Amy Roloff Wedding Album: Behind the Scenes of a Very Special Day...

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She does, Little People, Big World fans.

She sure does.

On Saturday, August 28, Amy Roloff married Chris Marek.

The long-time lovers made things nice and official and legal by exchaning vows on the property of Roloff Farms in Oregon.

"Our wedding day is a special day, but our marriage is a lifetime together," Roloff told People Magazine of her nuptials, adding:

"I'll have the rest of my life with Chris and that makes me smile."

The gorgeous bride shared most of her actual wedding photos with the aforementioned publication.

But we've scoured the Internet, we've contacted many inside sources and we've managed to cobble together unique details from the ceremony, along with a number of behind-the-scenes snapshots.

Be warned, however:

There's one photo of Jackson Roloff below that is so gosh darrn cute and precious and adorable... that you may never be able to look at any picture the same way ever again.

1. Grandkids AND a Wedding!

Grandkids AND a Wedding!
What a glorious photo. We'd have to imagine life pretty much does not get any better for Amy Roloff than at this exact moment.

2. Go Buy That Frame!

Go Buy That Frame!
Tori, Zach and their two precious kids looked positively radiant on Amy's big deal. This one is frame-worthy!

3. Cradling Lilah, Deep in Thought

Cradling Lilah, Deep in Thought
This is simply an all-timer. We'd love to know what was going through Amy's mind whole holding Lilah on her wedding day.

4. Peekabo, Lilah!

Peekabo, Lilah!
Peekabo! We see you, Lilah! And you really are so very, very cute!

5. Flower Kids

Flower Kids
Jackson and Ember are on the case. They appear very ready to help make their grandmother's wedding a day to remember... forever.

6. Celebrating Grandma

Celebrating Grandma
Jackson and Lilah could not be cuter. We mean this literally. These two could not be cuter.

7. Dancing Newlyweds!

Dancing Newlyweds!
Oh my gosh, you guys! This one is for anyone silly enough to think Chris isn't just perfect for Amy.

8. Feuding No More!

Feuding No More!
Feud? What feud?!? Jeremy and Jacob appeared too make nice for at least one photo op, posing side by side in their fanciest outfits on their mother's big, huge, gigantic day.

9. Bride and Her Family

Bride and Her Family
Here is the happy bride! Tori Roloff uploaded this photo of her family and Amy. What is there to even say about such perfection?

10. Roloffs in a Field

Roloffs in a Field
And you didn't think the ideal family photo existed?!? This Roloffs are here to prove you wrong.

11. Love You, Grandson!

Love You, Grandson!
Perfectly precious. A beaming Amy wraps her arms around an adorable Jackson in this photograph.

12. All the Kisses!

All the Kisses!
HA! All the kisses indeed! We're pretty sure Lilah had herself a blast at the wedding.

13. Ember and Jackson 4eva

Ember and Jackson 4eva
Remember when we said Ember and Jackson spent, like, all day together? We present more evidence here.

14. Flowers Children and the Bride

Flowers Children and the Bride
Amy, Ember and Jackson. Bride. Flower Girl. And Ringer Bearer. We love it!

15. Jackson Busts a Move

Jackson Busts a Move
Dance it up, Jackson! We're shocked his parents were able to pull him off the dance floor.

16. Cousins on the Dance Floor

Cousins on the Dance Floor
Thank you, Audrey! The former reality star shared this photo of her daughter and nephew, saying the two spend ALLL day together.

17. Jackson for All the Wins

Jackson for All the Wins
Jackson looks directly at the camera here on his grandmother's big deal, giving us the most precious look possible.

18. Being BFFs is Exhausting!

Being BFFs is Exhausting!
LOL! And may we add: LOLOLOL! Jackson and Ember need a break from all the dancing.

19. Yes, More of Ember and Jackson

Yes, More of Ember and Jackson
Sorry, Amy. We know this was your special day. But we're pretty certain Ember and Jackson were the main winners overall. Look at them!

20. Almost That Time!

Almost That Time!
It's almost time! Amy is making final preparation in this behind the scenes snapshot. We love it.

21. At Your Service, Mom

At Your Service, Mom
Jacob is at the wheel, ready to drive the main attraction on the day wherever she wants to call.

22. Jacob and Isabel and the Bride

Jacob and Isabel and the Bride
Jacob and Isabel came out for the occasion, of course. They're expecting their very first child... and Amy's fifth grandchild.

23. With Her Dad

With Her Dad
This may be the most special photo of all. Despite having recently fallen ill, Amy's dad was able to attend the festivities.

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