19 TV Cancellations That Cut Deep in 2020

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2020 was a rough year for television.*

(*And, of course, for humanity at large.)

With COVID-19 shutting down production early, the virus also led to some stunning cancellations.

No shows were safe as networks axed previously-renewed shows... and made some downright bizarre decisions.

Some of the most popular prrograms were cut short, without so much as a conclusive goodbye, even after years on the air.

Below, we've rounded up the cancellations that cut deep in 2020...


1. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Netflix

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Netflix
This beloved series was filled with the twists and turns you'd expect from the people that brought us Riverdale.

It was also relatively early into its run when Netflix announced that it had been canceled and that the fourth season would be its last.

2. Stumptown - ABC

Stumptown - ABC
This Cobie Smulders-led mystery drama was picked up for a second season ... but then it all came crashing down.

ABC announced months later that it had canceled the show due to COVID-19.

Given that the show didn't have high ratings, we're going to suspect the network had a change of heart and used the pandemic as an excuse.

3. Katy Keene - The CW

Katy Keene - The CW
This high-fashion fairytale starring Lucy Hale, who can't seem to catch a break these days, was canceled after its first season.

As a Riverdale spinoff, it was set to be a big hit, but it went largely ignored.

We're not entirely surprised. We'll say that much.

4. L.A.'s Finest - Spectrum/FOX

L.A.'s Finest - Spectrum/FOX
It wasn't the best show, but it was a lot of fun.

Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union played cops in the Bad Boys spinoff, and now we'll never know what happens next.

5. One Day at a Time - Netflix/Pop

One Day at a Time - Netflix/Pop
All hope seemed lost when Netflix canceled the show after three seasons ... until Pop TV swooped in to save it.

To the surprise of many, Pop canceled it again halfway through its fourth season.

6. Shameless - Showtime

Shameless - Showtime
While the conclusion of Shameless was framed as a mutual decision by Showtime, people close to the show have maintained that Showtime said they would not be picked up for a 12th season.

It's unfortunate because the series has been languishing with terrible storylines, but with the Gallaghers facing COVID, it has reinvigorated the series.

7. Superstore - NBC

Superstore - NBC
The writing was on the wall when America Ferrera announced her departure, so the end of the series was not that shocking.

The biggest shock was that the final season has a short episode order and a spinoff with two uninteresting characters is in the works.

8. The Society - Netflix

The Society - Netflix
The Society was a real diamond in the rough in 2019.

It wasn't your typical teen drama, and felt more like a Lord of the Flies TV show.

It makes sense then that it garnered a quick renewal.

Unfortunately, production on Season 2 was cut short due to the pandemic, and Netflix followed that up by canceling it outright.

We'll never know what happened next.

9. GLOW - Netflix

GLOW - Netflix
The gorgeous ladies of wrestling were no match for COVID-19.

The hit series was canceled two episodes into production of its fourth season, and fans are mad.

There have been calls to edit the completed episodes into a wrap-up movie.

10. NOS4A2 - AMC

It had Zachary Quinto, vampires, and spooky scenes! What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, it seems. AMC canceled the series shortly after its second season wrapped.

11. God Friended Me - CBS

God Friended Me - CBS
CBS typically airs procedural dramas with a mass appeal, but God Friended Me did not pull in a young enough audience to keep it on the air.

The ratings were still decent, so many fans were blindsided when the Eye network pulled the plug.

12. Carol's Second Act - CBS

Carol's Second Act - CBS
Patricia Heaton's TV return did not stand the test of time.

Despite being funnier than the other CBS comedies, the network pulled the plug after a single season.

We'll never know how Carol's second chance in life concluded.

13. Broke TV Series - CBS

Broke TV Series - CBS
Pauley Perrette tried out something new with Broke:


While the series was not the best, it did boast solid acting from the leads.

14. Deputy - FOX

Deputy - FOX
Deputy was a surprisingly robust series, with satisfying arcs, acting, and everything else you would expect from the broadcast drama.

Unfortunately, FOX was not impressed with the series, and cut it short quickly.

15. Council of Dads - NBC

Council of Dads - NBC
NBC's latest attempt at copying This Is Us was hardly compelling at first.

As the season progressed and it moved on from the bizarre premise introduced in the premiere, it became a must-watch series.

16. Ray Donovan - Showtime

Ray Donovan - Showtime
We think we can all agree that the show has been terrible for years, but the loyal fans who stuck with the show deserved an ending.

The earlier seasons won awards, so it was a bit of a slap in the face for it to be canceled with no conclusive ending.

17. I Am Not Okay With This - Netflix

I Am Not Okay With This - Netflix
I Am Not Okay With This was one of Netflix's biggest shows, so forgive us for being blindsided by this cancellation.

The streamer pulled the plug due to COVID-19 and left fans with an almighty cliffhanger.

18. Lincoln Rhyme - NBC

Lincoln Rhyme - NBC
An update of a critically panned movie does not sound like much of a draw, but Lincoln Rhyme: The Hunt for the Bone Collector was chilling.

It had truly terrifying moments, questionable acting, and a decent plot.

Heck, even the ratings were decent.

19. Siren - Freeform

Siren - Freeform
Freeform's bizarre list of cancellations continued into 2020 when it canceled its best show in years.

Siren was the complete opposite of the other shows on the network in that it was actually watchable.

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