Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra: Fans Are Convinced They're Headed For Divorce. Here's Why ...

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It's been quite the turbulent two years for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

Between a miscarriage, rehab stints, bouts with mental illness, and allegations of infidelity, Tyler and Catelynn have endured just about every challenge a married couple can face.

For much of their time in the spotlight, the Baltierras have been regarded as the most stable couple in the Teen Mom universe.

These days, however, they may be showing signs of wear and tear.

In fact, many fans are convinced the couple is soon to announce a separation.

Take a look:


1. Drifting Apart

Drifting Apart
For months now, there have been reports that Tyler and Catelynn are spending more time apart and feeling less of an emotional bond with one another.

2. Constant Stress

Constant Stress
Catelynn and Tyler have encountered one hurdle after another, and those who know the couple best say all the rough patches have taken a serious emotional toll.

3. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
Catelynn and Tyler have both been struggling with mental health issues for several years, and both became deeply distraught when Catelynn recently suffered a miscarriage.

4. Turning It Around?

Turning It Around?
These days, Catelynn is pregnant again, but insiders fear that she and Tyler are both hoping in vain that a baby will fix their badly damaged relationship.

5. Rehab Addict?

Rehab Addict?
Allegedly, part of the problem is that Catelynn checks into rehab whenever things become too stressful at home.

6. Tyler In Trouble

Tyler In Trouble
This leaves Tyler with the sole responsibility of parenting the couple's daughter, Nova, and it seems Cate's frequent disappearing acts are beginning to create major problems in her marriage.

7. The Growing Distance

The Growing Distance
On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, Catelynn and Tyler were like two ships passing in the night.

8. Coming to a Head

Coming to a Head
Recently back from rehab, Cate prepared to leave town again, this time on a business trip.

9. Making It Work

Making It Work
Tyler has been attending therapy himself in recent months, and it seems he's quite eager to use what he's learning to help repair his relationship with Cate.

10. The Packet

The Packet
Tyler presented Cate with a packet of materials from his therapist, including a questionnaire about their marriage.

11. Therapy In Progress

Therapy In Progress
The idea was that Catelynn would fill out the part that pertained to her, thus assisting Tyler in his therapy and helping to fix the problems in their marriage.

12. Not Having It

Not Having It
Unfortunately, Cate was not terribly interested in holding up her end of the deal.

13. Tyler's Troubles

Tyler's Troubles
“Cate didn’t take it very well, she wasn’t digging it very much,” Tyler told his mother on last night's episode.

14. Splitting Hairs

Splitting Hairs
“She’s reluctant to do it, but she’s not refusing to do it," he added.

15. Surprise!

Unexpectedly, Catelynn returned from her trip having completed her part of the questionnaire.

16. Follow-Up Questions

Follow-Up Questions
“What are some of the issues that you want us to work on?” she asked Tyler point-blank upon her return.

17. Communication Is Key

Communication Is Key
“I guess just communication,” he replied. “And keeping each other accountable. If we make a plan or want to do something, make them accountable for something.”

18. Frustration

When Cate accurately observed that Tyler seemed “frustrated,” he fired back, “I’m done with the talk. I want more of the walk.”

19. Putting His Foot Down

Putting His Foot Down
Needless to say, Tyler wasn't mincing words in his conversation with Catelynn. And he didn't stop there.

20. Making His Voice Heard

Making His Voice Heard
Tyler went on to tell Catelynn that she'll need to do more self-reflection if their marriage is to work.

21. Her Side

Her Side
“I think a part of it is also being scared to open up all those old wounds and s—," Lowell stated, referring to her PTSD diagnosis.

22. Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is
"I’m not trying to use that as an excuse at all, but it’s just hard I guess when you have a lot of trauma stuff to work through,” she added.

23. She Speaks the Truth

She Speaks the Truth
“Life isn’t peaches and cream, that’s for sure,” Catelynn said. “I mean, for God’s sakes, we were 16 when we gave away our own flesh and blood and we f--king made it through that sh-t.

24. Put to the Test

Put to the Test
"I always said if we can make it through that we can make it through anything," Lowell added. “I think through all the sh-t we’ve been through, something like this shouldn’t break us.”

25. A Hopeful Note

A Hopeful Note
The conversation ended with Cate and Tyler agreeing to go to couple's therapy. This may be the most difficult rough patch they've been through, but if anyone can stick it out, it's these two.

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