Amber Portwood: On the Verge of Mental Breakdown Following Arrest?

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Amber Portwood has had a very eventful summer, to say the least.

Like, her whole entire life is basically falling apart.

Just a couple of months ago, she was living the dream -- she had a loving boyfriend who'd been showing a lot of interest in marriage and an adorable baby boy, not to mention her older daughterwho she'd been spending more time with.

But then she went back to her old, violent ways, and now she's on the verge of losing everything.

Well, not everything, since MTV flew Dr. Drew and a film crew out to her to talk about the arrest for the upcoming Teen Mom OG reunion special.

Today, we're going to be talking about a sneak peek of that interview ... specifically about how Amber really, sincerely does not seem well in it.

1. A Bad Time for Amber

A Bad Time for Amber
So, yeah, Amber isn't doing so well right now.

2. Fair?

It makes sense -- Andrew has left her, and he's taken their baby, sweet little James, too.

3. Well ...

Well ...
It must be a devastating loss, and we might feel bad for her about it if it wasn't all her fault to begin with.

4. The Incident

The Incident
It all went down back on July 4th over some fireworks, if you can even believe it -- Amber wanted Andrew to take her and James to see a fireworks display for America, and they were going, but there was roadwork and they couldn't make it through it.

5. Um

So instead of just figuring out another route to bypass the roadwork or just finding another place to watch fireworks, they went home, where Amber beat Andrew with a shoe while he was holding James.

6. Keeping the Peace?

Keeping the Peace?
Andrew left with James and he claimed in his statement that they drove around for a few hours before returning home with dinner and a gift for Amber -- but she was still angry.

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