Catelynn Lowell Hints at Marriage Troubles on Instagram: I Miss My Husband!

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For months now, we've been hearing nonstop rumors that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are headed for divorce.

Of course, it's not uncommon for Teen Mom stars to find themselves at the center of such speculation, but in the Baltierras' case, there's reason to believe the reports are accurate.

Both Catelynn and Tyler have been put through the emotional wringer over the past year, and they've both admitted that their marriage has come under considerable strain.

Now, Catelynn is strongly implying that she and Tyler may be headed for divorce.

Take a look:

1. The Baltierras' Wedding Day

The Baltierras' Wedding Day
Catelynn shared this photo of herself and Tyler with a caption reading, "I miss my husband," followed by two frowning emojis.

2. No Comments

No Comments
Interestingly, Catelynn locked comments on the photo as soon as she posted it.

3. Mystery on the 'Gram

The situation has left fans curious about what might be going on in Catelynn and Tyler's marriage.

4. Puzzling Actions

Why would Catelynn put such information out into the world if she doesn't want her followers to comment on it?

5. Strategic Move?

Strategic Move?
The consensus seems to be that Catelynn may have wanted to shame Tyler into working on their marriage as he continues to drift further away.

6. Living Single?

Living Single?
The post comes just one day after Tyler was spotted at a nightclub without Catelynn.

7. Vaeda Mode

Vaeda Mode
All of this is taking place just six weeks after Catelynn welcomed a daughter, Vaeda.

8. Not Slowing Down

Not Slowing Down
Including Carly, the child they gave up for adoption, this is Catelynn and Tyler's third child.

9. Showered With Love

Showered With Love
Catelynn and Tyler have both been effusive in their praise of little Vaeda in the weeks since she was born.

10. Happy Family

Happy Family
"She's here and I'm in love," Baltierra wrote on Instagram shortly after Vaeda arrived home from the hospital.

11. Bandaid Baby?

Bandaid Baby?
But some fans believe Tyler and Catelynn's expectations for Vaeda are too high. Basically, they think the Baltierras are expecting this infant to save their marriage.

12. Troubled Times

Troubled Times
Late last year, Catelynn and Tyler embarked on a trial separation.

13. Endurance Test

Endurance Test
To the surprise of many, they survived the experiment and got back together after a month of living apart.

14. Built to Last?

Built to Last?
However, many fans remain unconvinced that Tyler and Catelynn's relationship is built for the long haul, and the events of this week are unlikely to convince them otherwise.

15. Sign of Strength

Sign of Strength
Earlier this week, Tyler posted a collage of photos of himself and Catelynn from early in their relationship.

16. Meant to Be?

Meant to Be?
"The couples that are 'Meant To Be' are the ones that go through everything that is meant to tear them apart...but instead, come out even stronger than they were before!" he captioned the post.

17. Getting Better With Age?

Getting Better With Age?
"That woman has been through more in her life than you can fathom," he continued. "She’s a damn warrior. A mother. A wife. A lover. A best friend...& I just fall more in love her as we grow together."

18. Love Always Wins

Love Always Wins
"Because even through the roughest of times, our unconditional love for each other ALWAYS guides us back to the top with more visceral strength than before!" Tyler concluded. He added the hashtag "#LoveAlwaysWins"

19. Too Much?

Too Much?
Clearly, Tyler's goal was to put a rest to fans' concerns about his relationship, but the post may have backfired.

20. Protest Too Much

Protest Too Much
Judging from the comments, fans were left with the impression that Tyler is overcompensating for some sort of major marital strife.

21. Uncertain Future

Uncertain Future
Obviously, it's unclear where Tyler and Catelynn's relationship is headed from here, but we think it's safe to say they have their work cut out for them.

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