Amber Portwood: On the Verge of Mental Breakdown Following Arrest?

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Amber Portwood has had a very eventful summer, to say the least.

Like, her whole entire life is basically falling apart.

Just a couple of months ago, she was living the dream -- she had a loving boyfriend who'd been showing a lot of interest in marriage and an adorable baby boy, not to mention her older daughterwho she'd been spending more time with.

But then she went back to her old, violent ways, and now she's on the verge of losing everything.

Well, not everything, since MTV flew Dr. Drew and a film crew out to her to talk about the arrest for the upcoming Teen Mom OG reunion special.

Today, we're going to be talking about a sneak peek of that interview ... specifically about how Amber really, sincerely does not seem well in it.

1. A Bad Time for Amber

A Bad Time for Amber
So, yeah, Amber isn't doing so well right now.

2. Fair?

It makes sense -- Andrew has left her, and he's taken their baby, sweet little James, too.

3. Well ...

Well ...
It must be a devastating loss, and we might feel bad for her about it if it wasn't all her fault to begin with.

4. The Incident

The Incident
It all went down back on July 4th over some fireworks, if you can even believe it -- Amber wanted Andrew to take her and James to see a fireworks display for America, and they were going, but there was roadwork and they couldn't make it through it.

5. Um

So instead of just figuring out another route to bypass the roadwork or just finding another place to watch fireworks, they went home, where Amber beat Andrew with a shoe while he was holding James.

6. Keeping the Peace?

Keeping the Peace?
Andrew left with James and he claimed in his statement that they drove around for a few hours before returning home with dinner and a gift for Amber -- but she was still angry.

7. Yikes

Angry enough that she threatened to kill herself and took a handful of pills, then threw them up when Andrew started to call 911.

8. Crossing the Line (For Real This Time)

Crossing the Line (For Real This Time)
Things came to a head when she allegedly grabbed a machete (Andrew said she keeps one by her bed for protection since she's a convicted felon and can't legally own a gun) and chased him with it -- all while he was holding the baby.

9. So Scary

So Scary
Andrew said that he ran with James into another room and closed the door, but Amber still tried to get in with her machete. He had to hold the door closed with his foot while he held James and sent a text to 911 asking for assistance.

10. The End of a Nightmare

The End of a Nightmare
Amber was arrested in the wee hours of the morning on July 5th, and we hope poor James got some rest after that.

11. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Amber stayed in jail for a couple of days after the arrest, and ultimately she was charged with three felonies -- domestic battery, domestic battery in the presence of a child, and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

12. Wow

She's still dealing with those charges, she hasn't been convicted or anything yet, but we can't help but think this won't turn out well for her -- after all, domestic violence, and also domestic violence in front of a child, was part of the reason why she went to prison before.

13. All Done

All Done
But one thing is for sure -- Andrew is gone, and he's doing his best to keep James away from her.

14. Getting It Done

Getting It Done
As of now, Andrew has a restraining order against her, and while he did have one against her for James, too, now he's allowed to see her during occasional supervised visits.

15. Moving On

Moving On
He's also wanting to move across the country with James back to his hometown of Malibu -- he's asked the court about it and everything. No decision has officially been made on that yet, but again, we wouldn't be surprised if the move was approved.

16. What Next?

What Next?
So what has Amber been doing all this time? While Andrew has been going to court and being James' sole caregiver, what has she been up to?

17. Oh OK

Judging by her Instagram, she's mostly been listening to music and feeling sorry for herself.

18. Of Course

Of Course
She talks about not being able to sleep a lot, and in a post from last night, she wrote "I'm just in absolute shock...honestly...nothing makes sense anymore."

19. Uh ...

Uh ...
Oh, and last week she did an Instagram Live video with Aaron Carter, so it seems like she's making some new friends, too.

20. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
There's been some speculation that she's back on drugs, or that she's totally off her meds and spiralling out of control, and either of those things could be true.

21. Real Talk

Real Talk
But regardless of the cause, one thing is certain -- she really, truly is not well.

22. Dang

You can see what we're talking about in this new sneak peek for the upcoming Teen Mom OG reunion special.

23. Taking It Slow

Taking It Slow
In a special segment they had to fly out to Indiana to film, Dr. Drew starts off simple by asking Amber to tell her side of the story about what happened the night she was arrested.

24. Oh, Amber ...

Oh, Amber ...
"I can't, really," she answers, her voice all breathy and breaking. It's a very short answer, but she honestly really does sound terrible.

25. Trying Again

Trying Again
Dr. Drew asks her to just say what she's able to say, and she starts to get a little sassy, looking off to someone backstage and saying "Um, I really need some assurance."

26. Assurance Received

Assurance Received
"We don't want you to say anything that you can't say," a producer tells her, but that's not quite good enough.

27. Sure

“You’re going to talk to my lawyers and just like, please figure something out,” Amber tells the producer. “I want to get my side of the story out."


Dr. Drew assures her that she doesn't have to say anything, but she's insistent. "I want to get my side of the story out," she tells him, "however ..."

29. Lame

And that's where it ends. That's the whole sneak peek.

30. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
It makes sense that she's hesistant to say anything about what happened since the court case is still happening -- she's probably been advised by her lawyer to keep quiet.

31. Come On, Girl

Come On, Girl
But like ... what could she say to make things better?

32. Not Happening

Not Happening
She's tried to make Andrew look like the bad guy here a few times now -- she alluded to him being a drunk driver, and she also alluded to him being a cheater.

33. Stop Now

Stop Now
But it's clear that she's never learned the lesson that nothing justifies violence, especially against someone you're supposed to love.

34. Heartbreaking

And even if she could justify it in her mind ... how could she possibly justify attacking him while he was holding their innocent child?

35. Pathetic

She hasn't said much about that night, but she has admitted to hitting him with the shoe and officers did note that Andrew had marks on his neck from where she hit him. And if she's been charged with the thing with the machete, it would make sense that there's evidence of that, too -- marks on the door, perhaps, or maybe just the machete lying around casually.

36. Justifyin

What could she possibly say to make any of this look better for her?

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