Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Share First Photo of ADORABLE New Baby!

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Teen Mom has a lot of drama.

Just so, so much drama.

On the show, we see breakups, fights, custody battles, abuse accusations, arrests, serious health struggles ... it's a lot.

But the one thing we can always count on is that there are some cute kids on the show.

And just a couple of days ago, Catelynn and Tyler added one more kid to the crew!

1. A Cause for Celebration!

A Cause for Celebration!
She's here, everybody! Catelynn and Tyler's little bitty baby girl is here!

2. Bittersweet?

It's still kind of a weird situation, considering that they were separated not too long ago.

3. A Long Story

A Long Story
A whole lot of stuff happened. You remember.

4. Recap!

But just in case you need a refresher, the last time Catelynn was pregnant was in the fall of 2017. She had a miscarriage, she became suicidal after, and she spent six weeks in rehab, came home for a bit, then went back for six more weeks.

5. The Struggle

The Struggle
Tyler was very supportive at first, but the rehab was all the way in Arizona, and the second time she wanted to go, he had a hard time understanding why she couldn't just do therapy at home.

6. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
And when she went back anyway and started telling about how she was skipping the actual treatment stuff to stay up late and watch movies in her room ... well, that was a tough pill for him to swallow.

7. Uh Oh Again

Uh Oh Again
And then when she got home and refused to do couples therapy with him, or to talk about their problems at all, that's when Teen Mom fans began to sense that divorce wasn't far off.

8. Too True

Too True
As he told some friends in an episode, "Marriage is a bitch." A bitch he was quickly growing disenchanted with.

9. Weird Timing, Huh?

Weird Timing, Huh?
Then she got pregnant. Tyler said several times that they definitely weren't trying for another baby, and that he didn't want to bring another child into the world while their relationship was so unsteady.

10. Too Little, Too Late

Finally she agreed to do what he wanted and get some professional help for their marriage, but she pushed for a retreat in Arizona. It was there that he told her he wanted a separation.

11. Tough Break

Tough Break
So even though she was pregnant, they lived in separate homes for at least a month.

12. Suspicious ...

Suspicious ...
After that, they said that everything was good between them again, but honestly, we're not really buying it.

13. Moving Forward

Moving Forward
But no matter what the state of their relationship was, they were still expecting a baby girl -- their third!

14. ALL the Girls

ALL the Girls
They share darling Nova, of course, who just had her fourth birthday, and of course they had Carly when they were teenagers and placed her for adoption after she was born.

15. Um

Last season, they told everyone that they were planning on naming the new baby Tezlee, which ... yeah, it's not a great name, let's be honest.

16. Early Bird

Early Bird
Catelynn's due date was March 6th, but the baby had other plans -- she was born on February 21st instead.

17. The Details

The Details
Tyler shared this photo on Instagram that morning, letting us know that both Cate and the baby were healthy and happy.

18. Baaaaaaby

The newest Baltierra weighed in at six pounds and four ounces, and she was measured at 19 and three quarters inches.

19. What's That?!

What's That?!
You may have noticed that in that little slot for the newborn's name, there's a V ... but Tezlee doesn't start with a V.

20. Beautiful!

And that's because they named her Vaeda Luma!

21. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
We probably don't need to say how much better Vaeda is than Tezlee.

22. Seriously Though

Seriously Though
But just in case, it's approximately a billion times better than Tezlee.

23. But Wait

But Wait
So we know the baby's name, her weight, her length ... but what does she look like?!

24. Oh Good!

Oh Good!
Well, Tyler was sweet enough to share the very first photo of her.

25. Awww!

And she is SERIOUSLY cute!

26. Here She Is!

Here She Is!
Check her out!

27. OK, OK

And yeah, all right, we know this isn't the greatest picture. We can't even see her whole face.

28. Still

But do you see her cute little baby ear? And her precious little baby hand? And her sweet little baby hair?

29. Also This

Also This
And don't act like she's not going to end up being Nova's twin.

30. More, Please!

More, Please!
Hopefully things in the Baltierra house will settle down a little soon, and they'll be ready to share a better photo of Vaeda.

31. Hooray!

Congrats again, family of four!

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