Amber Portwood to Jenelle Evans: I Made You, B-tch! [UPDATED]

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Jenelle Evans has a lot on her plate these days.

Obviously, the controversial Teen Mom 2 star is no stranger to feuding with her castmates, but these days she's fighting a war on multiple fronts.

In addition to her ongoing feud with Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle has now incurred the wrath of Amber Portwood.

And thus far, the Teen Mom OG star has proven to be quite a formidable opponent.

Amber already let loose on Jenelle in one epic Instagram rant, and now she's blessed us with another blistering tirade.

Jenelle's responses have been so weak up to this point that we're beginning to suspect she knows she's outmatched.

Take a look: 

1. Going Off

Going Off
Last week, Amber shredded Jenelle in a rant that touched on everything from Evans' attempts to act tough to her husband's threats of violence against women.

2. Starting Off Strong

Starting Off Strong
Amber kicked things off last week by deriding David as a "disgusting clown." Believe it or not, things only got worse from there.

3. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
For more than 18 minutes, Amber unloaded on David, calling him "a punk, and you're a p-ssy" and encouraging him to try and fight her husband.

4. Fightin' Words

And of course, Amber had some strong words for Jenelle, as well.

5. Jenelle Claps Back

Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before Jenelle responded to Amber's taunts.

6. Yep, That's What Happened

Yep, That's What Happened
"You're over here making fun of my husband and calling him a clown and sh-t," Jenelle ranted.

7. Actually, He's Unemployed

Actually, He's Unemployed
"My husband is a welder and a carpenter," Jenelle lied. "He has a SCUBA diving business. He risks his life to clean boats under water, but yeah, he's such a loser."

8. She's Right About the Last Part

She's Right About the Last Part
At this point, we'd like to pause and remind you that David is approaching the one-year mark in his continued unemployment.

9. My Mom Likes Him!

My Mom Likes Him!
“He worked all the time," Jenelle continued in her hilarious defense of Dave. "He was a welder. He doesn’t seem like a piece of s--t to me, or my mom. My mom likes him.”

10. On Glennon

On Glennon
Jenelle proceeds to attack Amber's parenting, as well as her marriage to Andrew Glennon.

11. Low Blow

Low Blow
"We don't talk about how your husband is the only one touching your child," Jenelle went on. "I'm on here Amber to tell you to shut the f--k up."

12. Is She Joking?

Is She Joking?
From there, Jenelle addressed Amber's claims that David is (quite obviously) obsessed with firearms.

13. Yes, He Does

Yes, He Does
"No, he does not think he's hard because he has a gun," Jenelle shrieks.

14. Nice Try

Nice Try
She proceeds to claim that he's always flaunting his weapons because he doesn't have a concealed carry permit -- even though such permits are quite easy to obtain.

15. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl
Jenelle then accused Amber of believing the worst about David simply because she reads it on the internet.

16. If You Only Knew!

If You Only Knew!
“But if Amber knew my life personally, she wouldn’t have s--t to say,” Jenelle said. “Just like everyone else, you’re going to read the headline and that’s what you’re going to believe…

17. How Dare You Try to Protect Me!

How Dare You Try to Protect Me!
“I thought we all got along. She went to dinner with David! And then she’s sittin’ here sayin’ I’m being abused?" Evans continued. "Bitch, let me show you what abuse is because I have been ran over in a f**king truck by my ex."

18. Is She ... Bragging About Being in the Worst Relationships?

Is She ... Bragging About Being in the Worst Relationships?
"And I told everyone about it. So if I’m being abused or anything, I’m gonna open my mouth. I’m not that type of person to just handle that. I’ve been in more worse relationships probably than you Amber," Evans went on.

19. Did She Forget?

We'd like to take this moment to point out that everyone thinks David abused Jenelle -- because Jenelle accused him of abuse!

20. Sometimes It Takes One to Know One

Sometimes It Takes One to Know One
“And you’re the one who went to jail for domestic violence but you’re sitting here pointing fingers at my husband? Shut the f** up, seriously,” Jenelle said.

21. Aw, Dave's Depressed!

Aw, Dave's Depressed!
“You guys need to stop. And the reason I say you need to stop is that my husband is getting depressed,” Jenelle added. “It makes me so upset for him because he doesn’t need to be going through this. You have people making up stories about him now that they know he has a gun.”

22. Words of Advice

Jenelle parted with a shot that she knew would get under Amber's skin, quipping, “Live your life. Go hang out with your son more. Take care of him more. Change his diapers more. Don’t have your husband do all of it."

23. Deep Breaths

Deep Breaths
Amber started by declaring that she "needs to breathe" in this one -- and then proceeds to completely lose her sh-t.

24. Why Bother?

Why Bother?
Hilariously, Amber followed all of that up with an apology video in which she explained that she'd allowed her emotions to get the better of her.

25. Speaking Truth

"Who the f--k was the pilot of this f--king show?" Amber began, essentially claiming that if it weren't for her, Jenelle wouldn't have a career. "I was, b-tch!"

26. She May Have a Point

She May Have a Point
“I don’t give a f--k if they fire me, and they f--king know that s--t!" Portwood continued.


“Don’t ever say I need attention from your f--king crackhead ass!” Amber added.

28. Please Let This Happen

Please Let This Happen
"Jenelle, you say anything about me, I'll bust your f--king ass," Portwood went on. “You got paid because I was crazy enough for them to start a f--king show!”

29. Grade-A Trash Talk

Grade-A Trash Talk
"Just like I was going to every other f--king time, you scared-ass f--king c--t," Amber said, adding for good measure, "Scared-ass b-tch."

30. Yikes

"I'll beat your motherf--king ass!" she continued. "You're sh-t! You're nothing! You ugly f--king c--t. You get money because of me, b-tch."

31. Parting Shot

Parting Shot
Amber concluded with yet another low blow, telling Jennelle, "Take care of your kids, b--tch."

32. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
Something tells us Jenelle won't be eager to accept that explanation.

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