Pippa Middleton: A History Of The Famous Bridesmaid's Suitors

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Now that the world's most famous bridesmaid is engaged to James Matthews, let's take a trip down memory lane and relive Pipple Middleton's love life.

There were actual boyfriends, rumored paramours and men stuck in the friend zone.

Today, they are all no doubt congregating at a high-end bar somewhere in England to talk about what would have been.

1. JJ Jardine-Paterson

JJ Jardine-Paterson
The Hong Kong banking heir and Middleton dated at University of Ediburgh. He is currently a partner at Dalton Strategic Partnership, per his LinkedIn profile.

2. Charlie Gilkes

Charlie Gilkes
Middleton was a guest at the nightclub entrepeneur September 2014 nuptials to Anneke von Trotha Taylor. Gilkes, who dated the former party planner briefly, is also a gradute of the University of Edinburgh.

3. Alex Loudon

Alex Loudon
Loudin, a former professional cricket player, dated Middleton in 2011 (he was her date to the royal wedding, where she wowed the world in a clingy Alexander McQueen dress). The two broke up because Loudon couldn't handle the press attention.

4. Prince Harry

Prince Harry
Hah! Not bloody likely. Though the tabloids have loved linking these two together after they walked up the aisle together at William and Catherine's wedding, nothing romantic has every transpired (at least not publicly).

5. George Percy

George Percy
Percy, who is heir to the Duke of Northumberland title, is a good friend of Middleton's from the University of Edinburgh. The two were spotted together on a few occasions post-royal wedding, but there was never anything romantic to speak of. Still, Middleton could have been in the running to be a Duchess, which is the highest-ranking title for a non-royal.

6. Nico Jackson

Nico Jackson
After Matthews and Middleton ended things in 2012, Middleton began dating Nico Jackson, whom many thought she would marry. The stockbroker had relocated to Geneva for work while they dated, and their relationship was long-distance until both parties agreed to split in 2015.

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