Andrew Glennon to Amber Portwood: You're Not a Real Mom!

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After Amber Portwood was arrested back in July for assaulting Andrew Glennon, things have been pretty darn crazy.

There have been court dates, leaked recordings, so many accusation of so many wrongdoings ...

It was a little overwhelming for us, so we can't imagine how intense it was for Amber and Andrew.

But earlier this week, Amber took a plea deal and the case was closed -- we already knew that.

What we didn't know is that Andrew read a statement about his experience with Amber in court ... a statement that has been released in its entirety.

So let's check it out!

1. So Much

So Much
There's a whole, whole lot to discuss here, so let's get the recap out of the way real quick, OK?

2. The Arrest

The Arrest
Amber was arrested in the wee hours of the morning on July 5th after chasing Andrew, who was holding baby James, around the house with a machete. She was charged with three felonies, including domestic battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

3. Lots of Leaks

Lots of Leaks
It's taken nearly four months for the case to be settled, and in that time several recordings were leaked that proved Amber emotionally and physically abused Andrew, often in front of James.

4. Denial

At first, Amber denied everything except beating him with a shoe the night she was arrested (which, you know, is still assault). She accused him of cheating on her and made fun of him for texting 911 that night instead of calling or just running away. Eventually she wrote off all her horrible actions by saying it was because of her postpartum depression.

5. Wild

On Thursday, she officially accepted a plea deal at her final court hearing. She was sentenced to probation for two and a half years -- as part of the probation, she can't leave the state, she has to take weekly drug tests and be evalutated for mental health issues and substance abuse problems.

6. Questionable

Andrew's no contact order against her still stands, but she's been granted three unsupervised visits with James every week, which seems odd.

7. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Andrew was alerted about the plea deal and got to check it out while Amber's team reviewed it, which is nice, but he also asked that he be able to read a statement in court as Amber's victim -- it's called a Victim's Impact Statement.

8. Wow

So Andrew got up in front of Amber, the judge, the lawyers, and everyone else in court and read what he'd prepared -- that's what we're going to be talking about today.

9. Starting Strong

Starting Strong
Andrew began his statement, directed entirely towards Amber, with "To say that our family was broken in one night is an understatement. The reality of what brought us here transpired over a year and many months. It dates back to the first time you hit me in the face while I was driving you and our son on a highway in the pouring rain to make it to your daughter’s school on time to see her off."

10. Yikes

"That moment when the first blood was drawn was when you deemed me an enemy, a liability to your career because I wouldn’t take your abuse and keep my mouth shut. Gary, your ex, was an admitted witness to the attack, along with two brave teachers and one parent."

11. Horrifying

"It was after that day, August 7, 2018, that you grew more and more comfortable abusing me and neglecting our son and separating yourself from us as a family," Andrew continued. "Not a day would go by where your screaming and violence would not be felt by myself, by James, by our nanny or by anybody who would be in the house long enough."

12. Heartbreaking

"You have stripped us of too many precious first memories together. Days when all three of us should have been at our happiest in life. You have darkened every holiday I can remember with you. For this all to happen on the 4th of July fits that pattern to a ‘T’. And here we are, on Halloween, in court for something that never should have happened and was entirely avoidable."

13. Understandable

"That night was one of the scariest nights of my life, and my mind replays the worst moments to no end," he said, of course referring to the night of July 4th.

14. Shameful Indeed

Shameful Indeed
"For you to go on national television and downplay your atrocious behavior as if nothing happened is so shameful," he said, referring to Amber's infamous interview with Dr. Drew on the last Teen Mom OG reunion special. "You stated in that interview that ‘if someone were chasing me with a weapon like that, I’d be running out the door.’"

15. Amber, Amber, Amber

Amber, Amber, Amber
"Yet you failed to let the public know that I am legally handicapped by way of an ankle fusion; I can not run. [You also didn’t let the public know] that I was holding our son at the time of our attack."

16. So Scary

So Scary
Another thing Amber failed to consider, he said, was that "When you came at us, we were on the second floor of the house, up two flights of stairs. I got away as fast as I possibly could from you and, yes, I did consider leaping down two flights of stairs with our son in my arms but I’m glad I did not; he could have gotten seriously hurt."

