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90 Day Fiance did not even pause for a breather over the holiday weekend.

On Season 8, Episode 4, we were introduced to this season’s final new couple — Stephanie and Ryan.

These two have a lot to deal with, from the age gap, the wealth gap, and Stephanie harboring a major secret that could scare away her cougar cub.

Brandon’s mother takes Julia on a tour of the farm … and a list of mandatory chores.

Rebecca gets good news about Zied’s visa, but his family finds the announcement bittersweet at best.

Natalie is cold and feels like Mike didn’t prepare for her at all. When he threatens to take her fishing, she wonders if he even knows her at all.

Andrew and Amira begin their plan to meet up in Mexico. The plan immediately backfires.

Yara and Jovi go furniture shopping together, but it all falls apart once Jovi starts putting his foot down about “his” apartment. Even the sales clerk is shocked by his behavior.