Briana DeJesus Responds to Chris Lopez Dating Rumors: I Don't Want Kailyn Lowry's Sloppy Seconds! [EXCLUSIVE]

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Earlier this week, an unexpected Twitter interaction created a link between two Teen Mom 2 stars who previously had nothing to do with each other.

As the result of an innocent joke, a rumor that Briana DeJesus planned to hook up with Chris Lopez made its way across the social media landscape.

Chris, of course, is Kailyn Lowry's most recent baby daddy, and there's no reason to believe that Briana has any romantic interest in him.

In fact, she's specifically stated that she doesn't feel any attraction to the guy.

Despite that fact, this one little joke was quickly blown WAY out of proportion.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, Briana cleared up some scandalous rumors and shared an update on her longstanding feud with Lowry.

Take a look:

1. Dueling Moms

Dueling Moms
Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry have been feuding for years. Some say it all started when Bri was cast on Teen Mom 2, a move that seemed to incite jealousy and animosity among her new co-stars.

2. A Scandalous Romance

A Scandalous Romance
Others say Kail only got upset when Bri started dating her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

3. Bad Blood Forever

Bad Blood Forever
Whatever the case, these two have never gotten along, and their feud flared up in a big way on Twitter this week.

4. Just a Joke

Just a Joke
The situation started innocently enough when Bri tweeted, "Have you c--ming all summer like a season pass."

5. The Spark That Set Off an Explosion

The Spark That Set Off an Explosion
Now, if that sort of thing that offends you, you probably don't spend much time on Twitter. But believe it or not, the tweet indirectly led to a major war of words.

6. She's Got a Point

She's Got a Point
"You know what would make for good television? If you went after Chris," one fan wrote in response to Briana's tweet. "Imagine all the drama! This season would be lit. Secure the bag girl. Get those ratings up!"

7. It's What the People Want

It's What the People Want
"I'd watch that, come on @xobrianadej save TM2," another follower commented.

8. Mild Shade

Mild Shade
"What's his Twitter? Lmao," Bri replied. She added a string of laughing emojis, in case it somehow wasn't clear that she's joking.

9. Just Joshin'

Just Joshin'
Now, in all likelihood, Bri did not contact Chris and has no intention of sleeping with an unemployed deadbeat dad for the sole purpose of exacting revenge on her rival.

10. Angry Kail

Angry Kail
But all the same, the tweet probably had the intended effect of pissing Kail off. And frankly, Lowry had it coming.

11. Interesting Choice of Setting

Interesting Choice of Setting
Earlier this month, Kailyn posted a nude pregnancy photo in which she can be seen standing in a barn next to a horse. Needless to say, it elicited quite a reaction online.

12. Yeah ... No

Yeah ... No
Some commenters made cruel comments about Kail's appearance, but most focused on the general weirdness of the pic. After all, Kail was naked in a barn, next to a horse.

13. Probably For the Best

Probably For the Best
Eventually, Kail conceded that the critics might have a point, and she deleted the pic. But not before Bri offered her two cents.

14. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
"No mam," Bri tweeted. Again, she added a string of laughing emojis to make it clear she was joking. But even so, kail went off the rails with a disproportionately harsh response.

15. Big Yikes

Big Yikes
“Posting this photo didn’t go as planned. #Yikes. But remember the time [Shakiel Brown] posted the video [of] y’all having sex?” Lowry tweeted.

16. Not Cool

Not Cool
Lowry is referencing an incident in which DeJesus was a victim of revenge porn. Brown was eventually arrested and prosecuted for his crimes.

17. The Backstory

The Backstory
So that's where we were when Bri made her very mild joke about pursuing Chris. We asked her about the situation in an exclusive interview -- and here's what Ms. DeJesus had to say:

18. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
“Alright so I’m being asked about this whole Chris thing because it’s apparently being reported all over that I’m either trying to get Chris or trying to sleep with Chris," Bri told us.

19. Make No Mistake

Make No Mistake
"SOOOOO let’s be VERY CLEAR- I have ZERO interest in sleeping with Chris or in being with him," she continued.

20. In It For the LOLs

In It For the LOLs
"I responded with a very tongue in cheek response to a fan about Chris and this has now blown up lol. It’s funny to me," DeJesus said.

21. No For Jo

No For Jo
"Like, what’s next? I’m gonna be pursuing Jo Rivera? lol. I’m not interested in Kail’s sloppy seconds," Bri added, referencing Kail's first baby daddy.

22. Big Burn

Big Burn
"Been there, done that, and let me just say that her men don’t have what it takes to satisfy me," DeJesus said.

23. No Need For Drama

No Need For Drama
"I’m not into cheaters and beaters. And to those suggesting I could ‘save the next season of teen Mom 2’ by pursuing him? Bitch, please. I’m interesting enough- as is the show- without that messy drama," DeJesus boasted.

24. Horse Sense

Horse Sense
"I want no part of Kail and her life," Bri concluded. "She can create enough mess on her own- horse pics and all- without me in it. So that’s that.”

25. Mic Drop Moment

Mic Drop Moment
Well, we guess the ball is Kail's court now. Needless to say that's a lot to respond to, and Lowry already has a lot on her plate. So don't be surprised if she decides to sit this one out. That might be the smart move here.

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