Selena Gomez Stuns with Appearance, Sparks Lip Sync Controversy at American Music Awards

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Selena Gomez won the American Music Awards on Sunday.

No, Selena did not actually win any American Music Awards.

But she posed on the red carpet with a bold new look and she performed on stage for the first time since her kidney transplant.

She's the only artist the Internet really wants to talk about today, and you're about to find out why (for both positive reasons and a negative reason):

Did she lip sync her way to viral glory last night?

1. Yup, This is Selena Gomez

Yup, This is Selena Gomez
We understand if you were fooled by her blonde hair and bold outfit. Quite the new look, huh?

2. And This Was Selena on Stage

And This Was Selena on Stage
She performed "Wolves" at the event. It was her only live performance of 2017.

3. Watch the Highlights!

Click on the video above to see why everyone is buzzing over this rendition of the beautiful song.

4. Thank YOU!

Thank YOU!
Most Internet users were blown away by Selena's performance, as evidenced by this take.

5. There Was One Problem, According to Critics

There Was One Problem, According to Critics
Some viewers were aghast that Selena appeared to lip sync.

6. Okay, A Lot of Viewers

Okay, A Lot of Viewers
This sadly became a theme and trending topic on Twitter.

7. Pretty Sure You Are Trying to Bash Selena

Pretty Sure You Are Trying to Bash Selena
At least own it.

8. On the Plus Side...

On the Plus Side...
She would probably win Lip Sync Battle, right?

9. In Her Defense...

In Her Defense...
Gomez did thankfully have her supporters, and they clapped right back against the haters.

10. A True Fan:

A True Fan:
To an almost scary degree, but still. We concur.

11. Yes, Thank You!

Yes, Thank You!
This summarizes our opinion.

12. At Least Everyone Seemed to Like Her Look

At Least Everyone Seemed to Like Her Look
Beautiful and daring, right?

13. We Love You, Selena!

We Love You, Selena!
Go ahead and get a kidney transplant and then take to the stage in front of millions of people before you judge, Internet trolls.

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