Adam Lind: Still on Drugs, Threatening Suicide?!

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Adam Lind is currently in the middle of one of the biggest downward spirals we've seen from a Teen Mom cast member.

Considering that other Teen Mom cast members have been filmed nodding off while driving, shooting up heroin, and assaulting their boyfriends, that's saying a lot.

Earlier this year, we learned that Adam failed a drug test with steroids and meth in his system -- a "substantial amount" of meth, even.

"How does it get worse than meth?" you may be wondering.

Well, just sit back, relax, and let's have a good, long talk about this douchebag ...

1. The Worst

The Worst
Adam has been a terrible human being since his very first appearance on Teen Mom 2, let's just be real about that. He once called Chelsea Houska a "fat stretch marked bitch," and he even asked her where he could sign his rights away for "that mistake," referring to their daughter, Aubree.

2. Seriously, He's Awful

Seriously, He's Awful
Besides the truly disgusting way he's always treated Chelsea, Adam has quite the extensive criminal history. He's been arrested literally dozens of times -- he's had tons of DUIs, he's violated probation, he's had warrants out for his apparent inability to pay child support for his two daughters.


But while we've known for a long, long time that he's a terrible person, it's been relatively recently since we've learned about his drug habits. Back in the spring, he failed a court appointed drug test with traces of meth and steroids found in his system.

4. Poor Paislee

Poor Paislee
Shortly after that meth bombshell dropped, we heard Taylor Halbur, Adam's ex and the mother of his second child, Paislee, accuse him of being abusive, controlling, and of killing her puppies. Killing. Her Puppies.

5. It's Just Sad

It's Just Sad
After that, both Taylor and Chelsea got extra serious about monitoring their children's interactions with Adam -- Taylor's not afraid to take the issue to court, and we've seen Chelsea deal with the issue of Adam time and time again during this season of Teen Mom 2.

6. Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence
Most recently, Adam was arrested a couple of weeks ago on domestic violence charges. We don't know the details about what happened or who he allegedly assaulted, but we do know that he spent the night in jail and has a court date set for next month.

7. Even More Trouble

Even More Trouble
And if all that isn't bad enough, we now know that Adam's most recent ex, Stasia Huber, is in the process of obtaining an order of protection against him. The details she shares in the court documents ... wow.

8. It Only Gets Worse

It Only Gets Worse
In the documents, Stasia said that "I have done too many well-checks on Adam than I can count. Times he has been curled up in a ball crying and trying to take his life. Times that got so bad he has expressed needing mandatory treatment or jail to stop himself. I have always been there in the past, he feels hopeless without me."

9. Ugh

Obviously it's a common tactic for people like Adam to threaten suicide as a way to manipulate other people -- abusers love this move -- but considering the fact that he's also on drugs? It's pretty scary.

10. A Bad Breakup

A Bad Breakup
When Stasia broke up with Adam earlier this year because of his "betrayal, emotional abuse, drugs and lying and cheating," she said that everything "got worse" for him. So much that his friends have "expressed their concerns for his safety because of his depression and drug addiction."

11. Yikes

She even said that he texted a friend of hers a few weeks ago with "I just love her and miss her so much. I can't take this life I just wanna die." A few days later, he texted again, this time writing "I need to see her. Like I'm on verge of ending myself here."

12. Terrifying

Stasia said that he also emailed her directly with the chilling message "I think I'm going to kill myself ... I can't take this life another day ... Someone dies today."

13. More Threats

More Threats
Stasia also said that "On September 17, 2017, after the texts and calls wouldn't stop, I blocked him on everything and I have not talked to him since. It was after he sent me some depressing texts and we started to argue he threatened to hit me with his car if he ever saw me by his place."

14. More Abuse

More Abuse
On one occasion, she claimed that he "fractured my forearm, locked me in the house saying I couldn't leave, smashed my phone and once he realized what he had done, he broke down crying and took me to the ER."

15. Adam, No

Adam, No
During another rage, she said he "ripped the bedroom door off of its hinges and threw it across the room and then put a hole in the bedroom wall." After that, he chugged a bunch of beer then "threw a beer bottle and it smashed on the wall next to me and cut my leg and foot and hand."

16. A Nightmare

A Nightmare
Because of all this, Stasia is requesting that Adam be required to stay at least 500 feet from her for at least the next five years. If even half of what she said is true, that sounds more than appropriate.

17. Good Ideas

Good Ideas
She's also suggesting that Adam be forced to get counseling for his drug problems, which, again, could not possible be a bad thing.

18. Go Stasia!

Go Stasia!
Stasia's been granted a temporary order of protection for right now, but on December 5th she'll go back to court, and hopefully that's when she'll get the permanent order.

19. What a Mess ...

What a Mess ...
Here's hoping that Adam gets the help he desperately needs before he hurts himself or anyone else -- if not for his own sake, then for the sake of his two darling daughters.

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