Amber Portwood: Going to Prison After Violating Probation with Threats?!

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Amber Portwood does not do a great job at obeying the law.

It's sort of why she's a convicted felon.

In the past, she's been in trouble for domestic violence, domestic violence in front of a kid, drug stuff, assault ... really just a lot of really bad stuff

More recently, of course, she got into some domestic violence again.

Because of that, she's on probation right now, which means that she has to be on her best behavior or she could potentially go to jail.

And we all know that Amber's best behavior isn't all that good ...

1. Yeah ...

Yeah ...
So Amber has proven herself to be a pretty violent person, right?

2. Such a History

Such a History
Who could forget those times that she assaulted then-boyfriend Gary Shirley right there on Teen Mom?

3. Convictions

The domestic violence was part of why she went to prison several years ago -- she was convicted of three counts of domestic violence, got probation, then violated it by getting caught with drugs after getting into a fight with someone else.

4. A Changed Woman?

A Changed Woman?
After she was released from prison in 2013, she convinced many Teen Mom fans that she'd changed.

5. Yay?

Like, we never saw her assault Matt Baier on the show, which was admittedly a step in the right direction.

6. However ...

However ...
Although she did swing at Farrah Abraham during a Teen Mom reunion a couple of years ago, so it was clear she still had some fight left in her.

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