90 Day Fiance Finale: Jenny and Sumit Are Married! EVERYONE is Married!

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way did not hold back on Season 3, Episode 14.

The season finale (before the Tell All, anyway) was host to multiple weddings -- that had a lot riding on them.

Ellie and Victor were benched for the episode, having barely salvaged their relationship in Victor's wrecked house.

Ariela and Biniyam were also not on the 90 Day Fiance wedding schedule ... but this episode is still pivotal for them in other ways.

Corey and Evelin were gearing up for the ceremony, with Corey left totally unsupported by his entire extended family.

Steven and Alina's last minute wedding is about to happen, so Steven rounds up some last minute guests.

It is also the day of Kenneth and Armando's wedding -- a long-awaited, heartfelt moment.

But truly, no wedding was more long-awaited than Jenny and Sumit's.

After nearly a decade of ups and downs, including a secret, arranged marriage and a divorce, it's finally time.

1. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre
Let's start by getting the still-not-married couple out of the way. In Kenya, Biniyam has decided to learn a trade so that he can help support his family. Trade skills can earn a reliable income in the United States, which is where they are planning to move.

2. Before that move, they need to return to Ethiopia

Before that move, they need to return to Ethiopia
Bini needs to give his interview at the consulate in Ethiopia, not in Kenya, but Ariela had previously resolved to never return to Ethiopia.

3. Biniyam finds this hurtful

Biniyam finds this hurtful
He wants Ariela there to support him, both emotionally and for the interview -- the immigration attorney suggested that having Ari by his side would be helpful for making a good impression.

4. Ariela just can't do it

Ariela just can't do it
So much went wrong in Ethiopia. She doesn't quite spell it out, but it sounds like she's worried that all of the people and places involved in Bini's betrayals will eat away at her. Since it's easier to put that behind her when she's not there, returning to Ethiopia could doom their relationship. What she DOES say out loud is that she hopes that, one day, Bini will understand that this is what's best for their family.

5. Goodbye, but not forever

Goodbye, but not forever
This farewell is temporary, for them and for us. Biniyam will join Ariela in New Jersey when the K-1 visa goes through, and we will almost certainly see them together on a future season -- our guess? On 90 Day Fiance.

6. Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas
Up next, we have the couple who are already married but planning their wedding anyway. This time, they're having a public wedding to show their commitment to each other. It's important to Corey. Evelin is the first to admit that she could have a panic attack at any moment, because there are a lot of emotions tied up in this ceremony in front of her family.

7. And it really is just Evelin's family

And it really is just Evelin's family
Corey's entire family has left him hanging, refusing to show up. To be fair, he's getting married in Ecuador during a pandemic. At the same time, compared to some of the other ceremonies that we've seen even on this episode, watching Corey tie his own tie is kind of sad.

8. On the bright side

On the bright side
Corey and Evelin have the best wedding party that one could imagine -- thanks to Puppy, who looks so fancy in his doggy tux.

9. Meanwhile, Evelin gets the opposite of a pep talk

Meanwhile, Evelin gets the opposite of a pep talk
You know how some married people will (and not unfairly!) talk up marriage as the thing that makes them happier than anything else? Evelin's mom has been married for three decades and she describes marriage as two things: difficult and forever.

10. "Forever" is a long time

"Forever" is a long time
One of Evelin's many hang-ups, first about marrying and then about revealing that she and Corey had married, was that her family thinks that marriage has to last for the rest of one's life, which makes her feel like she'll be locked into this union.

11. Meanwhile, at the venue ...

Meanwhile, at the venue ...
Raul is Corey's guest, and is happy to be there for the wedding, but Corey fears that Evelin will freak out when she knows that he's there, due to a lot of messy history. But aside from Puppy, who is also there for Evelin, Raul is the only one there for Corey's "side."

12. Evelin never imagined herself getting married

Evelin never imagined herself getting married
In many ways, she felt that this set her apart from other young women in her area, because some of them saw marriage as a form of validation of their life. She shares a very empowering message with viewers -- that you can be whatever you want without marriage. She's right.

13. Still, she looks beautiful

Still, she looks beautiful
Evelin may not have always dreamt of this moment, but she does look great in it. More importantly, she also looks happy.

14. Lesly officiates

Lesly officiates
Evelin's sister might not approve of Corey, but she was more than willing to do this for her sister and she did a good job.

