Briana DeJesus: I'm Thinkin' About Dabbling in This Whole Adult Content Thing

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Like most of the stars in the Teen Mom galaxy, Briana DeJesus supplements her MTV income with a number of business ventures.

Now, it looks as though the mother of two might be planning to add one more side-hustle to the mix.

And if we know anything about the internet in 2020, it could wind up being her most lucrative project to date!

Yes, Briana is considering entering the world of OnlyFans and posting nudes for cash.

And why not, we say!

She'll probably still feel less exposed than she does on Teen Mom 2!

Take a look at what Bri had to say on the matter this week:

1. A New Career?

A New Career?
Will Briana DeJesus become the latest reality star to launch an OnlyFans account?

2. Opening Up

Opening Up
The Teen Mom star addressed the topic on Twitter this week, and fans were surprised by what she had to say.

3. Giving It Some Thought

Giving It Some Thought
Bri expressed her thoughts on selling nudes for cash in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

4. Hard On Herself

Hard On Herself
"If I had real balls I would’ve made one already... I hate myself," DeJesus tweeted.

5. Sounds Innocent Enough ...

Sounds Innocent Enough ...
In case you're unfamiliar, OnlyFans is a subscription-based site that allows public figures to charge fans a fee in exchange for exclusive content.

6. The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth
The main way that it differs from other sites of that nature, is that the public figures are usually sex workers, and the exclusive content usually involves nudity,

7. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
It should be noted that there are stars who use OnlyFans in a non-adult way.

8. C'mon ...

C'mon ...
But based on her tweet, it seems like that's not what Briana had in mind.

9. The Financial Situation

The Financial Situation
Bri has a lot of expenses, of course. She's raising two daughters, and she recently built a house large enough for her sister and mother to live with her. But she has a lot of money coming in, too.

10. Why Now?

Why Now?
So why is she suddenly considering new revenue streams? Well, it's possible she was just having a laugh on Twitter late at night ... but it's also possible her financial situation has changed.

11. Not Immune

Not Immune
Like so many millions of Americans, Bri has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

12. Hair Today ...

Hair Today ...
One of Bri's side projects is a beauty salon, where the reality star puts in hands-on work with her clients.

13. Gone Tomorrow

Gone Tomorrow
But like similar businesses all over the country, Bri's salon was forced to shut its doors amid the pandemic.

14. Back At It

Back At It
The state of Florida recently allowed such businesses to reopen, and Briana was criticized for rushing right back to work despite safety concerns.

15. Covid-Denier?

“Jesus Christ she doesn’t take pandemics seriously,” one TM2 fan wrote in a recent Reddit thread about Bri's decision to return to work.

16. Harsh Criticism

Harsh Criticism
“I can’t think of a single thing she takes seriously.” another added.

17. Piling On

Piling On
“She hasn’t taken it seriously since day 1, not surprised," a third chimed in.

18. Being Careful

Being Careful
To her credit, it does seem as though Briana is taking extra precautions to ensure that her business doesn't become the epi-center of the Orlando outbreak.

19. Playing It Safe ... Sort Of

Playing It Safe ... Sort Of
“No additional guests allowed, must wear a mask in the building, please be on time [as] our sanitizing schedules must be met, if you don’t feel well we can reschedule," the salon's site reads.

20. Running Out of Options

Running Out of Options
Of course, the safest thing Bri could do is keep her business closed and stay home. But she may not have felt that that was an option.

21. Hard Times

Hard Times
After all, she has employees with family's to support, and she's not getting any help from her state's governor.

22. A Matter of Timing

A Matter of Timing
The timing of the re-opening and the OnlyFans talk has fans speculating that Bri is struggling financially.

23. Head Above Water

Head Above Water
But while fans prefer the most dramatic interpretation of every situation, in all likelihood, Bri is doing just fine.

24. Hate to Disappoint ...

Hate to Disappoint ...
As far as we can tell, the OnlyFans tweet was nothing more than a joke.

25. Just an Idea!

Just an Idea!
Although based on the response she received, it seems Bri might want to consider that option if she ever DOES fall on hard times!

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