Amber Baltierra Arrested for Assault: Catelynn Lowell Responds! [EXCLUSIVE]

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If you've kept up with Teen Mom over the years, then you know that Tyler Baltierra has always had plenty of drama in his family.

His father, Butch, has been in and out of his life for as long as we can remember, and we all are familiar with the reason for that:

He's also been in and out of jail for drug charges.

In one particularly heartbreaking scene, we saw Butch confess to Tyler that he loved cocaine more than he loved his own son.

Yeah, that's some really heavy stuff right there.

So much has happened with Butch in recent years, and Tyler has done so much to try to help him. Sadly, Ty has other problems.

His sister, Amber, has been struggling as well. Amber went off to rehab last year, and things seemed to be going really well for her.

But that was then and this is now, with The Ashley's Reality Roundup reporting yesterday that she was arrested on Sunday.

To find out all the details of the violent incident, as well as what Catelynn told THG exclusively in response, keep on reading!

1. Oh, Amber ...

Oh, Amber ...
So this is Amber Baltierra, Tyler's big sister. Loyal fans know that she's been on Teen Mom OG here and there over the years, and that she's played an even bigger part in the past couple of seasons.

2. Bless Her Heart

Bless Her Heart
We wish the circumstances behind that fact were happier. A big part of why she's been featured on the last couple of seasons was that she's been going through a very difficult time in her life.

3. Dang It, Butch

Dang It, Butch
We all know about Butch's issues -- he's been an addict for most of his life, and he's spent most of Tyler's life in and out of jail.

4. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But the thing about addiction is that it can be hereditary, and although Tyler thankfully hasn't had to deal with that, Amber wasn't so lucky.

5. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
After some appearances on the show last year, many fans began speculating that Amber could be abusing drugs -- she appeared to be under the influence of something, and then there was the issue with her home.

6. Being Supportive

Being Supportive
Catelynn and Tyler let Amber and her two children move into one of their old houses, and proving the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished, Amber went and absolutely trashed the place.

7. Wow

We saw Tyler and Catelynn show up to the house one day and a police officer was there to tell them that they needed to mow the lawn and cover up a window in the front of the house.

8. Dang

If only deferred maintenance of the exterior were as bad as it got. When they went inside, they saw that the lawn was the least of their worries - there were holes in the walls, old food laying out, some doors were broken.

9. Yikes

It was so bad that Catelynn said it looked like a "horror house," which was definitely fair. If you saw this place, you know this wasn't hyperbole on her part.

10. Also Fair

Also Fair
He's put up with a lot and kept an open mind over the years, but every man has his breaking point; Tyler was so upset that he kicked Amber out.

11. Good

Not too long after that, she made the decision to go to rehab for drug abuse, and she entered a 90-day program. Not a moment too soon, and all due credit to her for making that choice.

12. Yay!

The good news with that is that she did a great job, and stuck with it after the fact. Baltierra completed her program, and she recently celebrated 18 months of sobriety.

13. Amber!

The bad news, though, is the reason we're here today - she still went and got herself arrested over the weekend.

14. Oh Man

Oh Man
According to a report from celebrity news site The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Amber was arrested on Sunday in Texas - she was charged with assault, and documents specified that she'd caused "bodily harm" to her victim.

15. Oh No

Oh No
There was an added note of "family violence," and we're not entirely sure what that means in regards to this situation, or whether it was meant to be the same thing as "domestic violence," but obviously it doesn't sound great.

16. Rough

Amber stayed in jail overnight, and was released after posting bond the next day. There was no information on who she assaulted, and really no additional details at all.

17. Oh Neat

Oh Neat
But that's where Catelynn comes in ... and her reaction went in a direction we didn't expect.

18. Interesting

THG spoke with Catelynn this morning, and she gave us an exclusive statement on the matter, as well as an explanation of what happened.

19. The Statement

The Statement
“We did hear that Amber got arrested, much like the rest of the world now has since the news has broken," Catelynn began.

20. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
"While I haven’t spoken to Amber since the arrest, I obviously have my thoughts on it... first and foremost being that I wholeheartedly believe she’s still sober."

21. What a Relief

What a Relief
Lots of people feared that Amber had relapsed upon hearing the news of her arrest, which is understandable, so it's good that Cate made it clear that's not the case, according to Lowell. "She has worked hard for her sobriety and we are super proud of her for that," she insisted.

22. OK

"Sobriety aside, all I'll say is she’s an adult," she went on. "I don’t monitor what she does."

23. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
"Shes my sister and I’ll always love her unconditionally, but she does what she does with her own life involves her and no one else," Lowell added.

24. Whaaaaat?

But then she said "I will say coming from a female that if I were to bust my boyfriend with another female I might be in jail too. So take that to anyone thinking they might make a play for Tyler" (she added a laughing emoji here, so it's not really a threat, guys, be cool).

25. What a Mess

What a Mess
"But in all seriousness, I can understand why she’d be upset catching her boyfriend with another woman," Catelynn said.

26. Huh

So that's what happened, as far as we can tell ... Amber apparently caught her boyfriend cheating on her and went off the rails in a big way.

27. Sounds Good

Sounds Good
As for Catelynn's thoughts about everything going forward, she said that "At the end of the day, Tyler and I are focused on ourselves and our children," and "Unfortunately, both with Amber and with Butch - and others - we can’t be anyone’s caretaker."

28. Yep

"We are always here for her regardless and love her, but she’s an adult who has to deal with the choices she makes and the consequences of those choices," she concluded.

29. Tough Times

Tough Times
Catelynn and Tyler have always been extremely supportive of their families -- they paid for both Amber and Butch to go to rehab, and we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they gave the $1,500 for her bond, either.

30. Nice

From Cate's statement, it sounds like they've still got Amber's back, but they still know that what she did wasn't great, and really we can't ask for much else.

31. What a Family

What a Family
Hopefully everyone can continue to remain close like this, Amber can continue to maintain her sobriety and maybe consider looking into finding better ways to deal with big emotions, and everyone can just continue to grow from this. The Baltierra family, despite dealing with everything they've gone through, is doing pretty well these days - we just want more of that, please!

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