Adam Lind Lets Aubree Down Yet Again: Should Cole Adopt Her?!

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Cole DeBoer is one of Teen Mom's most beloved dads for good reason.

Mostly, it's because he's just a really good dad.

Not only does he obviously adore the two children he had with Chelsea Houska, but he's also stepped up in a big way for Aubree, the daughter Chelsea shares with Adam Lind.

He's definitely a way more active father for her than Adam is, that's for sure.

We don't know exactly when Adam saw her last, but we do know that Cole has been there for her, day in and day out, for years now.

And this is a heartwarming tale of how much he loves her.

It's also kind of bittersweet if you just can't get Adam's existence out of your mind.

1. Here He Is

Here He Is
Yeah, so Adam is garbage.

2. Sorry!

And yes, addiction is a disease, but it doesn't excuse his bad behavior -- which, by the way, has been going on for nearly a decade now.

3. So Mean

So Mean
Most Teen Mom 2 fans have a hard time forgetting a certain text message he sent Chelsea back when Aubree was a tiny little baby. It went on for a while, but he called her "worthless" and "stupid," a "fat stretch mark bitch," and also told her to "tell me where and when to sign the papers over for that mistake" -- "that mistake" being Aubree.

4. So, SO Mean

So, SO Mean
He also told her in that text that they were over forever, but it wasn't true -- he strung her along for a while after that.

5. Poor Aubree

Poor Aubree
But even though he moved in with Chelsea for a while and kind of halfway pretended to care about her sometimes, it was painfully obvious that he always had zero interest in being a father.

6. Enter Cole

Enter Cole
And that's why Cole was such a remarkable improvement.

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