Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Back Together! Still Awful!

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Remember last week when Jenelle Evans and David Eason broke up and got real messy on social media?

Boy, that was great, huh?

They changed their relationship statuses on Facebook, there were all kinds of reports about what was going down and what had happened and what would happen next ...

It was just a really beautiful time.

But unfortunately, it seems like that time is over.

Let's go ahead and get to the bad news, friends.

1. A Question

A Question
Are Jenelle and David the worst couple in Teen Mom history?

2. Maybe!

Well, it's definitely a possibility.

3. A Quick History

A Quick History
From the beginning, David was controlling and weird, and kind of mean to Jenelle's kids and her mother.

4. Also This

Also This
He'd also been arrested several times in the past for things like breaking and entering and DUIs (yes, plural), and his ex had accused him of domestic violence. That ex and the son she shares with David even had a restraining order against him.

5. Yikes

It really looked like he tried to cut her off from everyone else, and after he got fired from Teen Mom 2, he continually sabotaged filming for her, nearly getting her fired multiple times.

6. And This

Oh, and a few months ago she claimed that he assaulted her in a 911 call.

7. What a Mess

What a Mess
She's insisted time and time again that the whole thing was blown out of proportion, that she actually fell because she was drunk and just called 911 because she was mad at David, but no one believes that.

8. Ugh

And since then, David has gotten himself into a whole different scandal after he seemingly threatened to shoot the president. He got a visit from the Secret Service, he was being investigated by the FBI, and he kept making the whole thing worse by telling everyone that he'd shoot anyone else who showed up at his home unannounced.

9. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
In addition to all of that, which is too much already, he's dealing with two new legal issues: one for illegally towing a handicapped man's truck from a parking spot, and one for allegedly threatening a woman who had pulled over on the road near the entrance to his driveway.

10. Just Do It

Just Do It
All of this is to say that if Jenelle wanted to leave him, everyone would understand.

11. Hooray!

And last week, she did!

12. Where, Indeed

Where, Indeed
It all started, or most people started to notice, when Jenelle posted this to her Instagram story. Apparently he left her.

13. Single?!

Then everyone noticed that David had changed his relationship status on Facebook to "single."

14. Separated?!

And then Jenelle changed her's to "separated."

15. SINGLE AF?!?!?!?!?!?!

SINGLE AF?!?!?!?!?!?!
And if that wasn't clear enough, she changed her profile picture to a photo of just herself, and declared that she was "Single AF."

16. An Investigation

An Investigation
So what happened?

17. Sounds About Right

Sounds About Right
According to a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup that we discussed earlier this week, it all started with last week's episode of Teen Mom 2. In that episode, Jenelle's scenes revolved around that infamous 911 call.

18. That's Our Girl

After the episode aired, Jenelle called an executive on the show to yell at him about how "every week, her life gets worse because of the show airing," and she "was dropping F-bombs like crazy at the producers, Kristen [her producer], and even her mom."

19. Dang It, Kristen

Dang It, Kristen
“She was particularly angry at Kristen during the call,” the site's source said. "She told [the exec] that she doesn’t trust Kristen, and that Kristen is fake because she tries to make it seem like she’s on Jenelle’s side when really she is trying to hurt Jenelle’s marriage.”

20. Tell Her, Jenelle!

“She said Kristen wants David out of [Jenelle’s] life because of the problems he causes for the crew with filming, which is obviously not true. She accused Kristen, and the other producers but mostly Kristen, of manipulating scenes to make David look bad. She said that’s why her life is in such bad shape right now and David is so mad at her.”

21. Barbara Too?!

Barbara Too?!
Also during the call, “She kept saying ‘f-ck you guys and f-ck my mom’ on the phone. She mentioned to [the exec] that she believes Kristen and her mom have worked together in the past to purposely make David look bad because they both want David out of her life.”

22. It's All Coming Together

It's All Coming Together
So based on that report, it sounds like David left because he was mad about the episode, which makes sense, if you're a big (allegedly!) abusive creep.

23. What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?
So what now? Are they going to get a divorce? Are they going to get back together?

24. Let's Discuss!

Let's Discuss!
It's time to get into all the latest developments.

25. Speculating

One of the things we discussed this week was the changing of the relationship statuses -- David hid his altogether, so it's no longer listed as "single," and Jenelle did the same for a minute before changing it back to a visible "separated."

26. Hey, That's Us!

Hey, That's Us!
Jenelle posted a screenshot of that discussion on her Instagram story and said that we were "Always up [her] ass about everything," which is fair.

27. Where is the Truth?!

Where is the Truth?!
She then advised us to get "straightened out," but in our defense, she could really throw us a bone and post more vague stuff on her social media accounts.

28. ... Oh

... Oh
But she won't say anything because we're guessing wrong? OK, girl.

29. More Speculation

More Speculation
She's going to get upset about this, but there's a brand new report speculating about the state of her marriage.

30. Noooooo

Yep, according to another report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle and David are back together.

31. Weird!

According to the site's source, the couple did go through a rough patch, but they're together again, and she's still sensitive about it all.

32. No Rules

No Rules
When someone asked her on Instagram about her "Single AF" comment on Facebook, she replied with “I’m not entitled to tell anyone anything about my relationship. Since it’s not being filmed I’ll share what I want, when I want. There isn’t rules.”

33. What a Bummer

She's right in that it's "not being filmed" -- she reportedly didn't film at all during any of this.

34. Classic Dave

Classic Dave
And before that, “David had somehow manage to ruin nearly every shoot they had set up with Jenelle."

35. Doubtful

She's supposed to travel to Kentucky this weekend to visit a film, and to get MTV some boring footage, but since she's back on with David, no one knows if he'll allow her to go.

36. Another Bummer

Another Bummer
Although it seems unlikely that David would let his wife cross state lines without him, but she really should. Not just for independence, but also because this source says that producers are really struggling to get enough footage for her segments.

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