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She does, Little People, Big World fans.

She sure does.

On Saturday, August 28, Amy Roloff married Chris Marek.

The long-time lovers made things nice and official and legal by exchaning vows on the property of Roloff Farms in Oregon.

“Our wedding day is a special day, but our marriage is a lifetime together,” Roloff told People Magazine of her nuptials, adding:

“I’ll have the rest of my life with Chris and that makes me smile.”

The gorgeous bride shared most of her actual wedding photos with the aforementioned publication.

But we’ve scoured the Internet, we’ve contacted many inside sources and we’ve managed to cobble together unique details from the ceremony, along with a number of behind-the-scenes snapshots.

Be warned, however:

There’s one photo of Jackson Roloff below that is so gosh darrn cute and precious and adorable… that you may never be able to look at any picture the same way ever again.