Chelsea Houska Rushed to Hospital In Frightening Teen Mom 2 Preview

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Chelsea Houska is commonly thought of as the great success story of the Teen Mom franchise.

Sure, all of the Moms have achieved wealth and fame as a result of their roles on the show, but only Chelsea has found true stability and domestic bliss.

Of course, that doesn't mean life is all sunshine and rainbows for the mother of two.

As the show has reminded us repeatedly this season, troubled baby daddy Adam Lind remains a fixture in Chelsea's life, and it seems the pressures of fame and motherhood can sometimes get to be too much for Chelsea.

Take a look at the latest development that's got TM2 fans deeply concerned:

1. Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately
If fans have had any complaints about Chelsea in recent weeks, it's that her quiet contentment rarely makes for compelling television.

2. We're Sure She Prefers Being "Boring"

We're Sure She Prefers Being "Boring"
But it looks like that's soon to change on an upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2.

3. Panic In Dakota

Panic In Dakota
In a newly-released trailer for the remainder of the show's ninth season, Chelsea recalls suffering a severe panic attack that landed her in the hospital.

4. A Frightening Memory

A Frightening Memory
"Her lips were just quivering and she was like, 'Let's go to the emergency room,'" Chelsea's friend Chelsey tells Randy Houska in the clip.

5. Near Death Experience?

Near Death Experience?
"I swear to God, I thought I was dying," Chelsea recounted to husband Cole De Boer.

6. Careful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For
Ironically, Chelsea's brush with death came just as viewers were complaining about the lack of drama in her life.

7. Randy Jumps In

Randy Jumps In
"The Twitterverse often rags on @ChelseaHouska about re-hashing the same storyline,” her dad recently tweeted in her defense.

8. Randy For the Win

Randy For the Win
“In upcoming episodes, she shares experiences that are hard to put out there, but hopefully will create an awareness @mtv #teenmom2 @TeenMom," Randy added.

9. Frustrated Fans

Frustrated Fans
Randy's comments were in response to complaints from fans over the way Chelsea has been portrayed this season.

10. Everyone's a Critic

Everyone's a Critic
She's still beloved by viewers, but there have been numerous complaints about TM2 constantly revisiting the “same storyline” in its Chelsea segments.

11. The Lind Issue

The Lind Issue
The main complaint seems to be that fans are tired of repeatedly being reminded what an awful human being Chelsea's first baby daddy, Adam Lind, is.

12. No One's Arguing

No One's Arguing
It's not that they disagree, they just feel the show is constantly dredging up Chelsea's past for the sake of drama.

13. A Common Complaint

A Common Complaint
“Getting a little bored with [Chelsea] scenes. Plus, the fact that all they consist of are grilling Aubree about ‘everything’ [Adam Lind] related,” one fan tweeted last month. “Come on, give the little girl a break already!”

14. Clapping Back

Clapping Back
“Trust me, I’m bored with it too,” Chelsea wrote in response. “They take every single mention of him over an 8 month period and then combine it to show it every week.”

15. Adam Anxiety

Adam Anxiety
So was Lind the cause of Chelsea's panic attack? It looks like we may have to wait a few weeks to find out.

16. Back On Her Feet

Back On Her Feet
Whatever the case, fans can rest easy knowing that Chelsea has rested up and is now back to full strength.

17. New York State of Mind

New York State of Mind
In fact, Mrs. DeBoer is currently in New York City to film yet another Teen Mom 2 reunion special.

18. Return to Drama

Return to Drama
These tend to be stressful occasions in their own right, but we're sure Chelsea can handle it.

19. Surrounded By Good People

Surrounded By Good People
After all, she's got the strongest support network of anyone on the show, and the whole Houska-DeBoer clan will be in attendance.

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