17. Poor James

Poor James
But where Andrew thought of James' safety first, even in that terrifying ordeal, he said that Amber didn't do the same -- he said "That same consideration was not displayed by you while you were throwing full-force punches at me, missing our son’s head by inches as I held him in my arms. When I begged you to please stop shouting and cursing in front of our infant, your reply was, ‘It doesn’t matter. He’s just a baby.'"

18. Real Talk

Real Talk
"He’s not just a baby. He’s your son. But you have forgotten that time and time again and have carelessly put his life and mine in serious danger. You can not control yourself in your fits of rage."

19. Making Bad Choices

Making Bad Choices
"I know you’ll be forever torn inside about not having custody of your daughter," he told Amber, "but you have allowed that pain to destroy your relationship with your son, and you have pushed away a man who loved you so unconditionally and fully, who only wanted to help you regain your health and show you true happiness."

20. Irreparable

"The damage you’ve caused this family is irreparable. And the reason it can’t be repaired is lack of ownership. The one glaring truth that is omitted from this deal was done so for the sole sake of being able to keep your job, and that is all."

21. Tolerable

"Because, after all, a mother displaying such horrendous actions against her soulmate and child wouldn’t be a tolerated motherly action. Yet, swinging uncontrollably inches from your child’s head. That, apparently, is right on the line of acceptance today," he added.

22. What a Mess

What a Mess
"You’ve saved your job, but you’ve lost your family," Andrew went on. "But fear not, the truth will get out there. After you were arrested, you have publicly accused me of kidnapping, car theft, cheating, stealing, gaslighting, violence, soliciting prostitution, and money laundering."

23. Ridiculous

"Once all your stories of deflection came out, not long after I was contacted by your manager and attorney, saying you would like to reconcile with me and get back together, a slick attempt to getting everything dropped."

24. Huh?

That's not the first time we've heard that, that Amber tried to get back together with Andrew after that incident, but man, it's never not shocking to hear, is it?

25. So Bizarre

So Bizarre
About the utter weirdness of that particular part of this situation, he said "That is the same as being hugged and being stabbed in the back at the same time. What type of woman are you, to want to be with such a vile man, if that is the case? You have done nothing but attack me online and in the press, yet behind closed doors you want your family back?"

26. Unbelievable

"You never even made a formal apology for ripping our family apart in the first place," he told her, and he told the same thing to The Ashley's Reality Roundup yesterday -- even after the deal was done, even after he read all of this, she still didn't apologize.

27. Ouch

Finally, he told her "I hope you find your heart, that you finally can heal, and that you can finally forgive yourself for all the terrible stuff you’ve done in your life, and that happiness will finally come to you."

28. Healing

As for himself, he said "The psychological abuse you have subjected me to will take years to overcome. I’m feeling the fall-out of it now, and the healing process is terrifying."

29. Ouch Again

Ouch Again
"James is doing great, but he needs his mother to be healthy. Be a mother, for once in your life. Or don’t, it doesn’t matter to me. But that boy is going to have a happy life, and that is now certain."

30. The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale
Andrew finished his statement by saying "I was a single father before becoming a single father. I saved my son’s life on the 4th of July. You destroyed our family on the 4th of July. This will how it will be celebrated."

31. If Only

If Only
"But I hope that James [and I will] celebrate it as the 4th of July, the first day toward you saving your own life. If not for yourself, but for your two beautiful children.”

32. A Lot to Think About

A Lot to Think About
And that's it. That's the statement.

33. What a Shame

What a Shame
Cameras weren't allowed in the courtroom, but man, can you imagine how Amber reacted to all of that?

34. Yep

If you can't, we're pretty sure she just made this face throughout the whole thing.

35. No Hope?

No Hope?
But the thing is, as moving as Andrew's statement may have been, Amber is who she is. She treated Gary terribly, she treated Matt terribly, and she'll treat her next boyfriend terribly too.

36. So Awful

So Awful
It's just been in the past couple of weeks that she blamed all the truly reprehensible things she said in those recordings on her "crazy hormones" and postpartum depression, you know? And she STILL hasn't apologized to Andrew. She still doesn't think she did anything all that bad.

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