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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is back for Season 3!

The premiere of one of the franchise’s most beloved and refreshing spinoffs is here.

Series OGs Jenny and Sumit’s story absolutely stole the show.

Sumit’s perpetual heel-dragging and inability to make a decision on his own threatens to doom their relationship.

Ariela and Biniyam return, still living in Ethiopia.

A lot of the existing problems in their marriage haven’t gone away, and they’re about to add a new one.

Season 3 introduces new couples, including Ellie and Victor.

But all of the uncertainty in the set-up of their story takes a back seat when a devastating hurricane leaves Ellie wondering if he has died.

Another new couple is Steven and Alina.

In the premiere we meet Steven, who is clearly quite a handful.

The ever-contentious Corey and Evelin are back, dealing with the aftermath of a one-month “break.”

COVID lockdown saved their relationship, but the lies that Corey has told about his time in Peru could break them up all over again.