Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin: Secretly MARRIED?!

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OK, so a little bit of time has passed since Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin started dating, right?

Like, at this point, we can all agree that they're either actually, sincerely into each other, or they're playing the long game when it comes to be petty towards Kailyn Lowry.

Either way, they're doing this thing, so we might as well get used to it.

Especially since, as rumor has it, these two are already married!

1. True Love?

True Love?
After years and friendship and many, many dating rumors, Briana and Javi announced their relationship in October. It was weird.

2. Poor Kailyn

Poor Kailyn
It was weird mostly because Briana is on Teen Mom 2, as is Kailyn Lowry. So Kailyn divorced Javi, he cried about it for a while, then began dating her coworker. It's awkward, right?

3. Totally Awkward

Totally Awkward
Unfortunately, Kailyn didn't handle the big news well -- or, well, none of them handled it well, to be honest. Though she and Javi had been getting along well, when he publicly confirmed his relationship with Briana, all that went to hell.

4. So Sad

So Sad
Things are so bad between Kail and Javi right now that they even cancelled plans to write that book together -- the one that would tell both sides of the story of the end of their marriage. We'll never forgive Briana for taking that away from us.

5. Sorry, Kail

Sorry, Kail
But despite Kailyn's issues with the relationship (or the issues with Kailyn that the relationship caused), Javiana has been trucking right along.

6. Teen Mom Romance

Teen Mom Romance
They have a long distance relationship, and they both share children with their exes, so there's a lot going on, but they've still managed to make things work for a whole three months so far!

7. Making It Work

Making It Work
Javi flies down to Florida to stuff himself in that apartment with Briana, her two children, her sister, and her mother, and Briana risks her wellbeing to travel to Delaware, where Kailyn still resides.

8. Extra

Things are so serious between them that Javi even got matching shirts for everyone to wear to Lincoln's birthday party. They'd been dating for a little over a month at that time, so ... that's normal.

9. Santa Time

Santa Time
They had their children take Christmas photos together ...

10. Disney Time

Disney Time
They took their children to Disney together (Javi's there, trust) ...

11. The Next Step

The Next Step
Since things are going so well, Javi and Briana made the decision to take the next step in their relationship ...

12. PUPPY!!!


13. Meet Bubba!

Meet Bubba!
The puppy's name is Bubba, and he's an English bulldog. As the legend goes, Javi was visiting Bri earlier this month, and she managed to talk him into getting him.

14. Some Reservations

Some Reservations
Of course, there are a few issues with this. Bubba is adorable, but he likely cost a ton of money, and bulldogs are notorious for being difficult to take care of. Could he not have adopted a sweet little dog from a shelter? And is Briana going to have time for a puppy, what with her two daughters and her job? And where is the puppy going to fit in the DeJesus apartment?

15. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
But while we could go on about our concerns for Bubba, we're going to shift gears for just a minute ... because Bubba may have just revealed that his parents are married. Secretly. To each other.

16. Oh, Brittany!

Oh, Brittany!
Or, well, Bubba himself didn't reveal anything, but on the same day he came into the family, Brittany DeJesus tweeted "Sooo... my brother in law just got me a dog. Wait until y'all see him."

17. WHAT?!

"Brother in law"? Come again? Javi definitely got the dog, and Britany definitely referred to him as her brother-in-law ... and for Javi to be her brother-in-law, that would have to mean that he married her sister.

18. Ugh

It's kind of a weird situation, since not only have they only been together for like three seconds, but Javi was also recently publicly slammed by both Brittany and Roxanne, Mother DeJesus herself.

19. Love Conquers All?

Love Conquers All?
So what's up? Are they married? Is Brittany just trolling us? What is the truth?!

20. Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Straight from the Horse's Mouth
Thankfully, Briana has given a new statement to clear up any confusion!

21. The Truth

The Truth
“My relationship with Javi is going really well," her statement began. "Things between us are continuing to develop and we are happy together. As you can see in recent Instagram live videos, he also gets along well with my family."

22. Married?!

"As far as marriage right now, no, we are not currently married," she continued. "That rumor is really funny to us, but it’s not true."

23. Pregnant?!

And, as a bonus, she then addressed all the pregnancy rumors, saying "Also, fans can relax, I’m not pregnant with his baby. That also is a false rumor. As I stated, things between us are going great, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.”

24. What a Relief ...

What a Relief ...
So they aren't married, and they aren't expecting ... well, they're not expecting anything other than the absolute chaos that is sure to surround them as they continue to lead their messy, messy lives.

25. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Congrats? We guess?

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