Kailyn Lowry: QUITTING Teen Mom 2 Over Barbara Evans Threats?

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We didn't think it was possible, but somehow the feud between Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry keeps escalating.

Earlier this week, Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans, threatened to "kill Kail" during a drunken Instagram Live session.

Teen Mom 2 producers immediately urged Barbara to apologize, but understandably, Kail was not placated by Barbara's seemingly hollow admission of guilt.

Now, it appears Kail has offered her bosses an ultimatum -- fire Barbara or I quit.

Producers have yet to budge on the matter, and thus, Kail has ceased filming for the show's ninth season.

Here's what we know about the situation thus far:

1. A Feud Renewed

A Feud Renewed
Kail and Jenelle have been beefing for years, but Barbara's comments may have just taken their feud to new heights.

2. Bonding Moment

Bonding Moment
During a recent trip to Atlanta, Jenelle and Babs got drunk and hopped on Instagram Live, which is when Barbara made her now-infamous remark.

3. Um ... Good One?

Um ... Good One?
At one point during the feed, Babs "joked" that she and Jenelle should “get lit and kill Kail.”

4. Busted

During the live feed, Barbara received a phone call from Teen Mom 2 co-executive producer Kristen Schylinski, who said, “I need you to tell Kail that you are joking… there’s a huge sh-t storm.“

5. How, Indeed

How, Indeed
“How could you say that? …Tell her you were joking because you are, you don’t want to kill Kail," Kristen continued.

6. Way Too Far

Way Too Far
Even Jenelle seemed to realize that her mother had crossed the line, telling Barbara, “You can’t say that s–t.”

7. Not Buying It

Not Buying It
“So earlier, I was talking to Brittany, Briana’s sister, and I said that I wanted to kill Kail and it was, everybody took it out of perspective because that’s not really what I meant. I was just doin’ a joke," said a boozy Babs during the live feed.

8. Too Little, Too Late

Too Little, Too Late
Understandably, Kail wasn't overwhelmed by the sincerity of Barbara's apology, and now, she wants producers to intervene.

9. Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand
Kil recently revealed that she won't be filming new scenes for Teen Mom 2 Season 9 until something is done about the Babs situation.

10. Intervention

Kail hasn't explicitly called for Babs to be fired, but we're guessing that would qualify as a solution.

11. Sticking To Her Guns

Sticking To Her Guns
“I won’t be filming until further notice, that’s for sure,” Kail told In Touch on Wednesday.

12. Tumbleweed and Crickets

Tumbleweed and Crickets
Amazingly, Kail says she has yet to hear back from producers, which leads us to believe they're unsure of how to proceed.

13. Tense Standoff

Tense Standoff
“Nobody has reached out to me personally,” she said.

14. No Communication

No Communication
“I had given them my attorney’s info, but I haven’t heard from him either, so I guess we will see," she added.

15. Biding Their Time

Biding Their Time
It's understandable that producers would proceed with caution. After all, the situation is kind of a lose-lose for them.

16. Top Talent

Top Talent
Losing Kail would be a devastating blow to TM2. But believe it or not, losing Babs would be almost as bad.

17. A Mom Without a Storyline

A Mom Without a Storyline
Now that her husband has been fired from the show, Jenelle has almost no one to share screentime with.

18. The Terrible Twosome

The Terrible Twosome
Jenelle and Babs repaired their relationship, seemingly so that Jenelle's storyline wouldn't be just her delivering one long unbroken monologue.

19. All for Nothing?

All for Nothing?
If Babs gets canned, then producers will have major difficulty figuring out what to do with Jenelle this season.

20. Victory!

It might be the push they need to cut ties with the problematic Evans family entirely -- which would give Kail the definitive last laugh.

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