Briana DeJesus: I STILL Don't Know if My Boyfriend Got Someone Else Pregnant!

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Briana DeJesus, bless her heart, just doesn't seem to be very lucky in love.

Devoin Austin, Luis Miguel, Javi Marroquin -- it didn't work out with any of them, and that's putting it nicely.

But then Briana met John Rodriguez, and it looked like things might be different.

However, as we're seeing in this season of Teen Mom 2, the relationship wasn't exactly drama-free.

And although they've been broken up for a little while now, it also sounds like the drama hasn't stopped ...

1. Oh, Girl ...

Oh, Girl ...
OK, so right around a year ago, Briana started talking about a new guy she'd been seeing.

2. Hey, Johnny

Hey, Johnny
His name was John Rodriguez, he lived in New York, and Briana was very excited about him.

3. Making It Work

Making It Work
It seemed like despite the distance between them, they were able to form a close, loving relationship, and it was really nice to see.

4. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
But then something happened. And that something was a screenshot.

5. Oh

Specifically a screenshot of some Instagram DMs allegedly between John and some other girl -- in the DMs, the girl claimed she was pregnant with his baby.

6. Well, Fair

Well, Fair
And it was pretty much all downhill from there.

7. A Throwback

A Throwback
All of this happened a few months ago, but thanks to the magic of reality TV, we're just now seeing it all unfold. And on last night's episode, Briana was feeling a whole lot of feelings about it all.

8. Understandable

We saw her pull over so she could read the messages to her producer -- we've seen the messages before, the girl wrote "You think you can get me pregnant and then just bail out?" and John allegedly responded with "You were just a piece of ass. Kill yourself."

9. A Conversation

A Conversation
After seeing the messages, she called John up, but instead of seeing that, we saw her talk to a friend about what was said.

10. Confused

Briana said that she was "confused" by it all, that "part of me is like, okay it's fake. Part of me is like, what if this is legit. It looks super legit."

11. Yikes

"I was like 'what the f-ck is this,' I just went off," she explained. "'Who the f-ck is this, you got another bitch pregnant?' He was literally confused, like, 'What? You should know me by now that this isn't me.' I was like, 'I bring you around my f-cking kids, you've met my mom, my sister, we made all these plans and this is what you want to do to me.'"

12. Detective Briana

Detective Briana
"I found out who the girl was that created the screen shot," she told the friend, but added that the woman "ended up deactivating her account because of it."

13. Unhappy Circumstances

Unhappy Circumstances
She did end up going all the way to New York to speak with John, and when they were able to hash things out, she got pretty upset.

14. Oh Honey

Oh Honey
"It's a lot to take in," she cried. "A part of me knows that it's fake, the screenshot. But then a part of me is like, this is something I've gone through before. It puts me in a place. Why would somebody make that screenshot to put us in a bad place?"

15. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
John answered with "People don't like it, people don't like me."

16. Confrontation

She asked him directly is there was any truth at all in that screenshot, and he told her "No, if you know me, I don't speak like that. Anybody would be upset if it looks legit, but it wasn't."

17. Where's the Trust?

Where's the Trust?
In the end, they decided to work on some things in their relationship, and she said that she needed a little bit of time to "figure it all out."

18. What Did She Figure?

What Did She Figure?
We still want to see how everything played out on the show, but back in reality, their relationship only lasted a few more months after this -- we imagine it was tough for things to recover from this.

19. A Good Guy

A Good Guy
When Briana announced the breakup, she was sure to say that John didn't cheat on her, and that he was a really great guy, but things just didn't work out for them.

20. Um

But last night on Twitter, she was singing a different tune.

21. Well?

Someone asked her directly "Was the DM real or fake?", and her answer?

22. WHAT?

"I believe it was fake," she wrote. "I really don’t know. No pregnant woman has reached out to me yet so idk."

23. So Weird

So Weird
It's just strange that last month she'd go on and on about how he never cheated, but now she doesn't know if those messages were real of fake, you know?

24. For Real Though

For Real Though
Has something changed? Has she learned something new about the situation? Is more going to come out as the season goes on?

25. What a Ride

What a Ride
Whatever is going on ... there's no way this is over.

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