Amber Portwood: Going to Prison After Violating Probation with Threats?!

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Amber Portwood does not do a great job at obeying the law.

It's sort of why she's a convicted felon.

In the past, she's been in trouble for domestic violence, domestic violence in front of a kid, drug stuff, assault ... really just a lot of really bad stuff

More recently, of course, she got into some domestic violence again.

Because of that, she's on probation right now, which means that she has to be on her best behavior or she could potentially go to jail.

And we all know that Amber's best behavior isn't all that good ...

1. Yeah ...

Yeah ...
So Amber has proven herself to be a pretty violent person, right?

2. Such a History

Who could forget those times that she assaulted then-boyfriend Gary Shirley right there on Teen Mom?

3. Convictions

The domestic violence was part of why she went to prison several years ago -- she was convicted of three counts of domestic violence, got probation, then violated it by getting caught with drugs after getting into a fight with someone else.

4. A Changed Woman?

A Changed Woman?
After she was released from prison in 2013, she convinced many Teen Mom fans that she'd changed.

5. Yay?

Like, we never saw her assault Matt Baier on the show, which was admittedly a step in the right direction.

6. However ...

However ...
Although she did swing at Farrah Abraham during a Teen Mom reunion a couple of years ago, so it was clear she still had some fight left in her.

7. Wow

And Matt has claimed that Amber was violent with him, too, so there's a chance she just got better at hiding it all.

8. Goodness

And considering how everything went down with Andrew Glennon, it seems like that was definitely the case.

9. Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes
While there were never any physical altercations between Andrew and Amber on the show, we now know that lots of things were happening off-camera.

10. Yikes

In the recordings that have been released in the past couple of months, we heard her call him terrible names and threaten to kill him.

11. Heartless

In one she could actually be heard hitting him, and in another we heard her admitting that she punched him in the face -- she also told him that he'd deserved it.

12. The Big Moment

The Big Moment
And of course back in July she was arrested for assaulting him and allegedly chasing him with a machete.

13. Hmmm

She's admitted to the assault part -- she beat him with a shoe -- but she's denied the machete part. Andrew, however, insists it's true, and we've seen marks in the door from where she allegedly whacked it with the machete in question.

14. The Plea Deal

The Plea Deal
She denied it all the way up until the end of the trial when she took a plea deal. The terms of the deal were that the charge involving the machete would be dropped as would the charge about the domestic violence happening in the presence of a child, and instead she'd get two felonies: one for domestic battery and one for intimidation.

15. The Sentencing

The Sentencing
She pled guilty to that, and in turn she avoided jail. Instead, she was placed on probation for two and a half years.

16. Dang

The terms of her probation are pretty strict -- she's not allowed to leave the state, she has to have random drug testing at least once a month, she has to attend both psychiatric and substance abuse evaluations, and she has to continue her mental health treatment.

17. Tough Break

Tough Break
And of course the whole thing about probation is that if she messes up, she could easily go straight to jail.

18. Honnney ...

Honnney ...
So did she already violate her probation?!

19. Girl Stop

Girl Stop
It was just a few days ago that we discussed the many, many Instagram Live sessions that Amber has been doing lately, and how in those Instagram Lives, she seemed to threaten a YouTuber by the name of Katie Joy.

20. So Much Drama

Katie is the woman who released those recordings of Amber verbally and physically abusing Andrew, and she also released the footage from the night she was arrested -- she handed that footage over to TMZ, which was apparently the last straw for Amber.

21. Not Good

Not Good
Amber said that she has Katie's address and her telephone number, which obviously isn't great. That, compared with the general trash-talking, was perceived as a threat by Katie.

22. Uh Oh ...

Uh Oh ...
And Katie called the police.

23. Bad Move

Bad Move
Amber's probation officer was notified of the issue, and that in itself must have made Amber look terrible -- she's barely two weeks into her probation and there's already a problem.

24. The Big Question

The Big Question
But was it a big enough problem to send Amber to jail?

25. Oh Man

Oh Man
Nope. Not this time around, anyway.

26. Interesting

According to a new report from TMZ, this doesn't count as a violation because Katie wasn't mentioned anywhere in Amber's probation order -- we imagine that if she'd said these same things about Andrew, it would be a different story.

27. Hmm

If Amber was convicted of anything because of these threats, or if she was arrested because of them, things would be different then, too.

28. Oh OK

And since Katie filed a police report with her local police department (which is in Minnesota) and not in Amber's neck of the woods, it looks like nothing will come of this.

29. Bummer

TMZ also confirmed that Amber isn't currently being investigated for the threats.

30. Ridiculous

But the thing is that even if nothing comes from this, it's still a really, really bad sign -- like we said, she's only been on probation for a couple of weeks and she's already gotten a police report filed against her.

31. So Unfortunate

So Unfortunate
We'd love it if she changed her ways, if she spent this time to really work on herself, but at the moment, it's just looking very, very unlikely.

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