Adam Lind Lets Aubree Down Yet Again: Should Cole Adopt Her?!

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Cole DeBoer is one of Teen Mom's most beloved dads for good reason.

Mostly, it's because he's just a really good dad.

Not only does he obviously adore the two children he had with Chelsea Houska, but he's also stepped up in a big way for Aubree, the daughter Chelsea shares with Adam Lind.

He's definitely a way more active father for her than Adam is, that's for sure.

We don't know exactly when Adam saw her last, but we do know that Cole has been there for her, day in and day out, for years now.

And this is a heartwarming tale of how much he loves her.

It's also kind of bittersweet if you just can't get Adam's existence out of your mind.

1. Here He Is

Here He Is
Yeah, so Adam is garbage.

2. Sorry!

And yes, addiction is a disease, but it doesn't excuse his bad behavior -- which, by the way, has been going on for nearly a decade now.

3. So Mean

So Mean
Most Teen Mom 2 fans have a hard time forgetting a certain text message he sent Chelsea back when Aubree was a tiny little baby. It went on for a while, but he called her "worthless" and "stupid," a "fat stretch mark bitch," and also told her to "tell me where and when to sign the papers over for that mistake" -- "that mistake" being Aubree.

4. So, SO Mean

So, SO Mean
He also told her in that text that they were over forever, but it wasn't true -- he strung her along for a while after that.

5. Poor Aubree

Poor Aubree
But even though he moved in with Chelsea for a while and kind of halfway pretended to care about her sometimes, it was painfully obvious that he always had zero interest in being a father.

6. Enter Cole

Enter Cole
And that's why Cole was such a remarkable improvement.

7. Awwww!

Chelsea and Cole started dating in 2014, and a year later, he moved in. A few months after that, he proposed.

8. What an Upgrade

What an Upgrade
Around that time, he made his debut on Teen Mom 2, and fans quickly saw what a great guy he was, and how good he was with Aubree.

9. Baby Makes Four!

Baby Makes Four!
Then when Chelsea got pregnant in 2016, and when she and Cole got married that fall, they really became a solid, adorable family unit.

10. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
But what about Adam?

11. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
During the beginning of Chelsea's fairy tale with Cole, Adam was getting worse and worse. He fell behind on child support payments for both Aubree and his younger daughter, Paislee -- so behind that warrants were issued for his arrest more than once.

12. Oh No

Oh No
And although we didn't know about this until a while later, he was seriously abusive to at least two girlfriends.

13. Yikes

Then, in 2017, he took a court-ordered drug test before having a visit with Paislee. And he failed because of a "substantial" amount of meth in his system.

14. Wow

After that, things really began falling apart. He was arrested for domestic assault, then he was arrested for violating a restraining order his ex got after the assault.

15. What a Mess

What a Mess
In the documents for the restraining order, his ex even claimed that he'd threatened to kill himself if she didn't stay with him.

16. Totally Fair

Totally Fair
So it's really not hard to understand why Chelsea and Taylor Halbur, Paislee's mother, made moves to protect their children from him.

17. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Chelsea was able to get Aubree's visits with Adam moved to an official visitation center, and as we've seen on the show this season, he's been skipping those visits.

18. Hooray!

And Taylor, who has always been a step ahead of Chelsea with these kinds of things, was recently able to convince Adam to sign away his rights to Paislee so that her husband could officially adopt her!

19. Hold Up

Hold Up
So why are we talking about all of this, about how Adam is such a bad father and Cole is the greatest?

20. Oh

Because this weekend, a spotlight was shone on this very issue.

21. The Dance!

The Dance!
Viewers will likely remember that for the past few years, Aubree's had a father-daughter dance to attend. In 2016, she invited both Adam and Cole, but Adam didn't show up because he was lifting weights instead, so Cole took her alone.

22. Understandable

In 2017 and 2018, they didn't even bother asking Adam because he'd just been so absent, and it looks like it's turned into a nice little tradition for Cole and Aubree.

23. So Cute!

So Cute!
This year's dance was on Saturday -- look how cute they look!

24. Too Adorable

Too Adorable
Cole posted these photos on Instagram, and in his caption he wrote "Father Daughter Dance success!!!! I am very proud of who this sweet girl is becoming the older she gets! I swear she is already an adult."

25. Swoon

"In the truck on the way to the dance I told her, 'you know that I love you and that I will always protect you and always be here for you whenever you need me!' She said, trust me I know that."

26. Go Wild, Friends

Go Wild, Friends
As you can surely imagine, his followers were all about this.

27. True!

"I’m so glad she has you," one of them wrote. "She deserves a loving dad, and you are the best for her. It breaks my heart watching her dad cancel on her, and seeing her disappointment. She will remember all the times you’ve been there for her."

28. Also True

Also True
Another said "It takes a special man to step up when a father steps down and you’ve done it since day 1 and that shows a lot about the person you are!"

29. We're Not Crying, YOU'RE Crying!

We're Not Crying, YOU'RE Crying!
"You are great with her Cole and she is one blessed little girl to have you by her side. Being a stepparent can be challenging, but when you have your whole heart in it, the child feels that and will always remember who was there," read one especially sweet comment.

30. Please

And then came the comments about the possibility of Cole adopting Aubree.

31. He Should

He Should
"Adam should just let you adopt her!" someone pointed out.

32. If Only

If Only
Another of his followers told him "Goly if only all men respected women and young girls that much, the world be a better place! How long until you petition to legally adopt her?!

33. Smart

As one woman wrote, "You are the best for that little girl - I adopted my son and trust me dna doesn’t make you a parent."

34. Come On, Adam

Come On, Adam
As we said earlier, Taylor has usually been a step ahead of Chelsea when it comes to dealing with Adam in court, and she got him to sign away his rights in September.

35. Come Through, Court

Come Through, Court
So there's absolutely a chance that he could do the same for Aubree, and we can't imagine that Cole wouldn't be ready and willing to adopt her.

36. The Dream

The Dream
Honestly, it's probably only a matter of time until this happens.

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