Are ... We Still Talking About Relocating?

Are ... We Still Talking About Relocating?
“They had that conversation,” Leah said. “He was like, ‘Listen, I really don’t want to come there.”

6. The Response

The Response
Despite this denial, fans were quick to criticize Victoria for what they viewed as an unforgivable level of irresponsibility.

7. Not Thinking It Through?

Not Thinking It Through?
Royer already has two children by two other women, and at one point, Victoria laughed about the fact that the two of them did not use protection during their one-night stand.

8. Called Out

Called Out
On Twitter and Instagram, the backlash against Victoria was both swift and harsh.

9. Major Shade

Major Shade
“Leah’s sister’s baby father must feel like he hit the jackpot knocking up Victoria. Baby Greencard,” one person commented, according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup. “The SEVERE lack of judgement and perspective at almost 30.”

10. Solid Point

Solid Point
“Leah sister’s baby daddy doesn’t care to come to America but he’s willing to abandon his 2 sons to come live in the U.S,” another wrote. “What a deadbeat.”

11. Clapping Back

Clapping Back
On Instagram, Victoria was quick to respond to the skepticism regarding her relationship with Royer.

12. Biting the Hand That Feeds

Biting the Hand That Feeds
First, like so many Teen Mom stars before her, Victoria called out MTV for what she claims is misleading editing.

13. Better Understood

Better Understood
"The Reunion Part 2 would have been much better and better understood by viewers if the majority of the important parts weren’t cut out…” she wrote.

14. Goin=g From Specific to General

Goin=g From Specific to General
“First of all, the truth is Royer has fear of coming here because of all the racially motivated hatred in our country and the fact that racism is a problem here. Hopefully one day our country can stand for 'LOVE' love for all," Messer continued.

15. She Went There

She Went There
“Racism exists and I believe can be changed if and when people invest in unity over division… Royer and I are choosing LOVE," Victoria went on.

16. That's Not QUITE How It Works ...

That's Not QUITE How It Works ...
“The fact is Royer could choose to go anywhere once he has his passport, but he is CHOOSING to come here to become a family and is willing to go through this difficult process that we are trusting in,” Victoria wrote.

17. The Tirade Continues

The Tirade Continues
“I am sad that I feel as though I have to defend our situation, however, I want people to know the truth and not just what’s being portrayed," she added.

18. A Difficult Sitch

A Difficult Sitch
“This has been a very hard situation for the both of us,” Victoria wrote. “We both wish we could do the things that other expecting couples can."

19. Making the Best Of It

Making the Best Of It
"We would love to experience things with the pregnancy and the birth of our son together," she added. "We hurt through this process but we are trusting the process and we are so thankful for the support that so many have shown.”

20. Ultimately Grateful

Ultimately Grateful
“I do understand that we could have prevented this pregnancy,” Victoria concluded. “However, we are so thankful to have found one another in such a unique way. We believe it all happened for a reason. We are trusting the process, so that one day we may no longer be divided.”

21. As For Leah ...

As For Leah ...
... Well, she's been a little less vocal on the topic of her new dude. Which isn't surprising.

22. Moving On

After all, the reports of this romance come just a few days after we learned that Leah and Jeremy Calver are no longer together.

23. Getting Serious?

So has Leah found baby daddy number three in Adan? We suppose only time will tell.

24. Pumping the Brakes

Pumping the Brakes
Thankfully, for now, it looks as though these two are taking it slow.

25. A Lot Going On

A Lot Going On
If there's anyone who already has enough on their plate these days, it's Leah. That's one busy mom.

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