Big Ed Brown Despairs on 90 Day Fiance: Rosemarie Didn't Even Say Goodbye!

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Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is winding to a close, but there are still some major twists playing out on our screens.

Sunday's episode was evidence of that.

We had already reported that David Murphey's Lana is a real person, but seeing them meet up for the first time was still jarring.

Speaking of jarring, Geoffrey has now found himself in a "love" triangle, which is deeply alarming given Geoffrey's horrific criminal history.

And Big Ed Brown has had to face the consequences of his actions, breaking down and weeping on screen.

Do you feel sorry for him?

1. Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega

Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega
After Ed confessed to Rose that he had been lying to her this whole time, she told him that he was a bad person and left while he went pacing around the hotel. Then, he decided that it was time to look for her.

2. Rose is gone, girl

Rose is gone, girl
"She didn't even say goodbye," Ed complains while crying after he discovers that Rosemarie went to the airport already. "I failed. Again."

3. Ed looks back

Ed looks back
"Raising my daughter is the one thing I'm most proud of, and that's probably the one thing I threw away for me to be happy because I took a chance on love," he semi-blubbers on camera.

4. He feels SO sorry for himself

He feels SO sorry for himself
"I really thought Rose was the one. I wanted to believe so badly that it was real," he laments to the camera. "But I was wrong."

5. David Murphey and ... Lana?

David Murphey and ... Lana?
We were all so, so sure that Lana was a product of a scammer's imagination after she stood up David so many times, but, as we previously spoiled, she is a real human being who exists.

6. She even has a human face!

She even has a human face!
David finally, finally gets to see her in person after years (and tens of thousands of dollars) spent talking to her.

7. Positively surreal to see

Positively surreal to see
Look, we reported the spoilers for these two, but it's weird. And the previews show that there's going to be drama from Lana when David confesses to her that he hired a private investigator to find her.

8. Geoffrey Paschel and Varya ... or not

Geoffrey Paschel and Varya ... or not
After his proposal was turned down, Geoffrey flew back to Tennessee, apparently having given up on "love" or whatever his version of it is with Varya.

9. Sadly, it's not good news

Sadly, it's not good news
Geoffrey is STILL not in prison (even in real time -- his trial for his latest arrest keeps getting pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic), so upon his return to Tennessee, he went out with yet another woman.

10. And then ...

And then ...
Varya flew to Tennessee herself to try to "win back" Geoffrey, which makes this a great time to remind everyone to just google the full name of someone before being in a serious relationship with them. If you turn up half a dozen mugshots and some of the most evil acts that a human being can commit on the list of accusations against them, stay safe and ghost them before you catch feelings.

11. This poor girl

This poor girl
As we reported, Varya was invited to the Tell All but declined because Geoffrey was emphatically not invited, on the grounds of being a violent criminal. Which seems to indicate that they are still very much together. We hope that she remains safe and well.

12. Usman Umar and Baby Girl Lisa Hamme

Usman Umar and Baby Girl Lisa Hamme
Lisa found some Facebook messages between Usman and another woman. The contents were extremely flirty and contained professions of love.

13. Usman makes his excuses

Usman makes his excuses
He tells her that, first of all, him saying "I love you" doesn't mean anything because he gets told "I love you" by fans all of the time, which is not really what Lisa wanted to hear.

14. Then ...

Then ...
He tells her that she should accept how things are done in Nigeria, which . . . look, cultural sensitivity is important, but it can also be used as an excuse. For example, by a man who wants to continue to flirt with impunity.

15. Lisa was pissed

Lisa was pissed
She ended up storming away from the conversation ... even though, in the confessional, she says that she "loves Usman more than life."

16. Avery Warner and Ash Naeck ... and Taj

Avery Warner and Ash Naeck ... and Taj
Their adventure was all about Taj, Ash's son. Avery is also a mom so this is extra meaningful to her.

17. Here's the issue: it's bittersweet

Here's the issue: it's bittersweet
Taj is crazy about his dad, which makes Avery unsettled because, if she and Ash do have a serious relationship with Ash traveling with her to the US for an extended period of time, that will separate them.

18. Because ...

Because ...
Allegedly, Taj's mom was originally "fine" with him moving halfway around the world, but then "changed her mind." Real talk? We don't know if this was a story that the producers cooked up for drama or that Ash brought up or what, but ... what mom would be okay with that at all?

19. Still, it was sweet

Still, it was sweet
We got to see them bond, which was a bajillion times better than watching Ash's seminars and whatnot.

20. Darcey Silva

Darcey Silva
She and Tom are done so this is just her ... treading water to fill out the season, spending time with her daughters with a for-the-camera facemask/makeover night. Her daughters call her Barbie and there's a definitely rehearsed line about "where's your Ken." We get it, Darcey is a huge star and will be back, so they kept filming her. It's fine.

21. Yolanda and the Real Catfish

Yolanda and the Real Catfish
Unlike Lana, Williams remains fictional. Yolanda is told that Williams had a death in the family and that this is why he hasn't been on much recently. This is honestly maddening.

22. Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens

Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens
It's really, truly over, which is honestly kind of a relief. (Anyone else remember feeling so excited for the franchise's first same-sex couple? That feels like forever ago. Watching them fight makes me need a nap for 20 years)

23. Stephanie's apology isn't enough

Stephanie's apology isn't enough
"All I can do here today is apologize. I still have these crazy insecurity and jealousy issues and I shouldn't have brought that into the relationship," Stephanie acknowledges. Erika suggests that maybe, before wasting both of their time and flying out there at the risk of her own life, Stephanie could have worked through those issues.

24. Erika is DONE

Erika is DONE
"I think I've said everything that I want to say. I just don't give a f--k anymore, to be honest. I just want to forget that all of this happened, but unfortunately I can't," Erika expresses. Reports from the leaked Tell All say that the two of them are barely on speaking terms. It's truly over, and that's for the best.

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