15. They're married!

They're married!
Well, okay, Corey and Evelin were already legally married, but this was a cute moment. Will it change anything for their relationship in the long run? Hopefully, yes.

16. Also, Raul's presence was a hit

Also, Raul's presence was a hit
He gave a best man speech and Evelin took it much better than Corey had feared.

17. Steven Johnston and Alina

Steven Johnston and Alina
Despite a lot of ups and downs, Steven and Alina are getting married in Turkey so that they can move to Russia to be together. This wedding is VERY last minute.

18. Steven has a plan

Steven has a plan
He wants some special guests for the nuptials. Turkey is well known for their population of outdoor cats, which wander the streets but are very friendly to humans. Steven and Alina have gone out petting (and even naming) them almost every night that they've been there, so Steven is going catnapping, basically.

19. Oh, Steven

Oh, Steven
Showing his usual lack of impulse control, self-awareness, or good judgment, Steven climbs a tree. Literally imagine falling out of a tree and breaking your arm just hours before your wedding. Why risk it? For love, apparently.

20. They look so GOOD!

They look so GOOD!
Alina looks gorgeous in her traditional Turkish dress. Steven looks handsome and his hair looks perfect, as always. They shower each other with compliments and begin the ceremony.

21. They have a captive audience

They have a captive audience
Steven and Alina can't really have their families there to witness the ceremony, but the cats are there. This means nothing to the cats, but it means a lot to Alina.

22. Alina really appreciates it

Alina really appreciates it
To her, bringing the cats isn't silly or childish -- it just shows how well Steven knows her. Spoken like a true 20-year-old.

23. They're married!

They're married!
Of course, there's more to come for them. They need to move to Russia and begin their lives together as a married couple (possibly on Season 4). Steven is set on a baptism for Alina to signify her conversion to Mormonism.

24. Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio
Having retrieved his and Hannah's outfits for the ceremony, Armando prepares for his wedding. Getting ready with Kenneth would have been special, but preparing separately and not seeing each other until they're at the venue is a very sweet plan.

25. Kenneth has his own preparations

Kenneth has his own preparations
He embraces his adult children who are all there to support him. To the cameras, Kenneth admits that he never imagined that he'd be able to do this. For most of Armando's life, same-sex marriage was not legally recognized in the United States or in Mexico. For the vast majority of Kenneth's life, this was the case. Now, things are that much better.

26. The guests are there

The guests are there
We cannot emphasize enough how gorgeous this venue is, folks. This is a genuinely nice wedding.

27. Look!

We can see them both, but they can't -- not yet. Even as this goes down, Armando can't help but worry about how his family will feel during the ceremony. This will, he notes, be the first time that most of them have seen two men kiss in person.

28. But things are going well!

But things are going well!
Armando's family isn't just there, they're visually touched by the ceremony.

29. Kenneth and Armando are the real deal

Kenneth and Armando are the real deal
90 Day Fiance doesn't look for just one thing when they cast. They look for obvious red flags for scammers, cheaters, catfishing, and more. They also look for people who make genuinely poor decisions and have obvious personality issues. But sometimes, they'll cast a couple whose genuine love outshines all of the BS of their castmates. That's Kenneth and Armando.

30. It's done!

It's done!
We still remember, last season, when the marriage clerk had to turn them away and suggest an onerous list of red tape hurdles that they had to cross in order to marry. It was all worth it.


Armando was worried about how his family, and especially his father, would respond to this very normal marriage ceremony. Fortunately, things turned out well.

32. Armando Sr. praised the wedding

Armando Sr. praised the wedding
Look, we're not going to award anyone special points for supporting their kid, especially when they were dragging their heels for so long beforehand, but we're certainly pleased that Armando's dad was there to support his son just as we're glad that Virginia was there.

33. One more thing

One more thing
Remember when Kenneth was imagining a smaller ceremony and Armando described how many Mexican weddings include fireworks? Well, Kenneth remembered.

34. Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh
Last week, Sumit confessed how he had betrayed Jenny -- putting a hold on the marriage application because he got cold feet. He resents how Jenny did not take the news well.

35. However, they do make peace

However, they do make peace
They agree to resume marrying, and (with Jenny watching) they call the marriage attorney and have him resume the process.

36. Sumit didn't want to lose Jenny

Sumit didn't want to lose Jenny
As it turns out, a lot of this was moot -- because Jenny's fears came true. Her visa extension was not renewed, and this time, it was the real deal.

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