Ashley Martson FEUDS With Loren Brovarnik Over Pregancy News! WTF?

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In late October, we reported that Loren and Alexei Brovarnik are pregnant with their first child.

This is wonderful news, and it couldn't happen to a more beloved couple.

Look at any 90 Day Fiance poll on favorite couples, and their names will rise to the top very quickly.

One name from teh franchise who is more polarizing among fans is Ashley Martson.

Believe it or not, Ashley and Loren got into a heated feud online ... over Loren's baby announcement.

The weird part is that fans may be shocked by which one's the bad guy.

1. Let's start with the good news

Let's start with the good news
As we previously reported, Loren and Alexei are expecting their first child!

2. Hooray!!

As n added bonus, Loren revealed that her first trimester was a relatively easy one.

3. They gushed over each other

They gushed over each other
Loren has praised how Alexei has been an "amazing support system" for her during this pregnancy.

4. The baby is due this spring!

The baby is due this spring!
And the pair hinted that their baby may have been conceived in Israel, which is of course where they met while Loren was on her Birthright trip.

5. Nice!

These two are amazing and HUGE fan-favorites, so it's so wonderful to see them celebrating such happy news.

6. So ... how does this relate to Ashley/

So ... how does this relate to Ashley/
Ashley did not even share a season with Loren and Alexei, after all. She is also not pregnant.

7. Here's how the feud started

Here's how the feud started
Ashley, like a number of other 90 Day Fiance stars, is getting the most buck for her bang, so to speak, by sharing links to articles that are relevant to the interests of her fans. One such article celebrated Loren and Alexei's good news.

8. Loren ... flipped out

Loren ... flipped out
We've all seen a bajillion of these posts, whether the link is in the bio or attached to an Instagram Story, or both. Apparently Loren is an exception, and thought that Ashley was somehow claiming credit for their pregnancy, or stealing their photo, or something.

9. It didn't go over well

It didn't go over well
Loren's message demanding that Ashley give her credit (again, the link was literally in the bio) did not go over well, and Ashley blocked her. It's not clear if Ashley knows who Loren is, or what else may have been said before somebody pulled out the ol' block button.

10. Loren celebrated her ... victory?

Loren celebrated her ... victory?
Still not quite understanding and perhaps under the influence of pregnancy hormones, Loren again expressed astonishment that Ashley had "stolen" her photo.

11. Ashley spoke out

Ashley spoke out
First and foremost, she mentioned that any photo shared on social media is at major risk for being used by anyone, for anything. In this case, the only thing for which the photo was used was a literal article about Loren's pregnancy. Ashley advised Loren to enjoy her happy life and stay out of hers, while Loren admitted -- as you can see in the margins -- that she doesn't know how this works.

12. Ashley set the record straight

Ashley set the record straight
She didn't post the link to the article. She also did not delete it. It went away after 24 hours and was replaced by something new.

13. Is Loren ... the BAD GUY, here?

Is Loren ... the BAD GUY, here?
She is, after all, the one who seemingly flipped out over this. And when beloved and pregnant reality stars flip out, so do many of their fans.

14. She just didn't understand

She just didn't understand
This kind of feud would never have happened between Ashley and Larissa, for example, because they both know how this works. They're really not involved except for letting a company use part of their social media to advertise and, of course, reaping the dividends.

15. It makes sense, actually

It makes sense, actually
Loren is from 90 Day Fiance years ago. The show's popularity has increased (the eighth iteration of the franchise is currently casting) astronomically over the past few years, and she doesn't have any experience with what the stars have been up to lately.

16. Did Ashley do anything wrong?

Did Ashley do anything wrong?
Well, not that we can see. It is always possible that she said something unkind to Loren and it was not shared in a screenshot, but from what we can see, it looks like she was frustrated but reasonably patient.

17. She didn't ask for this

She didn't ask for this
She probably didn't even know that "she" had shared the story until fans told her that Loren was pissed. (Real talk, who were the dingbats who first tattled to Loren about Ashley "stealing" her photo? THEY'RE the bad guys in this story)

18. Anyway, crisis averted

Anyway, crisis averted
Ashley and Loren may never be the best of friends, but they no longer seem to be at each other's throats now that "Ashley" has "deleted" the "stolen" photo. That's way too many things in quotation marks. Weird feud.

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