Andrew Glennon: MTV is Employing an Abusive Psychopath!

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Many reality shows document the behavior of cast members who run the gamut from unlikable to truly repugnant.

But with the possible exception of those shows that take place inside prisons, no series has employed more violent criminals than the Teen Mom franchise.

The moms who have helped kept MTV afloat in recent years have been arrested for more violent crimes than we can count.

And while Jenelle Evans might still hold the show's mug shot record, Amber Portwood is following close behind.

The big difference between the two of them, of course, is that Jenelle was fired for her crimes, while producers hope to feature Amber's "redemption story" on the next season of Teen Mom OG.

Many people have a problem with this decision, including Amber's abuse victim, Andrew Glennon.

And now, he's sending a message to the people subsidizing Portwood's violence.

Take a look:

1. The Abuser

The Abuser
It's been over three months since Amber Portwood was arrested for assaulting Andrew Glennon. Yet somehow, she still has a job.

2. Appalling Details

Appalling Details
The attack -- as recounted in the police report filed by Andrew -- was truly shocking. Amber reportedly pursued her then-boyfriend with a machete and struck him while he was holding the couple's 1-year-old son.

3. A History of Violence

A History of Violence
Obviously, this was not the first time that Amber had been accused of domestic violence -- far from it, in fact.

4. Queen of Cruelty

Queen of Cruelty
The major difference this time was that Andrew's claims were backed up by a wealth of incriminating evidence.

5. The Proof

In a series of increasingly shocking audiotapes, Amber can be heard physically and verbally assaulting Andrew.

6. The Worst

She hits him; she threatens to kill him; she fantasizes about him getting gang-raped ... in all in front of her child.

7. Horrific

It's impossible to imagine that any major television network would still employ the person guilty of the abuse caught on these tapes. And yet, Amber still has her job with MTV.

8. Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand
Now, Andrew is going over the heads of Teen Mom OG execs and appealing directly to the advertisers who make the show possible.

9. Calling Them Out

Calling Them Out
In an appeal for basic human decency, Andrew implored the advertisers who keep TMOG afloat to cut ties with MTV unless Amber is fired.

10. He's Not Wrong

He's Not Wrong
“These corporations apparently are in full support of domestic violence in the presence of a minor…” Glennon wrote in his latest Instagram Story.

11. No Possible Redemption

No Possible Redemption
From there, Andrew seemed to be referencing a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, in which a production insider was quoted as saying that execs are intent on documenting Amber's "redemption story."

12. Going Off

Going Off
“‘Redemption story’ to look forward to: 1) not hitting those who love you 2) not using drugs daily 3) loving and respecting children. 4) Ending all psychological abuse …. hope it plays for camera," he wrote.

13. Rolling the Dice

Rolling the Dice
It seems crazy that MTV would take such a chance on Amber, but drama is what keeps TMOG on the ar these days. Perhaps that's why Andrew took a moment to remind fans of what used to be the series' focus.

14. Sweet Baby James

Sweet Baby James
“In other news, James has blossomed into the most loving and outgoing little man,” Andrew wrote. “At the park now and the amount he has progressed is not easily put into words. Exponentially brilliant.”

15. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
From there Glennon turned his attention to the producers and network execs who made the decision to keep Amber on board.

16. Moral Responsibility

Moral Responsibility
"Is it morally sound and socially acceptable to capitalize on domestic violence and spousal abuse?” he wrote.

17. Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line
“If so where is the line? Is there a line? What message is that for our children? For the future showrunners and the creators of tomorrow’s entertainment?" he continued.

18. A Compelling Argument

A Compelling Argument
After that, Glennon got philosophical, arguing that the employers who subsidize Amber's abuse are just as culpable as she is.

19. Antother Important Point

Antother Important Point
“The silent witnesses are just as guilty as the perpetrators,” he wrote.

20. An Important Lesson

An Important Lesson
“This goes back to a question a great professor posed to the class in film school @UCLA: ‘Are we, as creators of content, morally responsible for what we put out there?’ My answer is the same only stronger now, ‘Absolutely,'” Glennon concluded.

21. An Effective Argument

An Effective Argument
Will Teen Mom OG producers take Andrew's words to heart and do the right thing? Sadly, that seems unlikely.

22. Friends In High Places

Friends In High Places
After all, for reasons that aren't entirely clear, Amber's bosses appear to be 100% Team Portwood.

23. Drama Magnet

Drama Magnet
This is probably due to the fact that Amber has a criminal trial and custody battle looming ahead of her, and producers likely feel they can't afford to miss out on the drama.

24. Dropping Like Flies

Dropping Like Flies
After all, the franchise lost Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans in the past two years, and as much as viewers might like her, you can't build a series around homebody Chelsea Houska-types.

25. Priorities

Of course, MTV execs would do well to remember that Jenelle and Farrah were fired because of the legal liability they represented -- and no Teen Mom has ever been accused of violent or erratic behavior on par with Amber's.

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